Wednesday, May 19, 2010

desert heat.

night look - h&m oversized button down; h&m divided black bralet; vintage levi shorts; zara studded bag; forever 21 leopard print belt and watch; bird skull necklace, cross ring, claw ring, and hammered knuckle ring; lowluv x erin wasson bone bracelet and scarab ring via, the extras chain buckle bracelet; jeffrey campbell mariel wedges.

day look - same pieces as the night look, plus: american eagle skinny jeans and asos ankle boots.
see, i told you i was into the safari-/military-influenced style.
this top is a great alternative to the topshop one i've wanted for a while. i wore it with jeans and boots for a more casual day look, and then teamed it with shorts and wedges for night.
thanks karen for finding the bra for me =) like she said, it begs to be worn under a sheer tank or tee, but i love it peeking out of an oversized button down too.

jeffrey campbell mariel wedge review: completely awesome, comfortable, runs a half size small. i purchased them from about a month ago, and they are now sold out. not sure where you can find them now...

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cristina said...

Me gustan las dos combinaciones. Un beso

Bohemian said...

O really like your bag en wedges!

Studded Hearts said...

such a versatile look.
your legs go on for miles lady!


leflassh. said...

both day & night.
i'm loving the military look also.

Bijou's Style said...

I love it with the white shorts!



Eugenia Vela said...

wow, never noticed how long your legs are!!! you look hot! :D

V. said...

u r stunning !! i love ur outfit

Lauren said...

Love the top, great white shorts! x

vv said...

i really like your blog
great post!


fashionclocked said...

such a great look so laid back and stunning at the same time. The white and khaki are so stunnin gtogether and awesome legs too!!!xx
fashion clocked blog

LUU H. said...

the shoes reminds me about miu miu some reasons:)

moded'amour said...

Love your shoes so much, great outfit!

Glamour Bbey. said...

Your legs are gorgeous! Haha :D! Lovely look & love your shorts

Small Town Fashion said...

Your look amazing! Such a great outfit!

Mcmaris said...

Love both the looks from day to night!!! Awesome!


Love that top!

Anonymous said...

I have that same shirt!

It's soooo oversized and great. I just pulled it from the rack without looking at the size and in the fitting room I notice it's a size TWO and was like "this will never fit (I'm an 8) but it fit huge and perfect :)

Marie Z. said...

Love it! You look great! And you have legs that go on forever!

Camilla said...

I adore both these.
awesome Cambell wedges.


Maria said...

your style is wonderful! I love that green top, such a ute look!!

ari said...

OH MY GOD!!! i love your shoes!! i have been wanting to purchase the leopard version, but it's sold out.. I am so BUMMED! you look great girl. so glad to hear the shoes are comfy.

from LA Catrina de LA MOda

Tinja said...

great bag and wedges!

natasha said...

WOW, I absolutely love the first look, you look fantastic! The shoes are amazing and the bright white against the dark green looks great!

Love your blog! :)

sofiasophie said...

amazing wedges...

Macaron au Chocolat said...

love your bag. love your style.
your legs are a dream. *.*

Ali Skye said...

wow you are gorgeous!!

i love this outfit!! you have such great style and i'd wear every single outfit you make a post about!

ali skye

p.s. following you :)

Juanduh. said...


Emilie said...

Love the white shorts and the blouse!

The Serial Dresser said...

can't go wrong with an oversized button down. lovely outfit!

welcometoviolence said...

i love the outfit its looks great with the white pants or shorts their both so cute.

Anonymous said...

are those wedges hard to walk in? are they comfortable?


Taylor said...

you look amazing! Your legs look a mile long! I wish I could wear white jeans. I keep trying, but I have muscular quads and they seem to look huge in them. I am going to keep trying b/c I love them!

ShoesForDessert said...

I'm so jealous at how well you can wear white pants!!! I love those jeffrey campbell wedges


I love both your outfits:)

Viv said...

lovely outfit! i like how the shoes change it up :)

Michelle said...

oh i love those wedges!

Dylana Suarez said...

Amazing blouse!

LaFence said...

Awesome shirt! Like how you shift your outfit easily by changing the pants with the shorts. Love your shoes, too, in both the looks.

Fashionista* said...

gorgeous outfit

Lindsay With An "A" said...

You look fab here! Love the shirt and JC shoes!! xx

Lin said...

loving the dress switch.
I need to do more of that in my life x

kc said...

i love love love the top !



great! u really know how to work this both look!! u are kinda inspiration to me ;)

caylee said...

cristina - gracias!

bohemian - thank you!

studded hearts - thanks yenny! it's an illusion though, i swear! my legs are longer than most, but they're not THAT long, lol :)

leflassh - thank you!

bijou's style - thank you!

eugenia vela - lol thank you!

v - aww thank you! :)

lauren, vv, fashionclocked - thank you guys!

luu h - they do kinda look like the all-black miu mius!

moded'amour - thank you!

glamour bbey - hehe, thank you!

small town fashion, mcmaris, fashion snag - thank you!

anon 11:58 - don't you just love it?! mine's a size 4, i love it big though :)

marie z - i swear they don't go on forever - hehe. but thank you!

camilla, maria - thank you!

ari - thank you! i love the leopard version too. yes, if you do decide to get them, they are completely comfortable and easy to walk in :)

tinja, natasha, sofiasophie, macaron au chocolat - thank you!

ali skye - aww thank you so much! xoxo

juanduh, emilie - thank you!

the serial dresser - no you can't :) thank you!

welcometoviolence - thank you!

anon 10:42 - no and yes :)

taylor - thank you! white is definitely not slimming, but i bet you could pull it off just fine!

shoesfordessert - aww thank you!

ane kamilla - thank you!

viv - thank you! i agree; it's almost always about the shoes when it comes to switching up an outfit!

michelle, dylana suarez, lafence, fashionista, lindsay with an "a" - thank you!

lin - lol, it's quite an easy switch to do! all i had to do was have some shorts and the wedges on hand :) and thank you!

kc - thank you!

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