Tuesday, May 04, 2010

closet staple: the oversized shirt.

1. H&M divided black - here
2. H&M divided black - here
3. H&M trend - here and here
4. H&M

5. H&M
6. BDG (new)
7. H&M L.O.G.G. - here and here and here
8. H&M divided black - here
9. H&M divided black - here
10. zara - here and here

11. forever 21

12. free people
- here and here and here

i can't think of anything more perfect than the oversized shirt. it preferably is a button down, but either way, it's my go-to top to pair with all of my black skinny pants, shorts, and ankle boots. sometimes it's just so easy to have a daily uniform to fall back on when you're rushed, lacking inspiration, or just want to feel completely comfortable yet stylish; an outfit that you know looks good and works for you, time after time. i also think that oversized shirts flatter all shapes and sizes when worn with a leg-lengthening bottom. plus, you can accessorize to your hearts desire. for this reason, my shirt collection multiplies like rabbits.

do you have a silhouette that you lean towards?


Lori said...

i own so many oversized shirts as well, most of them are thrift and soo soft. pretty much wear them the same way- with skinny jeans/shorts and ankle boots. perfect combo

Star-Light said...

Cool Shirts!

Great Post!

mademoisellehannah said...

I definitely rely on the silhouette of a high-waisted skirt, tank, and cardigan. I'm trying to branch out, but once I put together my signature look, it's so easy to fall back on it day after day.

Believe it or not, I don't own a single oversized shirt! Yours look deliciously comfortable. :)

glamirrorous.com said...

When I think of over sized shirts, I always have to think of movies, the scene where a woman is wearing a guys shirt after a night with him!
The woman always looks so damn hot! Maybe that's why I love over sized shirt?! Because they are so sexy. But why is it than that I just have one in my closet? I need to buy more! ^^

xoxo Sandra

leluca said...

Love the idea of a "uniform" but I lack the co-ordination for anything as organised as that!

Contempo Ingenue said...

yes i definitely tend to lean towards oversized (batwing) shirts, with leggings, and giant wedges although recently i have been making more of an effort to incorporate more button downs into my wardrobe, in my mind it's less causal and more "office appropriate"? haha oh well baby steps!

the contemporary ingenue

xoxo E&L


I love oversized shirts! x


Lindsay LeBoyer said...

I love oversized shirts!! You can pair them with so many things, great post!


Small Town Fashion said...

I completely agree! One can never have enough over sized button downs!

Devon said...

How fabulous! x

cocorosa said...

Love your shirt collection!! I totally have to shop more oversized shirts too!! <3

anneorshine said...

I've been so into the oversize tops. In fact I've been going through my husband's closet!


leflassh. said...

best thing ever.
love over-sized shirts. easiest thing on put on + really does go with everything.
awesome awesome. and wow you have so many!!

Dylana Suarez said...

Yes, the oversized shirt is the ultimate closet staple!


moded'amour said...

I would love to see your whole closet,

nice shirt collection!

MARTA said...

love the colours!

LUU H. said...

so true! toobad that i dont have many of them;(

LaFence said...

Totally agree with you!. Oversized shirts are a perfect base to a great outfit. If you want it to look stylish just add some cool accessories, and if you want to look basic yet cool, you can just wear the shirt as it is and a pair of skinny jeans. I do all the time :)

Folu said...

I feel like oversized shirts are a modern must have because they are universally flattering for so many styles- preppy, girly, tough etc etc

fashionclocked said...

Most defiantely a staple- I love the silhouette- skinny jeans and oversized shirt or bare legs and encompassing dress... also a fan of the chunkiest wedge to top it off.xx
Love the cobweb like knits of the previous post.... heaven.
would love you to call by. katie.xxx

fashion clocked

Karen said...

Your so right about oversized shirts. Or oversized anything top wise and skinny bottom wise.

Thanks. You may have just helped me pick what to wear tomorrow.

Karen x

Emilie said...

I love oversized shirts!

rk hall said...

I love oversized shirts as well! Forgiving and comfy. I love the style too. :)

xx rk


Tinja said...

loving comfy, oversized things... love long shirts i can wear as dresses with leggings and great boots!

Ernest B. said...

Couldn't agree more about the safety net that a "uniform" provides! I mean, uniformed stylish thoughts are the way of the future in my opinion. Some of the great designers stick to the same look as they know it will garner the same rave reviews. I always love the look of a slim black blazer, wht crew t-shirt, super skinny jeans and black oxfords. At least twice a week I wear this and always feel I'm ready to take over the world.


Ernest B.

caylee said...

lori - i wish there was a good thrift store near me, so i could buy all kinds of cool secondhand tops too.

star-light - thank you!

madmoisellehannah - that's a pretty good uniform if you ask me! i don't think there's anything wrong with falling back on the same look day after day. it's YOUR style =)

glamirrorous.com - that definitely adds to the allure of the oversized shirt! i think oversized is more sexy than skintight.

leluca - as organized as what, my closet? it doesn't look like this! i cleared off a whole side to shoot my shirts like this lol. it's usually one big mess. but i still know exactly where my oversized shirts are, so i can easily grab them =)

contempo ingenue - i think that button downs are less casual too, but also more sexy - you can unbutton a few down the front to show off a lace bra (not that that's office appropriate, LOL)

fashion snag - meeeee too!

lindsay leboyer - exactly! and thank you =)

small town fashion - never!

devon - thank you!

cocorosa - thank you chantal! i am always buying more and more oversized shirts.

anneorshine - great idea!

leflassh - yes! love them so much. and i don't think i have enough, haha.

dylana suarez - i knew you would agree! xx

moded'amour - i really want to do a closet tour, but not until my room makeover is finished. i'd love to see YOUR whole closet too!

marta - thank you!

luu h - you should definitely get more to add to your wardrobe!

lafence - so glad you agree with me completely!

folu - yes, exactly.

fashionclocked - gotta top it all off with a chunky shoe, whether it's a wedge or boot =)

karen - lol, you're welcome! oversize top + skinny bottom + chunky shoe = daily uniform

rk hall - that's one of the main reasons why i love them - so forgiving, especially when you drink diet coke all day, haha!

tinja - me too =)

ernest b - i wouldn't be able to function if i didn't have a uniform to fall back onto! and i agree about the whole designer thing - do what you know, what you love, what others love, and if it's not broke, don't fix it. haha! your uniform sounds damn good. i love how both of us could wear the same thing everyday and still feel ready to take over the world! xx

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