Sunday, June 27, 2010

recent purchases.

very PS1-ish, for only $110.
it arrived in my mailbox yesterday, and i'll be carrying it tomorrow, of course!

very pamela love & lowluv, for much less.

KnT by kova & t striped blouse and silence & noise sheer button down blouse, both via urban outfitters.

so very ME :)

Friday, June 25, 2010

maxed out.

asos maxi dress; forever 21 aviators; new york & company quilted bag; hammered knuckle ring, cross ring, and claw ring; lowluv x erin wasson bone bracelet and scarab ring; vintage tribal cuff; secondhand belt and sandals.

i've had this maxi dress ever since i got these brown boots a few months ago, but am just now busting it out. why did i wait so long? it's soft, flowy, perfect...

i'm really having fun playing with different accessories. aviators are one of those things that i normally avoid because i hate nose pieces on sunglasses (they always leave those unflattering red marks), but when i realized how much this oversized pair flattered my face, i couldn't pass them up.

it's weird how my memory is almost photographic - i was looking at the pictures for this outfit while editing them, and then i instantly remembered that one of my favorite bloggers, lena, wore pretty much exactly the same thing back in april. i am most inspired by scandinavian street style, so it actually doesn't surprise me a bit that i put together such a similar look as hers :)

i leave you with this twitpic from yesterday.
i have the weekend off, and i'm definitely going to enjoy it as much as possible.
hope you do too!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

show me some leg.

modelsoffduty, mrnewton, stolengirlfriendsclub via studdedhearts (cropped by me), carolinesmode, emsedge (cropped by me), christeric, stockholmstreetstyle (cropped by me), carolinesmode, jakandjil, studdedhearts, piziemarket via knightcat, carolinesmode

wear cute shorts! :)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

native touches.

h&m divided black sheer button down; vintage levi DIY cutoffs; victoria's secret lace triangle bra; new york & company quilted bag; forever 21 feather earrings and watch; lowluv x erin wasson bone bracelet and scarab ring via; hammered knuckle ring, claw ring, and cross ring; vintage native american cuff; alice + olivia for payless wedge boots.

  • the feather earrings and tribal-esque cuff give a couple of native touches to my all black outfit. i'm 1/8 cherokee (my great-grandfather was full-blooded), and i think that may be part of the reason why i'm drawn to nature-inspired jewelry, like these two pieces, and the bone bracelet, bird skull necklace, and claw ring that i wear daily.

  • after urban outfitters ran out of my size in a pair of vintage shorts, i found these levi's on eBay, and then cut the hems and destroyed them a bit with an exacto knife. perfect for summer and only $7.

  • i still heart my alice + olivia boots. while i do love sandals, rugged ankle boots, whether flat or heeled, always feel more appropriate to me. plus i hate painting my toenails and getting my feet stepped on.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

abbey overload.

(source - tobaccoandleather)

a few simple summer looks on our girl abbey, just to hold you over until my next outfit post. i've been really busy working (selling h&m clothes to the people of indianapolis, haha!), and everytime i say on twitter that i'm going to do an outfit post, i never end up doing one.
so i'm never saying that again! we'll just say that one will be up soon :)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

classic cool.

(source - studdedhearts, jakandjil, cartoonstyles, studdedhearts, carolinesmode, hanneli, jakandjil, ilovewildfox, stylebykling, fashiongonerogue, jakandjil, knightcat)

summertime has brought out the classic side of me.
currently loving: breton stripes, denim, plaid, white blouses and tees, black leather, structured bags, soft neutrals, and brown boots and belts.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

three easy pieces.

h&m divided black t-shirt dress
new york & company quilted bag.
topshop suede wedges.
(+ the usual jewelry)

it's hot, and i don't want to put too much thought or effort into getting dressed.
hence, three easy pieces, with few interesting details.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

dreams do come true.

asos amigo boot.

a while ago, i talked about how bad i wanted my brown asos boots (here, here and here)to come in black, and they finally did! the good news is, as soon as i saw them two weeks ago, i ordered them, and they arrived on my doorstep safe and sound last week.
the bad news is, i don't see them on the site anymore. the brown pair isn't even up! maybe they sold out? hopefully, if you want to purchase them, they'll show up soon, but me and my feet are very happy to have these in my closet.

outfit post is postponed till tomorrow; i've had a looooong day :(
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