Sunday, August 29, 2010

sunday randoms.

stockholm street style
frida's beauty is mind blowing. so is her personal style.

h&m magazine autumn 2010

this h&m aviator jacket exists only in my dreams, since my store won't carry it, and the nearest store that will is in chicago. if you own it, i'm living vicariously through you.

emsedge, carolinesmode

along with camel colors and leopard print, red is IT for fall.

celine and maxmara bags. i just bought a structured purse/clutch; can't wait to show you guys.

becauseimaddicted, stylebykling

my life will never be complete until i find/make a gray jersey wrap skirt.
dree and elin both made theirs!

happy sunday


--Sanam-- said...

Amazing post,i love these ensembles.And omg,i know right,that h&m aviator jacket is fabulously bang-on-trend!

StopAndStareStyle = my super-duper fashion & style blog :D COMMENT,FOLLOW,READ & ENJOY! :D

Elena Vasilieva said...

these photos are very cool



Interno Bellezza said...

Owwww! need that skirt too! its super chaud xx

Contempo Ingenue said...

Amazing photos I love your taste! Feeling so inspired right now


Adrianna Traxler said...

Everything you posted is high on my least you have an H&M. But Ive been dying over Dree's handmade skirt quite badly. I also really want to incorporate red into my wardrobe this fall.

Ali Skye said...

that skirt is so cute!! i love the way it looks like it was wrapped around the model.... so cute!!

i love h&m and they have such great stuff! definitely taking a trip there soon :)

great post! keep up the great blogging!

following you :)

check out my blog sometime?

ali skye

Kara Marie said...

great choice of photos. Stockholm street style rocks.


I like how you picked out all the trends Caylee. You have a great eye!

Nádia said...

Loved the things you're craving!!!

And Frida's style is PERFECT!


YES YES to all of these! I'm ready for red to come back, strong.

My twin sister and I made a new blog, come see if you like!


melissa said...

hey caylee, just get a gray jersey scarf and use this youtube video to wrap it into a skirt!

elora said...

dude! just wrap an American Apparel circle scarf around you a couple of times and it will be a skirt!

Song of Style said...

love love love all of these images.

Stephanie said...

I love the wrap skirt! maybe this is a good DIY project.

Materialistic Chronicles said...

those red velvet shorts are worth dying for!

Nathalie said...

love this pic! <3

Live It Orange said...

Those wrap skirts are rad!


Belle de Couture said... is so the IT color right now. I need some red pants and a red leather mini stat!

Also, completely agree w/ you about the wrap skirt...I was telling my friend the other day that I will probably have to go to a fabric store and make my own because AA is out of the gray circle scarf and I just cannot find anything similar!


++ LA said...

How perfect are the models? Like first outfit a lot!

Great shots (previous post) in that great dress! (I've got it too ;p)


Amalina said...

Mind blowing is right...Frida is so beautiful I cant believe my eyes! xo

Rebecca said...

Great post. Much inspiration held within these images! :)


Daisy said...

I loved your post it was awesome!


Anonymous said...

Nasty gal has a wrap skirt just like that

caylee said...

fashion snag - aww thanks girl!

melissa - thank you for the video! definitely using it when i find the right piece of fabric/scarf.

elora - i'm considering doing that! h&m has a circle scarf that might work...

anon - i think i know what skirt you're talking was a little different than the one i want (exactly like dree's).

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