Tuesday, April 27, 2010

your faith has got to be greater than your fear.

H&M army jacket; H&M divided black nude tee (underneath bodysuit) and high-waist skinny pants; forever 21 lace bodysuit and watch; fashionology.nl bird skull necklace, hammered knuckle ring, cross ring, and claw ring; chrishabana triple spike necklace; the extras buckle chain bracelet; marc by marc jacobs pyramid stud bracelet; lowluv x erin wasson bone bracelet courtesy of tobi.com; topshop addison suede wedge boot.

outfit posts have been few and far between thanks to my photographer/boyfriend working 50-60 hour weeks. today i sucked it up and took these pictures myself. they're less than desired (a little blurry), but hey, here's my new favorite pair of shoes! my first order off topshop.com was a success.
review of the addison boot: very comfortable, excellent quality, and runs true to size (i'm an 8; i went up to an 8.5 so i could wear socks with them).

also received my lowluv x erin wasson jewelry from tobi.com in record time (i'm talking like two days) - thanks again guys! i'm wearing the bone bracelet above; unfortunately the ring i got was too big, so i sent it back for a smaller size.
be sure you check out tobi for everything from alexander wang to free people and cheap monday, and of course their amazing selection of wasson's new jewelry collection.



MARTA said...

Great style! :)

Dylana Suarez said...

Okay, so your jacket is pretty much amazing! And those shoes are spectacular. Nice mix of utility and feminine.

FashionHippieLoves said...

lovely shoes!


leflassh. said...

ooohh you got those shoooessss.
i wanted those so bad!
they look so sick.
in love with your jacket also.
+++ you did an awesome job with the self time ;)

A Shopaholic is loose said...

Love this outfit! ;-)

Hugs from
A Shopaholic is loose...

LUU H. said...

haha,ididnt see the difference ! y are a great photographer :P

Nerdic.. said...

Love this!!
Want your shoes!
x fashionnerdic

Charlene said...

You look great. I saw those shoes in topshop had my eye on them for a while now they are gorgeous

Star-Light said...

Great Style!
Gorgeous Shoes :)

Maya said...

love the army jacket!

Anonymous said...

caylee, i love how you take the time to list out the details of your outfits! i know how repetitive that can get! you are much appreciated<333

anneorshine said...

wow love those shoes and awesome outfit. I just came across your blog. loving it and following =)


Mikaela said...

Those wedges look so great on you!


Contempo Ingenue said...

photos came out great! and those booties are really cute on you! and i am definitely also in love with wasson's jewelry line there are so many pieces i'm lusting after!

the contemporary ingenue

xoxo E&L

fashionclocked said...

Gorgeous-love the whole look and the boots are great too! taking own shot is a little tiring but fun !



Love the wedges!


Karen said...

I tried on those shoes. Looked like crap on me.

LOVE em on you.

Karen x

Glamour Bbey. said...

Great look! Love your top

The Jazzy Belle said...

great pics of you.. love the shoes

Sara. said...

those shoes are ahhh mazing:)

N.K.L said...

Nice outfit... like the shoes !

Macaron au Chocolat said...

omgosh, love that look.
the shoes are just adorable.

Martha said...

Lurrrve the outfit, perfect spring dressing <3

Lainey said...

Those Topshop wedges are intense. I like the color though.

Fashion Monstre said...

those wedges are AMAZINGGGG!!!

Carrie said...

love those wedges!!!

xo, carrie


Anonymous said...

cool look =)

Fashion By He said...

gorgeous wedges!! amazing!! love the lace, you always look beautiful, love your style

can we exchange links??



Jony said...

Love the combination of the sweet lace and the tough jacket!

Nicole Jarecz said...

you are too cute

kiss from your new follow from detroit/paris!!


Hope said...

this is greattttt.... the first picture is especially cute, great pose to show off those sick topshop booties... also i love the lace top under the military jacket. soo good.

John Malvin said...

I love the texture of suede shoes. You look great overall! I can't wait to see what you do next.

Domonique said...

I was checking them out last night, thanks for the info on comfortability! The shade is gorgeous!


Emma said...

haven't been on your blog in agessssssss

still its lovely! love the style


Fashion Chalet said...

This has to, without a doubt, be my favorite outfit of yours so far. You stayed true to the form of Caylee's layers and neutrals but the simple mixing in of the forest green, lace and nude wedge platforms is SUPERB! :)

That jacket is amazing as are the shoes.


Wendy said...

Love the olive green military jacket!

Rumi said...

Ooh I haven't seen those Topshop wedges on anyone yet, I love them they almost look furry?? What ring did you order? I have the snake one and think it's my new favorite..


caylee said...

marta - thank you babe! xx

dylana suarez - thank you! i'm wearing this jacket to death lately; i love it so much. and i can tell i'll be doing the same to these shoes =)

fashionhippieloves - thank you!

leflassh - i did, i did, after stalking them for weeks, haha. really wanting the black ones now
and thank you...it's time to get a remote though!

a shopaholic is loose - thank you!

luu h. - well that's good to hear; thank you! i'm thinking the self-timer isn't so bad after all =)

nerdic - thank you! they remind me of all of your nude shoes you're always wearing =)

charlene - thank you! me too; i went to the website and looked at these shoes almost daily before finally just giving in. i'm glad i did!

star-light, maya - thank you!

anon 7:14 - hey, no problem at all! i'll always list all of the details, no matter how time consuming/repetitive it gets =)

anneorshine - thank you for the compliments, and for following me!

mikaela - thank you!

contempo ingenue - thank you! i pretty much want her entire jewelry line now. i love the aztec/egyptian influences.

fashionclocked - thank you! it's so tiring, and even annoying, but worth it in the end =)

fashion snag - thank you!

karen - aww i'm sorry! maybe it was just the color..i bet the black ones would look amazing on you. and thank you =) xx

glamour bbey, the jazzy belle, sara., n.k.l., martha - thank you!

lainey - oh they are intense. i'll be getting a lot of stares in indianapolis, haha, but i don't care; i love them so much!

fashion monstre, carrie, anon 10:16 - thank you!!

fashion by he - thank you; you're always so nice =)

jony - thank you! i love the conrast too =)

nicole jarecz - aww thank you!! kiss <3

hope - thank you! i thought that first pic showed off the shoes quite nicely too, lol.

john malvin - thank you! the texture is one of my favorite things about these shoes, along with the wedge and the color. i have lots of fun outfits/pictures in store for spring and summer =)

domonique - no prob! the color is fantastic. did you end up getting them?!

emma - aww welcome back! and thank you very much =)

fashion chalet - wow erika, thank you! you ALWAYS bring a smile to my face. i can't wait for you to get the H&M maxi dress!

wendy - thank you! olive green has to be one of my favorite shades at the moment.

rumi - thank you! lol, yeah they do look furry here; of course in real life they are just an incredibly soft suede, so soft that i find myself petting them. and i ordered the pyramid knuckle ring in a size too big, but instead of exchanging it for the smaller size, i went ahead and got the silver scarab ring. i've always been a tad obsessed with egypt, ever since grade school. and the snake ring was sold out on tobi, otherwise i would have gotten it! it's so damn cool.

Viv said...

loooove those shoes, and your jewelry is awesome as well! your style is awesome :)


Tinja said...

WOW amazing shoes!

Carla said...

I love the wedges. :) And your accessories are awesome. :)


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