Saturday, May 22, 2010

over & over again.

here are some of the things in my closet, new and old, that i find myself reaching for lately.

h&m boxy top.

asos ankle boots.

forever 21 lace bodysuit and stripe tee.

h&m bralet.

forever 21 leopard print belt.

new york & company quilted bag.

vintage levi cutoffs.

lowluv x erin wasson scarab ring.

vintage metallica tee and h&m army jacket.

jeffrey campbell platform wedges.

h&m divided black moto jeans.


Lauren said...

Killer wedges & boots! Love the leopard print belt xx

Tobi said...

The cut off's are a must ! They're so easy to pair with anything!!

that girl lucy said...

pretrty sure i could live in just these things forever.
the absolute perfect outfit basics!
loving the lace bodysuit, h&m bra and low luv ring <3
+ freakin amazing wedges! so killer.


cristina said...

Yo kiero ese bolsooo!!!
Un besoo

Mikaela said...

Love all of this!!


leflassh. said...

the jeans, wedges, vintage tee, ring, levi's cut-offs,belt, bra...etc. basically everything is so good man.
love this post.

Camilla said...

Oh my gosh, I want all of these!


Glamour Bbey. said...

The bralet is sooo awesome!
Please check my blog, and if you want you can leave a comment on the first post!

Love, Cindy

an aspiring everything said...

I love the lace bodysuit, striped tee, and army jacket :)

Nausica said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nausica said...

In only one post, you showed me at least 3 items that I desperately need. I should stop following you!:))

moded'amour said...

Love everything!

Georgia said...

Ahhh the three colours of Levi cut offs! I did have white and blue, but my white frayed too much, still it lost an inch of material. So I can only wear it if I want to go out nearly naked. Shame that.

It would be mine

Oh, I want that ring. Stupid UK.

Lucy said...

Gorgeous outfit, I am so envious of your Levi collection!

LUU H. said...

the asos shoes are to die for !

.sabo skirt. said...

this is the best collection of clothing we have ever seen! we wish we had these items in our closet!

stop by our fashion blog, we hope you love it! we are giving away designer glasses!

xx .sabo skirt.

Michael Jones said...

Amazing essentials, Caylee! I need those H&M moto pants in my life, stat--but we don't have an H&M in Texas! Do you guys still have them in your store?

Anyway, great pieces! I hope all is well!


fashionclocked said...

such great items- love the grey moto jeans, the wedges are phenomenal- i just ordered those asos boots!! everything soooo good.xx
fashion clocked
would be great if you stopped by
kisses katie.xxxx

Wendy said...

Those Asos booties are amazing!

Anonymous said...

your wish came true:


Marie Z. said...

These are all great pieces!

Pia said...

awesome pics :)


Love all your pieces!

ShoesForDessert said...

Wow I love it all! I would be grabbing for the same things if they filled my closet!

nylla said...

i love those wedges

Mcmaris said...

Love it all!!!!

Ivania santos By DIAMOND said...


xoxo* by Portugal


Fashion Chalet said...

you have great shoes
love the shrots too!


marie said...

you hit all my as-of-late-cravings head on. <3

caylee said...


tobi - that's why i love them!

that girl lucy - me too! i'm all about perfect basics. nice and simple and easy :)

leflassh - lol, thanks dajana! :)

nausica - lol, i guess i'm...sorry? haha!

georgia - i hate it when that happens! you couldn't find that ring on a site that ships internationally?

sabo skirt - aww thanks guys!

michael jones - thank you! i'll still get you those pants if you want them :) just DM/email me!

fashionclocked - thank you! you are going to LOVE the asos boots. my favorite shoes right now, by far.

anon 3:30 - it did and i COULDN'T be happier! i ordered the black ones as soon as i saw them :)

shoesfordessert - why thank you!

fashion chalet - i could say the same about your shoe collection, erika! :)

marie - i'm a mind reader :) hehe

Paloma Garcia Gonzalez said...

where can i find the cutoffs levi's thanks! :) BTW i love your blog!

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