Saturday, April 17, 2010

the softer side.

free people oversize button down shirt; H&M garden collection bow belt shorts; H&M lace bra and black stone ring; forever 21 socks, chain bracelet, and watch; chrishabana triple spike necklace; marc by marc jacobs pyramid stud bracelet; hammered knuckle ring, claw ring, and cross ring; zara bag; nine west sandals (very old).

indiana is heating up fast - thursday it got up to 84°F, woah (and i layed out, can't you tell?). it's like we have decided to skip spring in favor of summer. and truthfully, i kind of dread dressing for spring and summer. i'm more of a layers/jeans/dark colors/boots kinda girl; i always get stuck trying to figure out what to wear on hot, humid days, and then normally go for a shirt-and-shorts combination.
but there are so many new ways to update my summer silhouette, ways that still match my personal style (like these spring trends). now i'm feeling a lot less dreadful, and a little more excited.

this is what i like to call the softer side of caylee, hehe. barely any black!
it's all about having fun with fashion, yet staying true to yourself.


Studded Hearts said...

i like this softer side of you!
more of this please <3

Fashion Drift said...

lovely outfit.

Glamour Bbey. said...

Awesome look! Its perfect! Love the shorts and shirt


Those shorts look so cute on you as do the socks with sandals. x

Star-Light said...

Beautiful Outfit :)

Zepequeña said...

You look stunning!


Cille said...

Pretty, pretty, pretty. You are really making be consider those beautiful shorts.

Love your blog by the way!

Robyn said...

It IS hard to dress during the summer; layers definitely make it easier to switch things up and make old outfits look fresh and new, and obviously those aren't summer options. I love how you've done it here, though, and I REALLY love that Free People shirt. I love oversized button downs that flow- beautiful!

Following you on bloglovin' btw. :)


stilettostetico said...

WOoow AND I have to say that I really like the way this immaculate aesthetics sounds utterly "Vavavoooooooomesque" with legs like yours Dear !!! "Casual Sexyness" at its Best . . .

à Bientôt, Antoine

Alejandra said...

Ooh I love this post! I can totally see you got some color! Jealousss

Melissa said...

I have these shorts too! I adore them. You look great!

Song of Style said...

hello darling, i absolutely love the neutral colors
and i am in love with that top......

Alice In Fashionland said...

I really like this, it looks very chilled and layed back, yet stylish.

D. said...


LUU H. said...

love ! i want heat too ;) darn norway !

Jony said...

These colors look great on you!! Lovely outfit dear..


You look great!


MaryWhitney said...

How I really like it *-* you look very cute =) Lovely
Much Love MaryWhitney


Donna Li said...

I love the neutrals on you! So pretty.

Fashion Chalet said...

You look great in white. Love the Spring/Summer '10 look on you, C! :)


leflassh. said...

these colours suit you so well!
def more of this in the future!
shorts are amazing.

Elizabeth said...

i love your style!! :)


The Fashion Cloud said...

Those shorts look great on on and amazing worn so high!!



Simple but fab:)
great combination all white with your black hair.

Have a great sunday!


Jessica said...

this is gorgeous!!!! simple but so fabulous :)

Emi Troy said...

Love the simple chicness of the outfit! Gorgeous!

xx Emi

MARTA said...

love your socks colour sweety!!!
the style is perfect.... Actually You are perfect !!! :)

EvitaMe said...

Beautiful look!!! =)

The Cheeky girl said...

you have a really great style
and amazing legs


Melanie M said...

I totally adore this - it has the perfect ethereal feel to it! You look stunning! :)


Paulina said...

the short look amazing on you

Karen said...

Another great outfit. What a sick shirt.

I remember those Nine West shoes. They look soooo good with socks.

Karen x

shopahallic said...

never would i think to put socks with this outfit but it looks positively amazing, you are so great at taking risks.

fantastic outfit.


Emilie said...

Amazing outfit!
Love it!

LITTLE_B_ said...

you look so lovely and chic!!!!

elora said...

fall/winter > spring/summer for sureeee. but i love this outfit. i've gotta try socks and heels once i find some lace socks.

Rosalyn said...

totally feeling the socks and sandals look right now x

jessie said...

oh, shiitake mushrooms, am i glad i fell onto your blog. your style is delicious inspiration.

Ali Skye said...



i love love loooveeee the bag and shoes!

Ali Skye

Rachel said...

just found your blog and i'm lovin your style!
that oversized shirt is soo cute!

Taylor Sterling said...

hey sweetie! I have those shorts too and in blue! Love this outfit on you!! xx

Juanduh. said...

amazing blog.
i love it.

Blicious said...

love this softer side of you! haha so pretty!


Rachel said...

I can't wait to see more of your spring ensembles. I LOVE muddy neutrals on you. It contracts so well against your mermaid like hair.

Frickys said...

I could not help myself to comment on this outfit! The all-white outfit is a WOW, new side of you but totally amazing!!!

Donna said...

I love this, It's really simple & nice.

Meg said...

love this look on you!!! :)


Tinja said...

Love your look! killer legs... :)

caylee said...

studdedhearts - lol, ok! =)

fashion drift, glamour bbey, fashion snag, star-light, zepequena - thank you!

cille - you should definitely get them. they're pretty and soft and flattering =)

robyn - exactly. but i'm the kind of person who doesn't mind wearing the same kinds of things everyday, so shorts and some sort of oversized/tee top like this one are likely to be my summer uniform!

stilettostetico - thank you!

alejandra - thank you =) and i did get some color! i don't like being too dark, so i probably won't be laying out again for a while, haha.

melissa - don't you love them?! thank you!

song of style - thanks aimee! xx

alice in fashionland, d - thank you!

luu h. - aww i hope it warms up there soon!

jony, a piece of passion, marywhitney, donna li - thank you!

fashion chalet - thanks erika!

leflassh - thanks ladyyy!

elizabeth - thank you!

the fashion cloud - thank you! i think they could be worn either up high on the natural waist, or down on your hips, but i bought them in a smaller size so i could wear them higher.

alexa-alexandra, jessica, emi troy - thank you!

marta - thank you as always miss marta =)

evitame, the cheeky girl, melanie m, paulina - thank you!

karen - thank you! just saw your most recent blog post where you're wearing them =) i mean, they are so comfy with socks it's not even funny!

shopahallic - wow thanks! i feel like i'm one person who never take risks, lol, but the socks with shoes trend is something i can see myself doing a lot this summer.

emilie, little_b_ - thank you!

elora - yes yes yes. & thank you! can't wait to see you try it.

rosalyn - meee too =)

jessie - lol you are cracking me up!! thank you.

ali skye - thank you so much!

rachel - thank you!

taylor sterling - ohh the blue ones are so pretty. thanks taylor! xx

juanduh, blicious, rachel, frickys, donna, meg, tinja - thank you guys!!

Kookie B. said...

oh caylee, i'm loving this outfit so much!!!! i want a shirt like yours too!!!

Ashley said...

Love the socks with the heels! I've been layering knee socks + boots, I think this look could be next...

caylee said...

kookie b.- thanks girl! xx

ashley - knee high socks with boots look so good. you should definitely try this combo out too!

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