Monday, July 19, 2010


counterclockwise from top right - victoria's secret bikini; proenza schouler bag; ray-ban aviators; elizabeth & james shirt; aldo sandals; asos bracelets and wristband.

i've been going going going nonstop for the past few months, and my schedule + the constant heat has me physically exhausted. all i can think of right now is some sort of relaxing vacation where i can veg out on the beach for days on end with good books, cold drinks, and a cool breeze.
this is what i'd wear on said trip if money weren't an option.

p.s. check out my latest features in style sample magazine (page 12) and on denimology :)



Cute picks!

Nikki Ashley said...

Really loving that proenza schouler tote!


Sara. said...

Love those shoes soo much too:)

Anonymous said...

i have those shoes!! they are super comfortable, and only 60 bucks, you should get them! although they are on sale in canada (where i got them) so you might want to wait and see if they go on sale on the US site.

love your blog!

Song of Style said...

love the spike bracelets!!
i want to go on vacation too.
seriously i wish SF was hot.

moded'amour said...

Love these items!

o0fAshionstArr0o said...

love he bikini and the bag

Live It Orange said...

Great picks! Shirt and shoes look awesome :)


rouli said...

cool post here!


Karen said...

The shoes look really comfortable.

I hear you on the vacation thing.

I can't wait to get away.

Karen x

Karen said...

The shoes look really comfortable.

I hear you on the vacation thing.

I can't wait to get away.

Karen x

fashion clocked said...

Tell me about it! The vacation is calling, and your picks would work a treat! Especially love the Proenza bag wow to the bright tie dye print!xxxxx
fashion clocked
I would love you to visit.xx Katie.x

Mcmaris said...

Loves the bracelets...and that bathing suit color!

missrantsypants said...

ugh, i feel you! i need a trip as well.
i love your picks.

caylee said...

thanks everyone!
good to hear i'm not the only one in need of a vacation. wait, maybe that's not a good thing to!

anon 1:16 - awesome; i'm waiting for them to go on sale in the US!

song of style - i would so come to SF for a vacay, and i'd enjoy the cooler weather!

karen - i can't wait to hear where you are going!

Dylana Suarez said...

That white blouse is basically perfect!

geri hirsch said...

obsesssed with that ps bag!


AWesome bikiniiii!

Tash said...

Cute, love those sandals and the shirt esp.

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