Sunday, May 16, 2010

neutral ground.

(sources - knightcat, studdedhearts, fashiongonerogue, ilovewildfox)

if it's military- or safari-inspired, or just contains colors normally found in a desert, i'm all over it.

side note: you can now access my blog at! still works just fine too =)

EDIT 5/18/10: a reader told me that in my original collage for this post, they couldn't make out the details in the tiny images, so i did away with it and made all of the pictures full sized! you can still view the collage i made here.



I love it, but I also love colours and more feminin clothing and think that a mix of these 2 types could look really good!



Georgia said...

I love the laid back casual look from these photos, its a perfect summer vibe
It would be mine

Julia said...

Hi!!!1 love your blog! your style is great!

leflassh. said...

and yay for .COM! congrats :)

Gon said...

Accessing your blog will be much much easier now! :D
I'm all over the sandy colors!!

Dimogonda blog

Fashion Chalet said...

I love this cool classic look. It's refreshing!! :)


Tinja said...

nice inspiring pics!

fashionclocked said...

wow i'll take all the pieces from this collage- also loving the desert shades- cant stop wearing a khaki oversized jacket and searching for the perfect desert shorts etc!x
stop by sometime fashion clocked blog
kisses katie.xx

angie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bijou's Style said...

amazing amazing post!

loveeeeeee it


an aspiring everything said...

I love your inspiration spread! I have most of these pasted on my wall :)

Lauren said...

Great inspiration, love the collage! xx

Ashley said...

You would def. love these shirts at Topshop-- I ordered the tan.

angie said...

neutrals are the new black! :) I love how you're slowly transitioning to spring/summer Caylee, very subtle yet edgy without loosing your own style.

Lindsay LeBoyer said...

Love it! I like doing neutrals in the military trend. I love all the pictures you put in this post!

haute.teapot said...

Just wanted to say hi and you've got such a great lil blog. I love your simple style--it's wearable for everyday and chic. Love it. =)

caylee said...

a piece of passion - me too!

georgia - indeed :)

julia - thank you!

leflassh. - thanks, i'm so excited!

gon - yes it will!

fashion chalet - very refreshing :)

tinja - thank you!

fashionclocked - i wish i had an oversized khaki jacket! i'm on the hunt for that and some safari shorts too!

bijou's style - thank you!

an aspiring everything - thank you!

lauren - thank you!

ashley - i did a post about those shirts a few weeks ago! i LOVE them! unfortunately i cannot afford a $55 shirt right now :(

angie- yes they are! thank you so much :) i find dressing in warmer weather very hard, but i'm glad to hear that i'm doing okay so far!

lindsay leboyer - thank you!

haute teapot - thank you so much! xx

Fiamma said...

amazing editorial! thanks for sharing! Following you now :)


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