Sunday, October 24, 2010


i pulled this costume together one hour before my friend's halloween party last night, with just $2 in paint and a $5 lipstick. the dress is my h&m maxi that i wear all the time, and the belt is just a random rope. it was obviously inspired by rodarte s/s 2010 (and a recent post by lisa from lisaplace), and yes, i did have help with the body art - i chose the designs, and my mom painted (thanks mom!). needless to say, i had a blast being a "post-apocolyptic warrior princess".
costume success :)

here's a funny pic of me and my cooler of diet coke. yo, that's how i roll at parties :D
my boyfriend is in the background as mario, and his best friend was luigi. they were too freaking hilarious together. proof here.


i meant to announce this friday morning, but i got to busy...the winner of the shoulder chain giveaway is brigitte from california! congrats girl, la dama will be sending you the amazing piece of body jewelry very soon :)

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Sophia said...

your costume is EPIC. beautiful. i'd like to see this topped.

i'm thinking an awesome idea would be a fashion blogger halloween party of sorts. i can only imagine everyone showing up inspired by the past runway shows. how awesome would that be??

caylee said...

thanks sofia! i've seen some pretty awesome costumes in my day, so i'm sure mine can be topped, but i'm pretty happy with how it came out! and that would be one helluva party. epic, some may say. LOL. :)

Brigitte said...

YAY can't believe I won. And wow you definitely pulled off a fantastic costume idea so quickly! I still don't know what I'm dressing up as for Halloween and it's this weekend already!


GREAT costume!

vv said...

i love it!

please visit


rouli said...

cool pics:)

duckalicious said...

I love the orange tan-platinum hair-pink lips costume. I can't believe some people look like this every day!

check out my giveaway:

Andrea said...

really cool! i have no idea what to dress up like on halloween! just stumbled across your blog, really like it:)

Camilla said...

umm...awesome much?


JoeyAna said...

very creative costume!!! you pulled the post-apocolyptic warrior princess!! CUTE!

María* said...

hahahaha very frightened!!
follow my blog

Blicious said...

love your body art! so cool!


chellemorgan said...

Great costume! Love the body art :)

Xo Chelle

jadore said...

I love all the body art! Im so excited about halloween!!

Anonymous said...

i love the tattoos! you're mom did a great job :)

Rachel said...

aw you look so pretty in these

thehautepursuit said...

i agree with sophia. a halloween blogger party. where we dress up as each other. HAHAHAAH.
how awesome and narcissistic would that be? MUCHO.


Oh my goodness! You look FANTASTIC! What an amazing costume - really - very original.

I'm loving your blog - I'm going to become a follower right after I leave this post!

If you'd like to take a look at my blog heres the link. I hope you enjoy!

Jessica said...

nice halloween costume!
simple but the painting is absolutely make it outstanding!
your bf and his friend is so hilarious being mario and luigi. hahah.

KcomeKarolina said...

you lo0ok FAB!
what a lovely blog! i just bumped into it and i like it so much!



Too cute. I like the Mario & Luigi duo too, funnnnny!


Nina Kobalia said...

Very Rodarte Spring/Summer 2010!! Is that where you got the idea from?
Keep up the great work ;)

check me out as well
Thank you...
Nina xoxo

landel said...

Advance happy Halloween! wow chillin with people + beer, gaahh gaga? is that you? cool nice blond hair and you too.

RedHead said...

Amazing costume, very Rodarte-style tattoos, is that what you were going for? I remember going to a party as Keira Knightley in King Arthur (as a Celtic warrior princess - think woad dye tattoos, animal skins and leather) and spent a fun hour drawing on myself with blue paint.

caylee said...

thanks everyone!!

sophia - did you read vanessa's comment below? we have a blogger halloween party where we dress up as OTHER bloggers! genius.

brigitte - congrats girl! and yes i definitely pulled it together in the last second, lol. i hope you figure it out soon so you aren't as stressed as i was!

fashion snag - thanks jacqueline!

duckialicious - yeah that's my friend crystal dressed up as lady gaga, and lady gaga does look like that every day! LOL

andrea - sometimes it's just so hard to figure out a good costume! :(
so awesome, welcome!! :)

camilla - LOL thanks ;) ;) ;)

rachel - aww thanks raych xoxoxo

thehautepursuit - now that would be epic. we could dress up as exaggerated versions of one another. i'd be you and wear a suit of fur! LOLOLOL

jessica - thanks! you should've seen them dancing around to mario theme song. i almost peed my pants!

kcomekarolina - awesome, welcome and i hope you stick around! xoxo

fashion chalet - thanks erikaaaaaa :)

nina kobalia - yes that's exactly where i got the idea from! i even linked to that show in the text under my pics in this post :)

redhead - yep, my inspiration was rodarte ss2010 and i used pics from that show to make my tattoos! and your keira knightley sounds like one seriously badass costume. it's actually something that i want to do!

Just Another Londoner said...

Halloween already?!

Natassia Lea said...

your costume is so crazy!

Sherrie Cola said...

Great photos :)

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