Saturday, February 27, 2010

the blues.

H&M chambray shirt and black stone ring; secondhand belt; forever 21 skinny jeans, boyfriend watch, stud hinge bracelet, and chain bracelet; marc by marc jacobs pyramid stud bracelet; CHRISHABANA triple spike necklace; hammered knuckle ring and claw ring.

see, i do like long as it's muted shades of blue.
you've probably all seen H&M's huge denim/blue campaign by now, and we are encouraged to wear those to work in support of it. i was stoked to play with all of the denim already in my closet and as a result put together this look - my version of the texas tuxedo, haha. i already love it. picture me with my frye 8R harness boots too.

what do you guys think - it's already been seen everywhere from alexa chung to, but does denim on denim tickle your fancy?

oh and big shout out to rachel p., my first reader who's recognized me in public (on a hectic day at work no less)!
if you couldn't tell, i was shocked/flattered/embarassed!
thanks for all of your kind words. =)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

la lanphear.

(source: cartoonstyles, facehunter, garance doré)

just a little kate action to hold you over.

i also did a guest post over at fashion without guilt, where i gushed about some of my favorite street style looks at the moment - do check it out HERE!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

warming trend.

all clothing and accessories via H&M

putting my employee discount to good use and buying up all kinds of warm-weather gear in preparation for spring.
the top has these huge bell sleeves and it's long length makes it great as a beach cover-up (i have it folded in half here); i love the high waist on the shorts; the swimsuit is perfect to mix and match with my old black bikini; and the bag is very wang-esque with its soft matte (faux) leather and all of the zipper details.
i'm still on the lookout for the ideal flat and wedge sandal.

thank you for all of your support for my blog, as always - seriously, it's amazing.
new posts may be nonexistent until late this week when i get a new charger cord for my laptop (mine broke, boo). i'll get back with all of your comments then too.

Friday, February 19, 2010

rosy outlook.

H&M oversized cardigan sweater; secondhand suede shorts; forever 21 lace top, opaque tights, chain bracelet, boyfriend watch, studded watch, and double finger cross ring; CHRISHABANA triple spike necklace; hammered silver ring and claw ring; steve madden booties.

heeeeere's the lace top.
all out girly is not my thing, so for this valentine's day look, i of course had to add a bit of edge via the suede shorts and booties.
by the way, i scored these shorts on ebay for 5 dollas - holla! haha.
do you like the soft pink tint i gave these pictures? a nice change for this post =)

p.s. here's the rest of my fashion week faves (along with these and these) - the row, diesel black gold, rebecca taylor, charlotte ronson, proenza schouler, and jill stuart. did i miss any other good shows?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


H&M long sleeve tee, denim leggings, and scarf; secondhand belt; forever 21 fur vest, studded watch, boyfriend watch, chain bracelet, and cross ring; marc by marc jacobs pyramid stud bracelet; CHRISHABANA triple spike necklace; hammered knuckle ring and claw ring; steve madden booties.

inspired by helmut lang a/w 2010, i decided to belt my fur vest. i was trying to find a way to make it differ slightly from the exact look when i remembered this belt i recently found while cleaning out my closet. the belt is like 10 years old or something crazy. i ended up loving how it looked; this cognac brown goes so well with black and since the belt is made for your hips, it was a little big and therefore sat perfectly disheveled and crooked on my waist.

i've been wearing this vest like crazy before it becomes spring and i no longer can throw it over everything.although, with over a foot of snow on the ground outside, it doesn't seem like warm weather will be here anytime soon.

thanks for all of the congrats on my WWW style stalker feature. i really don't deserve all of this praise! thank you from the bottom of my ♥


i've lowered the prices in my blog shop - nothing over $25!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

WWW style stalker.

wow oh wow, i'm on in their february edition of style stalker!
it's their monthly post about regular old gals showcasing their personal style.
i've always loved how they take time away from celebrity/runway inspired posts and turn the spotlight on their dedicated readers.

this is my second feature on WWW (first was when their style stalker posts were still called "myspace muse" - see here), and i'm no less excited this time around!
my favorite part is reading what they wrote about your outfit - the writers over there really have a way with words.
five other stylish ladies, including my gorgeous blogging pal liz from late afternoon, are in the feature with me, and you can check it out here!
thanks WWW, i'm honored and humbled all over again.

i promise promise promise an outfit post tomorrow.
shot some cool looks i've worn in the past two weeks that i can't wait to show you guys.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


(source - coutorture)
i'm all about black, but maybe i'm secretly goth too? just the overall feel of alexander wang was incredible.
i can see a lot of these pieces being worn seperately in a normal, everyday way as well.
i really love those flare thigh high thingys that you could easily turn into pants with a pair of leggings, if you get shy (or cold).

(source -
and helmut lang, oh helmut lang. so wearable, so covetable; just one of the most perfect collections i have ever seen. this goes to show that, while i already have a black fur vest, a drapey top, and white skinnys, i need a shearling jacket NOW.

promise you guys i'll have an outfit post next.

shop is open!

<< SHOP if you seek style >>
<< SHOP if you seek style >>
<< SHOP if you seek style >>

Friday, February 12, 2010

new york, it's fashion week.

you know what i gravitate towards, and here are my favorites from NYFW so far...

(source - cobrasnake)
cushnie et ochs is at the top of my list - and they're definitely on my radar now.

(source - cobrasnake, refinery29)
shoes at cushnie et ochs...wasn't i just talking about wanting some new wedges?
i think i just feel deeply in love with my first pair of non-black footwear.

(source - cobrasnake, refinery29)
erin wasson x rvca.
it's going to be a white hot autumn.
good news: you could easily incoroprate these lighter elements into your wardrobe now as we transition from winter --> spring.

(source -
& i'm not much of a dress person, but just look at this jen kao knit dream.

all of my favorites put a focus on textures, proportions, and silhouettes, and were practically colorless - this plus all of the layers autumn brings are why i love the february shows over the september shows. keep it comin' designers!
cannot wait to see the rest of the collections (charlotte ronson, alex wang, ahem, ahem).
or all of the street stylezzzz.

p.s. RIP mcqueen

p.s.s. blog store update! it will still be open tomorrow, but now sometime between 4-6pm EST. click the link below to shop shop shop away when it's time!
<< SHOP if you seek style >>

Thursday, February 11, 2010

shop if you seek style - saturday!

i've worked really hard to put it all together, and now my blog shop will finally be open
THIS saturday, between 2pm and 4pm EST!
everything is barely used (& a few brand new) items straight from my closet, and they need better home; to be with those who will give them the love they deserve.
the link is below, but site will be private until the date and time above.

the majority of the items even have links to all of the images i could find of me wearing them.
it's always better when you see something on an actual person before you buy it, huh? =)

be on the lookout for ~35 pieces up for sale this round, and nothing over $40!
see you there.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


(sources: leblogdebetty, chicheroin, lateafternoon, songofstyle, jakandjil.)

i have an eye for detail, i value aesthetics, and i am a perfectionist....
maybe that's why the best thing about my job is easily the merchandising aspect.
i could spend all day in a department just merchandising, and since nothing is ever good enough, i could do it all again the next day. always striving for bigger and better.
maybe that's why, even though i prefer simple outfits and basic clothing, i am always in need of that little extra something.
and maybe that's why, when i see these types of outfit photos, i get all giddy inside.'s my own detailed shot, with the lace top from my last post.
full outfit coming soon.
edit 2/10/10 6:13pm - comments from all previous posts (and this one up until now) have been replied to!

Sunday, February 07, 2010

pretty little lacy things.

forever 21 lace top
here are a few things on my shopping list in preparation for spring:
  • leopard print blouse
  • faux leather high waist shorts
  • high waist denim cutoffs
  • cateye sunglasses
  • anything white lace
  • summer sandals (flats/wedges/heels)
  • black monokini
now, after being afraid i wouldn't find this top in store (it's sold out online),
i can scratch number five off my list.
so great now with black pieces; perfect with light denim later.
doesn't it feel good when you find what you're looking for?
there's a dress version of this too - same sleeve length and loose fit - that i wouldn't pass up.

what do you want to add to your closet for spring?

Saturday, February 06, 2010

top shopping.

(all images in this post via
being on topshop's mailing list definitely has its perks. even though i still haven't purchased anything from what i consider one of my favorite brands (remember this post? haha), i look foward to their emails for this very reason: the styling. these particular looks were put together with valentine's day in mind, and i am not dissapointed. i'd wear the first outfit in a heartbeat, and the second one too if you were to swap the floral pants for black ones.

speaking of valentine's day, i'd like to buy myself a gift (maybe with a little help from my boyfriend)...

anyone seen this wedge or a similar pair in black from another retailer? topshop only has them in tan =(
any other good wedges that you guys have seen lately?

Thursday, February 04, 2010

sweden does it better.

(sources: mrnewton, stockholmstreetstyle, carolinesmode, stockholmstreetstyle, vanillascented, vanillascented, stockholmstreetstyle, fashionsquad, fashionflash, mrnewton, carolinesmode, mrnewton, stockholmstreetstyle, carolinesmode, columbine, carolinesmode, carolinesmode)
stockholm fashion week.
brands cheap monday, acne and whyred, all rolled up with bloggers carolina, elin, maria and columbine; throw in a handful of street style and party candids, and finish with a dash of model frida gustavsson - incredible.
one of these days i will get to visit my #1 favorite fashion capital.
for the record, NYC is a close second, followed by paris at a very close third.

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