Wednesday, September 29, 2010

the big chill.

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knitwear knitwear knitwear!
can't wait to show you guys my three new sweaters :)

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Can't wait to see them! I love all the knit photos you posted. x

Dana said...

Will be hitting up the thrift stores for some chunky knits for sure this winter!

Fashion Chalet said...

Aw your Chloe-Cat needs to hang out with Scout. She's a rambunctious little tomboy (named after the girl in To Kill a Mockingbird)


Michelle said...

love those sweaters, especially the second last one!

Rebecca said...

After seeing how comfy they look I want to pull mind out of my wardobe and cosy up in it but unfortunatly it's school maybe at the weekend ill have time to relax?


Gayle is Volatile said...

And I cant wait to see your three new sweaters! Excited much! :)

Elsa said...

I love knitwear.
And I do love the hair in the second picture


MARTA said...

Caylee babe its so amazing! love all your post !!! :)

I am Vintage Lover said...

Amaze! If you love vintage, please feel free to stop by our blog, Vintage Lover, which we hope you do. Much love xo.

kelsea said...

knits are everywhere this season- and i love it. great selection<3

Amandamarie said...

i'm obsessed with the shredded one. makes for a good diy !


Botox said...

the fourth piece is great i wanna to touch it so bad

Divorce Lawyers Brisbane said...

great collection so warm and pretty lovely

Elena Vasilieva said...

these are amazing knitwear pics


rachel kara said...

Mmm big yes to all of these. Sexy but totally huggable.


StyleNonsense said...

My Daaarling Karmen Kass.

Andee Layne said...

bring on the chunky knits!!!! love

Supi said...

Girl in third (pink) picture is one popular finnish model. In her *blog she told that in that shot she's wearing a wig :)


BTW, I just found your blog and I like your style!

caylee said...

fashion snag - can't wait to show them off! xx

dana - i wish i had good thrift stores close to me. i also wish i had the patience to sift through the racks to find something good. lol

fashion chalet - my cat is so rambunctious, and she's a little brat too - she's a biter! she would probably bite scout - LOL! but they'd be so cute together ;)

marta - thank you lovely! xoxo

kelsea - yes there are so many amazing pieces to choose from. makes shopping easy and hard at the same time - lol!

amandamarie - i want to try a cheap secondhand cable knit sweater to try it on so bad!

botox - it look sooooo amazingly soft

rachel kara - that's why i love knits! sexy and cozy :)

supi - wow can't believe it's a wig, she looks amazing in it though. & thank you!

Camilla said...

i ant the jumper in pic number 4 SO.BAD.


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