Monday, September 27, 2010

casual weekends.

h&m jacket and ankle boots; secondhand metallica tee; vintage levi's shorts; asos bag; forever 21 watch; beaded bracelets, hammered knuckle ring, cross ring, and claw ring; low luv x erin wasson tribal cuff and scarab ring.

this is what i throw on to just bum around, running errands and such. when i'm at home i'll wear comfier black leggings instead of the shorts.
also, got these boots in chicago (along with an identical black pair). they are just what i've been looking for. so perfect!

Follow if you seek style.


rouli said...

omg u look amazin!

these boots are already in my shoppin list!

kiss dear

Contempo Ingenue said...

Wow I'm rEally surprised those boots are h&m! Awesome find



Belle de Couture said...

Those boots are KILLERRR! LOVE THEM!


María Rubio said...

beautiful outfit!

Studded Hearts said...

love the boots!
great for everyday :)


Anna said...

Oh my those boots are perfect! I am always so envious of your h&m purchases! Love this look!

Rebecca said...

Amazing outfit! you look gorgeous :)

Rebecca xx

Elena Vasilieva said...

this is a gorge look, loved that urban chic feel


EM said...

killer outfit!
love the boots, tee, shorts and bag - i know that's nearly everything but they're all fantastic pieces!
em x

Glamour Bbey. said...

The shoes are looking great on you! Hot look


love your jacket!

Tima said...

That jacket looks so good on you, its so cute!!

annie said...

Nice boots - are they real leather?

Camilla said...

Those boots are fo shiz, you look so tall?


Alecto said...

the h&m(s) here are so pale in comparison. those boots are badass.

Michelle said...

Lovely jacket and bag! xxx

Blicious said...

LOVE this! you loo so cute!


Lucy said...

Those boots are amazing!
Where the wild things might be...

Clara said...

very cute!!! I like it!

Call Us Mesdemoiselles said...

love this look! its the perfect casual outfi.

Jessica said...

I always enjoy visiting your blog.
You have a wicked style :)
Loving your shorts and jacket!
You pull it off so welllll!!


really!! i WANT THEM!!

o0fAshionstArr0o said...

nice outfit love the boots

natasha said...

DO you know the style number of the boots? trying to find them in Seattle!

[ELIESA] said...

that's a wicked tee! and i thought the "see the lightning" slogan was a belt ha
love your ensembles. Xx

caylee said...

thanks everyone! i know, H&M hit a home run with these bad boys. so comfy and great quality for only $50! yipeeeee :)

anon 12:25 - no they are not. but they still look great!

camilla - i'm only 5'7", and these boots make me 5'9". not that tall! :)

alecto - my H&M at home pales in comparison to the store in chicago, where i got these!

natasha - ahh sorry i'm just now answering my blog comments! the order number is: 86605
i really hope i'm not too late and that you find them! xx

eliesa - haha i can see how you though that! and it actually says "ride the lightning" :) thank you!

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