Wednesday, September 01, 2010

calling all swedish readers!

source -

do i have any swedish readers that are willing to purchase this lindex cardigan for me, and then ship it to me? i'd pay for it, and for the shipping of course, through paypal.
i want it in the smallest size lindex offers (extra small or small).
just leave me a comment if you can, or email
thanks guys, you rock!



It is gorgeous! I hope someone can send it to you Caylee. x

Studded Hearts said...

this cardi is gorgeous!
love the way ida wears it.
good luck caylee. i'm sure you'll find it :)


Annabel said...

good luck with the search-it looks like the most perfect cardi ever!

Fatiha Faulzi said...

That is a pretty cardi, best of luck finding it!


leflassh. said...

make that two!
haha i need long cardi's like this.

Glamour Bbey. said...


rouli said...


kiss dear and good luck!


Camilla said...

There is a swedish blogger who actually goes out and finds these peices for people, and sends them to them, it's like a service she does, I CANT REMEMBER HER NAME THOUGH, arg. I'll try and see if I can remember her name it might be the girl from The Filippa or frida from Fynlight by frida (i think thats how you spell it :?

Karolina said...

Did you mean Fyndig by Frida?
Contact her, if not I maybe can help you. Don't know how Paypal works but I guess that you do. And yeah, I'm a Swedish reader :)
Contact me if that girl can't help you!
Right now Lindex don't have any XS but five S in stock...!

Anonymous said...

Zara online shopping is only for France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, and the UK. Sucks.

Rebecca said...

That looks lovely it would be great for winter- very stylish :)

Karen said...

OMG I tell you Swedish readers/bloggers can make a killing sending us stuff!!

MONKI alone is one of my faves!

Good luck Caylee you'll def get it.

Karen x

Sarah @ Pandora's Box said...

Ah! So cute! I hope you're able to get one :)

Anna said...

I just love this cardigan! I hope your able to get one!

Debora said...

gorgeous outfit girl, I really like it !

Love your blog

Contempo Ingenue said...

Omg amazing! It's so cute and I can totally picture it on you!


Madeleine said...

I live in Sweden! I think I can do it for you if noone else can. :) I can check on Lindex if they have it here in my town!

Write a comment in my blog or send me an e-mail on: if you want me to buy it for you!

Shebelle said...

Ooh those are beautiful cardigans. But why Swedish? I know someone living in Sweden but he's not into fashion really. Anyway, just give me a hit if u still want it or summat.

caylee said...

i still haven't got the sweater, but thanks for everyone who has helped me/look at their lindex store thus far!

shebelle - the only reason i said swedish readers is because i've talked to some people in norway, etc., who said that the cardi is not in their stores yet, and that the associates at their lindex stores said it may only be available in stockholm. what is your email??

Pia said...

Filippa is doing personal shopping and she works at Lindex so you can ask her if you still want the cardigan.
Here is the link,

caylee said...

pia - i contacted her and she let me know that unfortunately this cardi is from a past season. thank you though! xx

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