Wednesday, July 07, 2010

on my mind - 7.07.10.

source - unknown, lefashion
black and white, beautiful and inspiring.

source - stockholmstreetstyle
the simplest looks for the hottest of hot days.
i've seen these shorts on another street style site - anyone know where they are from?!

source - nitrolicious
h&m, july/august 2010.

source - knightcat
minkpink 2010.

source - carolinesmode
the perfect summer blazer.

source - studdedhearts
must find a way to get a hold of this zara bag.

source - stockholmstreetstyle
and, as always, M.O.D. style.


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t.g.s said...

i love your blog!
great fashion inspiration
i love the first 3 pictures and of course the minkpink photos with bambi <3

Francesca♥ said...

there's some great summer looks here! great inspiration ♥

Tae Hee said...

love bambi's style! great images to share here

read me at:


Das What She Said said...

those blue print leggings are super fabulous. I'm trying to ween myself off H&M because it's taking over my whole closet... soo good.

A Shopaholic is loose said...

Love the patterns of that first top! ;0)

Karen said...

At long last. H&M does a version of the ACNE floor length striped dress that I've drooled over!! That is so mine!!

The first model on the left for the group shot is wearing the H&M tribal pants I bought.

Great shots and I too love black and white photography. Especially sepia.

Karen x

SWAY said...

i love love love those blue/black zigzag tribal leggings from h&m so hot!!! :)

Mcmaris said...

Great inspo!!


Elena Vasilieva said...

loved these photos


nyc lu said...

that girl with the shorts you like has such perfect hair in this heat! jealousy. i love how she belted near-pajams.

thequietingmuses said...

Great looks for summer

MM said...

like all the pics

Carissa said...

the simplest but the most chic!

Gaby said...

I work at american apparel and I'm 100% certain that those are our tap shorts in tan

hope it helped

Girl With Kaleidoscope Eyes said...

It was great meeting you at H&M today! So nice to finally bump into a fellow fashion blogger!

(Girl With Kaleidoscope Eyes)

little moon lover said...

love the pictures.. and yeah.. I agree.. sometimes the simplest, basic things look better.. specially on summer.. warm weather doesn't require much clothes..
I like your style, stay cool

alyssa said...

i am sure you may have already found this out, but those khaki shorts are from AA. i have the same pair! they are pretty great!

caylee said...

thanks everyone for the comments!

das what she said - well, since i work there, my closet is pretty much all H&M! although it would be that way even if i didn't :)

karen - i can't wait for it to come in! if only they'd make a long sleeve version like the acne one...
and i instantly knew those were the pants you bought when i saw them. love!

gaby - thank you! i am looking into purchasing them asap :)

girl with kaleidoscope eyes - you're the first blogger i've ever met too, so yes, it was so nice to meet you, even for a brief moment!

alyssa - yes, a reader above let me know, but thank you! i really want them.

Christina said...

Those leggings are to die for! They remind of Leyendecker's leggings!

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