Tuesday, June 08, 2010

dreams do come true.

asos amigo boot.

a while ago, i talked about how bad i wanted my brown asos boots (here, here and here)to come in black, and they finally did! the good news is, as soon as i saw them asos.com two weeks ago, i ordered them, and they arrived on my doorstep safe and sound last week.
the bad news is, i don't see them on the site anymore. the brown pair isn't even up! maybe they sold out? hopefully, if you want to purchase them, they'll show up soon, but me and my feet are very happy to have these in my closet.

outfit post is postponed till tomorrow; i've had a looooong day :(


marie said...

love these <3

LUU H. said...

congrtas! oh, iwant them too <'3

Studded Hearts said...

that is the perfect flat black boot.


ari said...

looove that bootie!! it's soo good that you ordered them as soon as you saw them!!


Dylana Suarez said...

The boots are amazing! Look so good in black. I want!


rouli said...

lovely boots!!!!!!!




Fiamma said...

love them!!!



Sarah said...

They're perfect!!

MARTA said...

loooove themmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!

danoh131 said...

I actually thought of you the moment I saw them on the site and I bought a pair as well.....though I am still waiting for mine (=

juno said...

looks really comfortable!!!!!

Tereza Š. said...

these are truely perfect!

glamirrorous.com said...

These shoes are not my style, but I'm happy for you! ^^

caylee said...

studded hearts - it is! so happy it finally came in black.

ari - agreed; they sold out so fast!

danoh131 - aww lol that's so funny. i hope you have yours by now!

juno - they are so comfy!

glamirrorous.com - hey, everyone has different styles, and that's the beauty of it! thank you so much too :)

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