Tuesday, March 30, 2010


H&M divided black sheer button down, target polka dot bandeau bikini top; forever 21 skinny jeans, headband, silver bracelets, and watch, fashionology.nl cross necklace, bird skull necklace, hammered knuckle ring, claw ring, and cross ring (on thumb); CHRISHABANA triple spike necklace via karmaloop; marc by marc jacobs pyramid stud bracelet; H&M stone ring; nine west wedges (from last summer).

does my title remind anyone of the fun orthodontic hardware some of us had to don as a preteen? haha. this headband beats one of those contraptions any day. it has a really cool wrapped chain on the back that i forgot to photograph. some people love the headband on me, some don't, but i'm sure it will come in handy in hot weather and for bad hair days.
i felt compelled to shoot and post an outfit i wore while on vacation (note the bikini top underneath - i recreated it down to the last detail). it looks a lot like this that i wore a while back. actually, it looks a lot like what i wear everyday. =)
can you tell the tops of my arms and neck are still a little burnt from said vacation?

permanently on my fingers are the hammered knuckle ring and claw ring from fashionology.nl, and rachel, the girl behind the my favorite jewelry shop on the web, sent me over a care package full of goodies, which included the cross and birdskull necklaces you see on me in this post, and the cross ring on my thumb that i've wanted since the beginning of time (well almost).
THANK YOU rachel - you rock!

i did fun little an interview with lori over at closer look, be sure to check it out HERE. she added a true blood question in there because she knows i'm a huge fan; love it!

one more thing...a few weeks ago, i talked about these super plush dr. scholls socks that i wear with all of my ankle boots - and i've found a picture of them for you. they are called "soft spa socks with gripper bottoms" and they are essentially slippers; probably for your grandma but i don't care. i bought mine at wal-mart and i'm sure you can find them at any old retailer. they really do make my heeled boots more comfortable. i'm not wearing them in this post, as they are certainly not meant to be seen and therefore better for closed-toe shoes, but i hope this helps all who wanted to know.

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

panama city beach photo diary.

the view from our motel deck. panama has the most gorgeous white sand, when it's not littered with aluminum beer cans from spring breakers (so sad).

yes that's me in boyfriend-style shorts and my favorite chambray button down (leopard print bikini underneath).

not where we stayed (i wish). our tiny little motel had only seven rooms!

stole these three from my friend's facebook cause they were too beautiful.

utter madness. i could only handle so much of this since i'm not a huge partier/drinker. but i do spot an IU flag (my alma mater).

you saw this picture of me a few posts ago, but now here's the matching one i took of my bf =)

basically what i lived in all week - bikinis with a cover up and my ray-bans.

how i accessorized. the alexander wang-like bag was glued to my shoulder, and those cognac wedges are already comfy, but add socks and i easily walked two miles in them back to the motel one night.

as good as it looks.

eating a mexican restaurant (mmmm, white cheese dip).
my boyfriend is a goofball.

i have a new obsession in the form of this forever 21 head wrap. it kept my hair out of my face during windy days and i used it to keep my head warm during cold nights!
really didn't get the chance to take outfit photos while down there, but basically at night i wore some sort of button down shirt or oversized tee, my army jacket or black boyfriend blazer, skinny pants or cutoff shorts, and wedges.

i also apologize for the quality of some these pictures; they were all taken with a point-and-shoot digital camera or an iPhone, so they are less than desirable.
and that my friends was the sometimes warm, sometimes cold, sometimes fun, sometimes exhausting trip to panama city beach, florida.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

while you're waiting.

still rounding up all of my vacation pictures, so here's some random thoughts and inspiration in the meantime.

(source - knighttcat)
quite possibly the greatest picture i've ever seen. can't stop staring at it. and abbey's wearing the low luv x erin wasson cross pendant necklace, mmmmm.

(source - lefashion, carolinesmode)
oh you guys already know what i love - details details details. i spy a gorgeous balenciaga bra peeking out and really cool holes on that zara tee, yessss.

(source - carolinesmode)
dream wedge boots. acne f/w 2010. start saving for them now?

(source - carolinesmode, alltheprettybirds)
i would not say no to this isabel marant vest or coat. despite being fur, for some reason it just screams spring. must be the green!

(source - vanillascented, lorisshoes)
just purchased these two pieces (H&M divided black jacket, jeffrey campbell mariel wedges via lorisshoes.com). can't wait to wear them; probably together =)

(source - unknown)
chanel temporary tattoos take accessorizing to the next level.

(source - tumblr)
speaking of tattoos, i'd love to get a real one under my upper arm (although - ouch).

(source- fashiongonerogue)
i have every single magazine i've ever purchased since 1999. yes, 1999. hoarder much? haha, i just can't bear to part with them. this excludes the ones i've chopped up to make mood boards, but i bet i could make piles and piles of them like in this picture.

(source - columbinesmille, carolinesmode)
caroline and columbine always wear what i want to wear. i've been leaning towards lots of casual sporty looks and nude pieces lately (see a nude look i tweeted about yesterday here).

(source - tumblr)
i was looking around for new ways on how to wear my army green parka when i came across this - not usually into pattern mixing but floral and stripes AND army green look incredible together. definitely stepping out of my comfort zone but well worth it. what are some other combinations you guys are into right now?

(source - knighttcat, fashiongonerogue)
another thing i really want to for spring is a trenchcoat - again, i'm scared because it's more dressy and conservative than i usually like, but it's just clothes, and i think that you should always have fun with it and try new things. just might be adding one to my spring wardrobe.

(source - fashiongonerogue, tumblr, studdedhearts)
and i don't really have any explanation for these photos; they're just incredibly beautiful and inspiring.

the end. =)

p.s. don't forget to SHOP if you seek style!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

and the winner is....

congratulations sherrie leigh, you are the winner of my giveaway for the cat-eye sunglasses by forever 21! i used the random number generator on random.org to determine this, and did not count any of the comments that weren't obvious entries.
sherrie, i've already sent you an email, so as soon as you get it, please let me know your address so i can send you these alexander wang look-a-like suuuuuunnies.
thanks everyone for entering; i wish i could give something to each and every one of you!
i hope to have another cool giveaway in the future.
vacation pictures should be up tomorrow or thursday, but for now, i'm sick as a dog and i'm going to catch some zzzzzz's.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

i'm baaaaack!

hey y'all, i'm baaaaack!
boy have i missed the blogging world. i tried to keep up on my favorite sites via my iPhone, but it's just not the same.
anywhoooo, panama was a little too crazy for me - seriously, thousands of drunk people 24/7, and it was freeeeezing during the night or when it was overcast/windy (which it was three out of the six days).
all-in-all i had a good vacation though; i have some of the funniest friends on the planet who made it a blast, and i especially loved it during the daytime at the beach and when we all went out to eat at various restaurants. i did not take my good camera, and most of the pictures of me are on my friends' cameras, so as soon as i round them all up, i'll do a big photo post.

don't forget, my forever 21 cat-eye sunglasses giveaway ends tomorrow night!
US and international readers, leave a comment in the POST BELOW (not this post) to enter!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

outfit + GIVEAWAY!

H&M army jacket, stripe tee, trouser leggings, scarf, and black stone ring; forever 21 faux fur vest, cat eye sunglasses, silver bracelets, and boyfriend watch; CHRISHABANA triple spike necklace; marc by marc jacobs pyramid stud bracelet; fashionology.nl hammered knuckle ring and claw ring; alice + olivia for payless wedge boots.

i have a feeling that this army jacket will be very faithful to me this spring, but i couldn't wait until it got warmer to break it out, and today i paired it with some layers while out shopping and running errands.



i'm sad to be away from my blog for a whole week, but i'm going on vacation to flordia, and i thought this would be the perfect time to do my little giveaway! alexander wang's much coveted first line of sunglasses for linda farrow just came out, and forever 21 has given those of us who can't afford wang's shades (above right) a knockoff (above left) of the very cool cat-eye version. you see the ones i'm wearing in my outfit pics above, and i've purchased an extra pair that i am giving away to one of you, dear readers, as a thank you for being so damn amazing and for always supporting me!

this giveaway for the forever 21 cat-eye sunglasses is open to ALL readers, US and international!

just leave ONE comment in the comment section of this post containing your name and email address, and when i return from vacation on march 22, i will randomly choose a winner.

good luck, and have a great week and a half!

Friday, March 12, 2010

columbine x H&M garden collection.

wasn't going to post until tomorrow, but i just couldn't help myself - it's columbine in H&M's latest fashion video for the new garden collection! columbine is one of my absolute favorite swedish bloggers (and she's elin kling's assistant...hellooooo perfect job). i love putting a voice and a personality to a face, and with her it's no exception. it makes me think that every blogger should do a video, even me. but i promise you, i'm nowhere near as adorable as columbine.

hope you enjoy this as much as i did!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


(sources - tumblr, fashiongonerogue, unknown, facehunter, tommy ton for style.com)

the pictures above have nothing to do with anything, except for the fact that they're all wearing badass sunglasses. this is going to be a real quick post b/c i'm so busy right now working and getting ready for my vacation. my boyfriend, some of our friends, and i leave saturday morning for florida!

i finally added some new items to my BLOG SHOP, so be sure to check out things like a faux leather moto jacket, metallica t-shirt, and minnetonka fringe booties.
on friday, i'll be posting a cool little giveaway!
see you then =)
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