Friday, May 07, 2010


H&M divided black faux leather jacket; BDG flannel shirt; forever 21 skinny jeans and watch; new york and company quilted purse; bird skull necklace, cross ring, claw ring, and hammered knuckle ring; the extras chain buckle bracelet; lowluv x erin wasson bone bracelet via; topshop wedges.

remember how i said i was into plaid and dark denim right now? yeah, i'm getting my money's worth out of this cozy shirt (and of course the jeans, which you've seen me wearing multiple times). the leather jacket, jewelry, and killer shoes keep this from venturing into abercrombie and fitch territory. but flannel in spring? i do feel like this could easily be an autumn look, but with the nude wedges, instead of say, a black boot, it seemed to me like the perfect outfit for a cool spring day.

chloé says hi! reminds me of this picture from way back.


Bohemian said...

Love your wedges!!, Great outfit!

Esther said...

love that h&m jacket :) & your cat is adorable <3

Style By Queens said...

The nude wedges definitely lift the outfit! You look great !

LUU H. said...

i love the plaid shirt : F

leflassh. said...

amazing-ness as always.
those wedges really are so awesome.
&& awwwwww the kittty.
so freaking cute.

Contempo Ingenue said...

so cute! love the wedges and the last photo with you and your kitty!

the contemporary ingenue

xoxo E&L

emilypanda said...

I've got a bag similar to yours but I got it at aldo accessories! Love your wedges.. and my cat likes to walk into my photos as well!

rouli said...

amazing outfit!!!!!!!

love ur wedges!!!!!!!


moded'amour said...

great outfit! love your shoes!

bravegrrl said...

i agree... seasonless... totally works :)

SuzieM said...

easy but perfect!!

elora said...

frickin love it! are those wedges comfy without socks? curious.. and the cat pics are cute.


Girl you look amazing!! Very pretty and i love the wedges especially and the trousers!!

lamia said...

Great outfit!! especially the skinny jeans and the wedges!!!

fashionclocked said...

great look and i LOve the photos with your cat so sweet! I have these wedges too- weird rocking sensation but very nice!! xx
would be great if you could visit.
fashion clocked

bárbara crespo said...

love this pictures!!!

Ana Martín † said...

Oh I love the shoes! Good outfit!


Rianna Bethany said...

cute cute cute cat!!
Lovely outfit
Rianna xxxx


Great outfit...gorgeous post, love the shoes!

Emilie said...

Great outfit!

Small Town Fashion said...

You look great!! Who cares about season appropriateness. Black, plaid, and leather are good all year round in my opinion :)

Fashion Chalet said...

LOVE the glittery bangle/wrist/cuff? Is that Erin's? Adore the dark denim mixed with plaid and the nude wedges. Another one out of the ballpark amazing! :)

Ps. Hi, Chloe.


Julia M said...

This outfit would look well different if you wore it with black shoes, or flat shoes. The boots are SO nice though, are they comfortable?

Martha said...

absolutely love them <3

Tinja said...

You look gorgeous!! love the outfit :)

Anonymous said...

very cool.

I lol'd at "a&f territory"

your cat is cute!


cute blog!
I opened a new fashion blog too, I hope u'll be one of my followers:-)

kirstyb said...

loving those wedges girlie xxx

Alice In Fashionland said...

Awww, kitten!!!

Love the jacket!

Asta said...

These your shoes are really perfect! :)

Macaron au Chocolat said...

omg, i love your style. *.*

danmyy said...

Such a cute and simple ensemble. the wedges are fierce!


natali said...

cool shoes!!!

Aney said...

Those are some darling wedges! They look great on you. said...

Love the outfit, except the wedges!
xoxo Sandra

Ali Skye said...

this is such a great outfit!

the bag is adorable and those wedges look great!!!
the leather jacket and plaid shirt look lovely together.

Ali Skye

Phuong said...

amazing look! love it

Fashion Chalet said...

Aw your comment made me smile thank you =) what all idd you do with your Mom today?

Ps. So glad you are on blogger, myspace wasn't the same. ;)

xx said...

love it!!! ive got those shoes in black!
follow me )

LITTLE_B_ said...

amazing look!!!! your heels are awesome!!!

love whole the outfit!!!


Karen said...

This is classic you! Love it.

Karen x

Taylor Sterling said...

i am loving that flannel! You look stunning and stylish!

caylee said...

bohemian, esther, style by queens, luu h, leflassh, contempo ingenue - thank you!!!

emilypanda - it's weird carrying a small bag, but i love it! very chanel. and our cats love the camera, haha!

rouli, moded'amour, bravegrrl, suziem - thank you!

elora - thank you! without socks, they start to rub around the ankles around the while, but it's not that bad.

confashions from amsterdam, lamia - thank you!

fashionclocked - yes, they do have a weird rocking sensation! i'm always afraid i'm going to fall in them because i'm naturally clumsy, lol. they are worth it though!

barbara crespo, ana martin, rianna bethany, thestreetfashion5xpro, emilie - thank you!

small town fashion - thank you! i agree 100% =)

fashion chalet - no, it's this bracelet from karmaloop --> only $9!
and thank you! p.s. chloe says "hi sweety" =)

julia m - yes, they are very comfortable, especially with ankle socks!

martha, tinja - thank you!

anon 4:08 - lol, glad you know what i'm talking about =) & thank you!

fashion-veronique - thank you, i'll check your blog out!

kristyb, alice in fashionland, asta, macaron au chocolat, danmyy, natali, aney - thank you! - i'm sorry you don't like the wedges! i guess they aren't for everyone =)

ali skye, phuong - thank you!

fashion chalet - =) my mom and i celebrated mother's day on friday; i took her to the movies and out to dinner. what did you and your mom do? and lol, myspace is starting to slowly go away... - thank you; i want them in black so bad!

,little_b, karen, taylor sterling - thank you!!

Maria said...

<33 pretty caylee

.sabo skirt. said...

Another great outfit. We love your wedges and the plaid short really adds a great quality to this outfit =)

xx .sabo skirt.

caylee said...

maria - thank you maria!! xx

sabo skirt - thanks guys!

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