Thursday, April 22, 2010

coachella ella ella.

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no i didn't go, and while i'm a rock girl through and through (this rock festival back in 2006 was by far the best one i've ever been to), i can appreciate all types of music, and i do love bands like muse, mgmt and phoenix, so i'd love to attend coachella one day.
for now though, i'll just enjoy the fashion.

notables: lace, cutoffs, ankle boots, parkas, stripes, crochet, see-through, midriffs, metallics, lingerie as outerwear, brown accessories; kate bosworth for best dressed (pic 5/6); model/blogger hanneli (pic 10); and girl in last picture wearing what could be described as the perfect summer outfit.


Studded Hearts said...

would love to go someday too!
2nd look is my favourite <3

June Paski said...

I love kate bosworth outfit, she never wear wrong clothes


leflassh. said...

yep! me too for going one day ahah.
love all these.
kate is such a beauty.

FESI said...

Love it.

xx fesi-fashion

Blondie said...

nice post love it!!!!=)=)


Love the outfits.

Maria Avellaneda said...

Meet me at Bonnarooo! It will be better :)

Stephanie said...

Love it!
wish I could've gone to coachella this year :-/...oh well hopefully next year!

Love your blog ;-)


Dylana Suarez said...

Every look here is soooooooooo good!

V. said...

perfect !!! everything is Awesome !!!

Marie Z. said...

I love these photos! And all of the outfits
: )

fashionclocked said...

Sooo many bloody brilliant outfits great post bring on coachella 2011! X katie

Alice In Fashionland said...

I need to go to some festival one day to make use of the great outfit opportunity.

Love those outfits.

Lainey said...

Kate Bosworth was my fave throughout the entire weekend. She just does Coachella so well. I plan on attending next year. Will definitely be saving up for it.

Bird said...

i would LOVE to go... looks amazing and the fashion is incredible. thank u for this pose i love it!!

Fashion Chalet said...

That time of year I'm most inspired by .. other than FW! ;)

Yeah, it's funny because I kept trying on all these outfits for my trip and when I finally decided on the blazer one, I showed it to my Mom and she really liked it. Then I thought you would wear something just like it. See? Blogging does inspire one another! ;)


SoFranni Finesse said...

love your blog, so cute!


Sara said...

great post, i would love to go someday!
love your blog.

Jony said...

Great inspiration, wish I was there!!!

A Shopaholic is loose said...

Lovely blog! And I like your blogger-name... ;-D

Hugs from
A Shopaholic is loose...

Emilie said...

Great pics!
I would love to go someday!

The Fashion Cloud said...

Love this post!! thanks for sharing

I just wanted to let you know that I have featured one of your outfits in my latest post :

Hope you enjoy it!!

Tinja said...

liking it, especially hanneli mustaparta looks fab :)

Black Widow said...

lovely outfits!

style baro said...

I love it so much! Great looks!

Grace said...

It seems the fashion was better than the lineup this year.

Love Grace.

that girl lucy said...

theres no way i could go, but the fashion almost makes up for it
i need that black crochet(?) top in the second cobrasnake pic!
just posted it actually ;)
and go kate for best dressed!

Yary and Sary said...

loving all the photos.. and all the oufits in them.

Elizabeth said...

great photos! love all of the fashion!


Tania said...

I was about to angrily say "I HATE YOU! I WANTED TO GO" but then I actually read what you said :D Either way, such awesome fashion!

caylee said...

glad to see you guys liked this little dose of summer inspiration.


studdedhearts - let's go together!

june paski - never =)

leflassh - come to the US and let's go!

maria avellaneda - lol, i would if i could!

dylana suarez - agreed.

alice in fashionland - i love going to festivals in my city during the summer, of course for the music, but it's a definite plus that you get to to wear cool little outfits =)

lainey - mine too. coachella fashion suits her so well, doesn't it? and you're so lucky! good luck saving =)

fashion chalet - i feel like i definitely need outfit inspiration when it comes to summer, and coachella is where it's at. and you know i'm all about the blazers! is yours the black one with the gold buttons? i love that one. blogging definitely inspires! xx

the fashion cloud - thanks for the feature! it's actually really cool seeing all those bloggers side-by-side wearing that jacket.

grace - lol, well the indie scene is not really favorite kind of music; i've never heard/heard of the majority of the bands on the list, but i agree that the fashion was kick ass!

that girl lucy - i think that crochet top is H&M; i've seen something almost identical to it in my store.

tania - lol, that is why the first thing i wrote is that i didn't go; i didn't want people to get confused =) but yes, awesome fashion!

Yve said...

Festival fashion is the best!


Wanderlusting said...

Is that Dunst in the stripes?

I went to Coachella (had a blast, of course, couldn't pass up TCV and FNM) and saw that girl, turned to my bf and said "Pretty sure we just walked past Kirsten Dunst."

Saw Ryan Gosling at the gas station lol. And model Devon Aoki (or however you spell it).

caylee said...

wanderlusting - looks an awful lot like her, but i don't think it is. maybe though? i saw a picture of her from coachella wearing a cream colored mini dress. so awesome that you got to go though! sounds like you saw a lot of cool people too =)

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