Tuesday, May 11, 2010

crochet dress.

H&M divided black crochet dress; H&M lace bra and mini skirt (underneath dress); silence & noise boyfriend blazer from urban outfitters; new york & company quilted bag; fashionology.nl bird skull necklace, claw ring, cross ring, and hammered knuckle ring; the extras chain buckle bracelet from karmaloop.com; lowluv x erin wasson bone bracelet via tobi.com; forever 21 watch; asos ankle boots.

this is what i wore on friday; i took my mom out to dinner and a movie for mother's day (awwww). to see a little picture of us from our outing, click here.

you can't see the pattern of this dress but i love it; it has cap sleeves, a flattering empire waist, and of course is black crochet. i bought it last summer when it went on sale and have worn it a few times since then, but have yet to post an outfit with it until now. since it's see-through, i wore my favorite lace triangle bra and a basic cotton mini skirt underneath to prevent unnecessary flashing. actually, in the picture of my mom and i (click link above), you can see a pretty good detail shot of the sleeve. i'll post pictures of the dress without the jacket soon. speaking of which, i keep grabbing this white blazer and throwing it over everything lately.

i could have easily taken these pictures outside, but i just can't seem to leave my beloved brick wall.

hope everyone has a great weekend!

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thehautepursuit said...

hiiiii! Omg. You and your mom look so alike!!! That's crazy. Do you get that a lot?? and caylee, dude, let's see what that dress looks like without the coat!

elora said...

i wish i could see the detailing on the crochet dress. like vanessa said, take off that coat!!!

Neekoh said...

The picture of you and your mom is adorable! And so is that dress. I've really been feeling this style lately, ever since I saw a picture of Giselle in Missoni from 2002. Such a classic, timeless style!


Grübchen said...

Wow, I love your outfit. ♥

leflassh. said...

dress is amaze and i love those boots.
+ i said this already but you and your mum oh so gorgeous! and you totally look like her!

alejandra said...

you and your mom are twinssss!! i love when you wear H&M instead of super expensive brand name things like most bloggers now. You're for sure in my price range ahah


Dylana Suarez said...

the dress is gorgeous! You look like so sexy and chic!


Studded Hearts said...

you and your mum both have the same beautiful eyes!
love your outfit as always.

emily viveur said...

amazing look, i'm a sucker for black and white. love the crocheted dress!

rouli said...

wow!!!!!!!amazing outfit lovely dress and blazer!...but
most of all i love ur shoes!!!!!!!omg!!!!!!




bárbara crespo said...

amazing cayleeeeeeeee!!!!


lamia said...

Great outfit!! you look gorgeous!!

LUU H. said...

love the outfit ! <3

moded'amour said...

Love this outfit, beautiful dress!


Kookie B. said...

oh i love that crochet dress!!! must get one too!

do send me some love over at deathbyplatforms.blogspot.com :)

Francesca said...

i love the silence and noise boyfriend blazer


lekisskiss.blogspot.com <-- Texas gal bloggin fashion from NYC!

Luca Belotti said...

Hey cool blog!
Please visit my blog and tell me what you think about. I hope you'll be one of my followers.

Bye LB



Love that white blazer!



Fabulous crochet dress, you look so adorable in the pictures


PS You are such a sweet daughter :-)

Charlene said...

Great outfit. Gorgeous dress

Small Town Fashion said...

You look great! Love the dress!

V. said...

you look great; this outfit is amazing, i love ur boots-


Camilla said...

Love the dress.


Tinja said...

You look awesome in that mini!

hélène said...

Perfect outfit for the occasion :) Also, your mama looks so young, crazy! Pretty girls :) xxx

Kristiane said...

ooh you have the perfect sense of style! I love every single one of your outfits.

Anonymous said...

lol @ can't leave behind your beloved brick wall.

i love the brick wall!

p.s that photo of you and your mom is so pretty.

Fashion Chalet said...

I love the idea of a white blazer over a black dress. The brown boots and quilted bag are the finishing touches. =)

Can't believe you remember my Valentine's post with the skirt. I took a look back and realized I wore it up on my waist 2" higher then than now.


Mcmaris said...

Love the white blazer over the black!!! Great outfit

stylorectic under medical treatment said...

gorgeous, thanks for your nice comments!i hope you are well, you look like a 10000000 bucks for sure.

Samantha said...

hi! i really like your style. and its great to see another fashionista from indiana! i know there arent very many around in this state. :D


Eli said...

you look fantastic here! so chic

.sabo skirt. said...

fabulous post, we are loving the black knit with the white throw over blazer.. such a perfect combination!

stop by our fashion blog =)

xx .sabo skirt.


LUU H. said...

love the crochet dress ;)

Fashion Drift said...

gorgeous outfit. i love the dress.


caylee said...

thehautepursuit - yes we have always gotten that! she always gets mistaken for my sister. when i was younger, that was like my worst nightmare, haha! as soon as i wear the dress again sans blazer, i'll post pics!

elora - i will soon, promises!

neekoh - thank you! what picture of giselle was it?

grubchen - thank you!

leflassh - thank you again :) xx

alejandra - lol we do look alike! i LOVE me some h&m; that's my favorite store, so you'll always seen me wearing them, along with many other inexpensive brands, since i'm not made of money! :)

dylana suarez - thank you! xx

sutdded hearts - aww thanks yenny :)

emily viveur - thank you! and meeeee too; black and white is always perfect in my book :)

rouli - thank you! these are the best boots everrrrr.

barbara crespo, lamia, luu h., moded'amour - thank you!

kookie b - thank you! i hope you find one.

francesca - thank you!

luca belotti - thank you! i'll try and visit your blog next time i sit down at my computer for a while!

fashion snag, style du monde, charlene, small town fashion, v., camilla, tinja - thank you!

helene - thank you! i thought it worked pretty well for the occasion :) and my mom was my age when she had me (23), so she is pretty young for a mom!

kristiane - thank you so much!

anon 10:42 - lol, i just can't. it's like my signature! haha. if i set up some good lighting around it, it be even better. and thank you :)

fashion chalet - thank you erika! and yes, i have a pretty good memory :) that's good that it looks great no matter how you wear it! xx

mcmaris - thank you!

stylorectic under medical treatment - aww, you're welcome! and thank YOU eszter :) xx

samantha - thank you! and your from indiana? very cool! i hear what you are saying, lol.

eli, sabo skirt, luu h., fashion drift - thank you!

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