Thursday, June 17, 2010

optical illusion.

h&m divided black dress

i usually shy away from such a body-conscious fit and graphic print, but i just could not pass this dress up. i think the long sleeves did it for me. i love long sleeves on a mini dress.
and the print is very givenchy s/s 2010 inspired - that's definitely not a bad thing.
i'll be styling it with my black clutch and wedge sandals.
now i just need somewhere to wear it. a date with my boyfriend? a night out with the girls? maybe my five year high school reunion coming up in two weeks (eek!)?


thehautepursuit said...

omg...! I LOVE THIS caylee!!! is this new at H&M? I need to check this out ASAP :)

Glamour Bbey. said...

Wauw! Awesome dress! How much did you paid for it?


elora said...

this dress is super awesome. you'd look drop dead amazing in this dress at your HS reunion!

Dylana Suarez said...

Amazing dress! I know you will totally rock this like no other! Cannot wait to see you in it!

The beautiful life of Angela said...

such a beautiful dress...Im also into mini dresses with longsleeves!


The beautiful life of Angela


gab said...

this is so stunninggg! want!

Karolina said...

What... what?? H&M dress?? I want it so badly!!

leflassh. said...

this is so my style.
love it so much.

Bohemian said...

Love this dress!

Lily said...

Such a beautiful dress my dear. Adore the print x

moded'amour said...

stunning dress!!

Annachiara said...

wow loove this dress!!! Favolous on you *_*

The Fashion Cloud said...

This is just stunning, really gorgeous!!


♥ Daria Stankiewicz said...

oh wow!H&M?!
love it!

fashion clocked said...

This dress is hot- i have it too!xx
call by
fashion clocked

Elena Vasilieva said...

love this dress, the colour looks cool, great illusion effects

Contempo Ingenue said...

great dress! way to step up your game h&m!!

the contemporary ingenue

xoxo E&L

Julie said...

AMAZING dress! I'd wear it out for a meal with boyfriend! It'd be perfect for that.

Mcmaris said...

OMG i love it such a great dress

Christing said...

love the dress...the print is perfect and it looks amazing on you!!

melissa said...

so gorgeous!

IFB said...

Woah, thats cool!
Cara from IFB

LittleWelshGirl said...

That dress is stunning, cant beleive its just h&m it looks so expensive!

thequietingmuses said...

Love the dress!

iamronel said...

i went dizzy on this but its gorgeous said...


adrienne said...

high school reunion?? bruuuutal!! but the dress is sooo hot!

ps- loving the kate lanphear quote on your profile!

shenai said...

i neeed to see if my h&m has this!!!

ari said...

great dress! i just love the print and the fact that it is long sleeve. and yes it's very it looks great on you... i am usually not a body-con dress type of gal.... but this woul probably be an exeption.

Nicole Jarecz said...

just WOW. this dress looks amazing on you. i love the long sleeves as well!

Karen said...

Ok that's it. I'm sooo getting this!!!!!

Hope i find it.

The print is stunning.

Karen x

Anna Katrina said...

im in love with that dress!!

Anna Katrina

Frickys said...

Long sleeves+mini is soooo sexy. But the print makes it all complete.

natasha said...

The print is is amazing, I can't wait to see how you style it!!

Hayley Golightly Style said...

this is amazing! The print is fabulous and I love that its long sleeved! love it!! :)

MARTA said...

love your dress babe!

caylee said...

thanks everyone for the sweet comments and compliments!

thehautepursuit - it's brand new! go go go!

glamour bbey - it was only $24.95!

elora - aww thank you! i'm thinking it won't be appropriate for the venue (a lake), but i can rock it for the party at night!

dylana suarez - thank you! i cannot wait to wear it.

karolina - yes, brand new H&M!

leflassh - you have an american apparel printed long sleeve mini like this don't you?!

daria stankiewicz - yes, H&M!

fashion clocked - get it; it's just too awesome!

contempo ingenue - i was thinking the same thing when i saw it - LOL!

julie - agreed :)

christing - thank you!

littlewelshgirl - yes, that's one reason why i love it - looks expensive, was definitely not expensive ($24.95!)

iamronel - lol - my boyfriend said it was giving him a headache!

adrienne - so brutal! but i graduated from a very small class and am still friends with like half of them.

shenai - it's from the divided black line, and it's brand new - i bet they have it!

ari - yeah i'm usually not a body-con dress gay either because i like to drink lots of diet cokes and they leave me a little bloated of course lol, but i made an exception for this stunner! i'll only be drinking water the day i wear it, LOL.

nicole jarecz - thank you!

karen - you got it, you got it!! :)

frickys - the print definitely completes it :)

natasha - thank you; i can't wait to style it!

marta - thank you! xx

Ilenia F. said...

i love this dress... and your style, too. cheers..
follow me at

Lina said...

i love your dress!! amazing

magdalena said...

I want that dress!!stupid greek h&m's!!!!I can;t find it!!!damn damn!!
love your skinny arms!they look really nice in that dress!!

an aspiring everything said...

love it! the pattern is so awesome!

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