Sunday, July 25, 2010

abbey lee x H&M divided.

abbey lee (and others) for H&M divided, fall 2010.
can't wait to her face on the walls of my store.
you guys already know i love the psychedelic dress on karmen pedaru in the first pic,
since i own it :)

disclaimer: H&M is not affiliated with this post in any way!


Materialistic Chronicles said...

absoltely LOVE that dress you have as well! and you look awesome in it! looks a lot like the helmet lang one on net-a-porter at the moment!

Kara Marie said...

H&M is amazing. I buy everything from there.

Joyce said...

i'm excited to check out this collection =) (but im trying really hard not to shop haha - i don't know how you manage!)

also, i'm loving abbey & karmen in this. I feel like karmen has really developed and gotten some good jobs, which is great!

Endless Nights

Esse. said...

Abbey Lee is amazing like always! And clothing are too!!
I <3 H&M

Chiara TheMinette said...


Nathalie said...

Fabulous new campaign. Love the clothes and everything! The bold graphic dress is fantastic

Ludmila said...


Eli said...

they are supposed to open the biggest H&m ever in las vegas soon, I cant wait to see it!!!

Chiara said...

Hope this collectin arrive in the store nearest to me!


Kate said...

I just came across your blog & it is stunnnning. I am following through bloglovin & am excited to explore the rest of what's here! Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous.

caylee said...

materialistic chronicles - yes, it reminds me of a helmut lang design in general!

kara marie - imagine working there - me too, lol!

joyce - i don't know how i manage! i have to really be in love with it to buy it :) and yes, i love seeing karmen in all of these different ads/editorials!

eli - i know. it will be incredible!

kate - welcome, and thank you!

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