Sunday, September 19, 2010

NYFW picks.

i'm not the best at reviewing collections during fashion week(s), and i often get behind on viewing them, but here are my favorites from NYFW.

helmut lang is always ALWAYS one of my favorites, and this year,
they went light + fresh for spring. loves!

cushnie et ochs, a perfect mix of edgy and feminine. they are still sort of under the radar as of now, but if they keep coming out with collections like this (and this), then it won't stay that way for long.

michael kors sent some really great minimal looks down the runway! if these sparkly pants on freja were actually maxi skirt, i'd want to be wearing that entire outfit right now.
all pics in this post via; collages by me
jeremy laing. ummm maxi dress heaven.

what were your favorites?
and who else can't wait to see the london/milan/paris shows?!


stacey kelly said...

these are all amazing. jeremy laing was my favorite too.



Jeremy Laing is my favorite as well. I am really wanting some type of sheer maxi skirt. x

Amandamarie said...

great picks! i love the volume of maxi dresses/skirts that went down the runway for next season. i can't get enough of the lengths! i think my favorite one specifically is the beige one from helmut lang. the dramatic side slit is major!


Helena from BrooklynBlonde said...

Loved these 3 too! I have to say that Helmut Lang & Michael Kors were my favs!

leflassh. said...

perfect picks.
i get so lazy with keeping up with all the shows.
way too many.
i'm looking forward to seeing paris shows!

Stephanie said...

great choices! I can relate with the getting behind on viewing collections... I've been so busy lately I haven't had time to scan more than a few!

Daisy said...

Really awesome selections! I really love Helmut Lang!


therawpower said...

maxi skirt is definitely the new trend, definitely

Liana said...

wow those are all so amazing, i would wear every single one of those! i love how simplistic most of them are too :)

Elena Vasilieva said...

great pics, these are all amazing



andrea paola said...

wow i really really love this minimalist vibe in all the collections; helmut lang and cushnie et ochs have to be my fav! all the pieces are so wearable :) check out my blog guys, i just joined bloglovin'

veronicaa said...

I actually had never heard of cushnie et ochs but I am in love!
Thanks for introducing them and the inspiration :)
Great blog! Visit mine & follow?
XO Veronica
my passion for fashion blog

Fatiha Faulzi said...

Ahhh... great selection from Helmut Lang. His collection is so chic.


MARTA said...

yes for Helmut lang !!!! he is the best !!!

caylee said...

fashion snag - i'm on the hunt for one as well!

amandamarie - i know, we are getting more and more options, and i love it. and i think that's my favorite too! gotta love the addition of a little sexiness to the maxi :)

leflassh - lol story of my life!

stephanie - yes, and once i fall behind, i never want to sit down and catch up! :/

therawpower - that's a big yes!

liana - simplicity is my favorite, that's why all of these are my favorite! :)

andrea paloa - a wearable collection is the BEST kind of collection. that's why helmut lang always tops my list :)

veronicaa - so glad i could introduce you to an amazing new designer! last season was the first time i was introduced to them. you're very welcome! xx

MARTA - yes! i'm so jealous that you actually own some helmut lang pieces :)

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