Monday, September 20, 2010

fall's key outerwear.

the camel coat (topshop) and the faux leather shearling jacket (h&m).
i feel ready to conquer fall with just these two pieces.

i wore the leather jacket on a quick trip up to chicago this past saturday, so pics of that outfit will be up tomorrow or wednesday!

on a side note - i don’t buy things because they are trendy (and these two definitely are right now), but i will buy trendy things when they work with me and my tastes, and when they will fit seamlessly within my existing wardrobe. i think this is how you guys can streamline your shopping process too! i can see myself wearing these over and over again with the clothing i already own, and thinking like this before purchasing an item makes updating my closet so much easier, and less expensive too :)

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hélène said...

Those 2 pieces are MINT! And i also live by this maxim- wise words, lady ;)



Both are perfect pieces for fall. I agree about things having to fit into your wardrobe. x

Karen said...

I LOVE the camel coat's new cut with dropped lapels.

I got one from a thrift shop early this year (its from zara originally) so I'm covered in that area and correct, it never goes out.

Karen x

Rachel said...

I just moved to the east coast and need winter clothing for the first time in my life. I love seeing how people embrace the cold weather. These coats are so cute, I especially like the first one.
Also, great philosophy about trends. It's important to remember that you don't have to avoid the trends to be original, you just have to stay true to yourself.

Contempo Ingenue said...

So cute! I just got the shearling h&m coat myself I am so obsessed with it, it just looks so cute with everything



Karissa said...

I have yet to buy these, they're on the top of my wish list ! & I can't believe that the h&m shearling jacket is so inexpensive compared to other stuff.


Fatiha Faulzi said...

You're so lucky to be able to buy them! I wish i can afford them too, so gorgeous!


Stephanie said...

I love the topshop one, that is something I would wear over and over as well!

Rebecca said...

Great pieces can't wait to see you in them :)
Rebecca xx

Bijou's Style said...

love that 1st coat!


Tesa said...

love them!

Elena Vasilieva said...

the coat is super chic, loving that camel shade



FashionHippieLoves said...

two must-haves!
Like both!


popdisorder said...

COOOL JACKET!:)get more inspiration on POP DISORDER!

Francesca said...

i bought a similar shearling jacket and i ADORE that camel coat. so pretty

F <-- Texas gal bloggin fashion from NYC!

Daisy said...

Those are two really great pieces! I have a blazer sort like yours only I found at the thrift store. The faux leather jacket is very cute!


Michelle said...

they both are amazing!

Liz said...

Caylee!!! That camel blazer/coat is to die for!!! I might have to get my hands on it, good find!

Kristiane said...

You are so right! I want them both! Unfortunantly we don't have Topshop in Norway. We have H&M though, but the jacket is sold out everywhere!

Loving your blog!

Blicious said...

LOVE them both!! so hot!!!!!
so happy Fall is here!


Grace said...

That oversized camel blazer is AMAZING!

Love Grace.

Maria said...

The camel blazer is so cute. *

Marika said...

Camel coat is gorgeous, but I guess fax fur at H&M jacket will make you feel uncomfortable
but camel coat!!! aaarh!

And please, - MAKE ME STYLISH!

o0fAshionstArr0o said...

love the fax fur jacket

Sienna said...

great blog, just started following!
hope you'll check out my blog too and follow if you like it:)
xoxo Sienna

asha said...

That camel coat is DIVINE. Make sure you post a picture of you wearing it! So sad Topshop isn't in Melbourne yet :(

x Ash

tuanyia said...

the blazer is very tempting!!

caylee said...

helene, fashion snag - good to know i'm not alone :) xx

karen - yes it looks modern and vintage at the same time, LOVE. i can't wait to see yours.

rachel - i bet shopping for cold weather clothing is a fun new exerience for you!

contemo ingenue - the suede-ish one with the shearling details? if so, i love that one! so lucky :)

karissa - i know! i love it when they come out with special pieces like this; ones at an amazing price

fatiha faulzi - the h&m jacket was really inexpensive, but i had to save up for a while to get the topshop one!

daisy - i wish i could've found one in a thrif store; it wouldn't been wayyy less expensive, lol! but i still love mine :)

liz - it's pretty much a necessity :)

kristiane - i don't have a topshop where i live either. i ordered it online! and i know topshop ships to norway :) and yes, the jacket sold out fast in every store pretty much all over the world! that happens when something is at such a great price.

marika - it's not uncomfortable at all; the faux shearling is so soft!

asha - i'll be posting TONS of pics! :)

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