Thursday, March 25, 2010

while you're waiting.

still rounding up all of my vacation pictures, so here's some random thoughts and inspiration in the meantime.
(source - knighttcat)
quite possibly the greatest picture i've ever seen. can't stop staring at it. and abbey's wearing the low luv x erin wasson cross pendant necklace, mmmmm.

(source - lefashion, carolinesmode)
oh you guys already know what i love - details details details. i spy a gorgeous balenciaga bra peeking out and really cool holes on that zara tee, yessss.
(source - carolinesmode)
dream wedge boots. acne f/w 2010. start saving for them now?
(source - carolinesmode, alltheprettybirds)
i would not say no to this isabel marant vest or coat. despite being fur, for some reason it just screams spring. must be the green!

(source - vanillascented, lorisshoes)
just purchased these two pieces (H&M divided black jacket, jeffrey campbell mariel wedges via can't wait to wear them; probably together =)

(source - unknown)
chanel temporary tattoos take accessorizing to the next level.

(source - tumblr)
speaking of tattoos, i'd love to get a real one under my upper arm (although - ouch).

(source- fashiongonerogue)
i have every single magazine i've ever purchased since 1999. yes, 1999. hoarder much? haha, i just can't bear to part with them. this excludes the ones i've chopped up to make mood boards, but i bet i could make piles and piles of them like in this picture.

(source - columbinesmille, carolinesmode)caroline and columbine always wear what i want to wear. i've been leaning towards lots of casual sporty looks and nude pieces lately.

(source - tumblr)
i was looking around for new ways on how to wear my army green parka when i came across this - not usually into pattern mixing but floral and stripes AND army green look incredible together. definitely stepping out of my comfort zone but well worth it. what are some other combinations you guys are into right now?

(source - knighttcat, fashiongonerogue)
another thing i really want to for spring is a trenchcoat - again, i'm scared because it's more dressy and conservative than i usually like, but it's just clothes, and i think that you should always have fun with it and try new things. just might be adding one to my spring wardrobe.

(source - fashiongonerogue, tumblr, studdedhearts)and i don't really have any explanation for these photos; they're just incredibly beautiful and inspiring.

the end. =)
p.s. don't forget to SHOP if you seek style!



I love your images.

leflassh. said...

awesome photos.
and i pretty much want everything you want.
those acne wedges omg so good.

emilypanda said...

love these photos you decided to post! Makes me want to go shopping...

i also used to hoard my mags, but since being more into the enviro the last few years I recycle all but a few every year!

Maya said...

love the pics! all are awesomest!

A Good Girl said...

okay, get out of my head please? EVERYTHING in this post totally got to me.

xx goodgirlgoneblogged

Sophiemei said...

really beautiful collection of ur inspiration!! amazing acne boots and love the last one photo!

Emily Troy said...

I loved this post! The pictures and inspirations were amazing!
Oh and I want that jacket and those wedges too!!

xx Emily

Clara said...

lovely blog!!

dayna stephanie said...

i love those acne wedges. i want! & i always loved stripes.. that striped blazer from h&m is lovely. @ BCBG, where i work, we have a thin black & white striped shirt like that. it's gorgeous.

Suzanne said...

I LOVE those black wedges, you'll have to post about them letting us know if they're comfortable! xo

veronica<3 said...

I love these photos & your blog
Xo Veronica

Contempo Ingenue said...

Wow I'm kind of obsessed with every single image you posted, you have such great taste caylee!

I am definitely looking forward to an outfit post with your new acquistions, I love those jc wedges

the contemporary ingenue

xoxo E&L

Anonymous said...

I love that you write your thoughts after each picture. Most bloggers just post the pics up without writing anything. Although the pictures are appealing to the eyes, writing your thoughts gives you much more character and let's your readers get a feel for your taste/interests/etc. Just recently came across your blog and I love your style!

Walk The Sand said...

LOVE these images. Acne footwear will forever be in my heart. Too good.

elora said...

i also have every magazine i've ever owned, including like a bajillion seventeen mags from the 90s and a few australian teen magazines from my trip in 97. and i feel the same exact way about trench coats. i love preppy clothes but can't incorporate them into my style. YET.

can't wait to see vacation photos, by the way.

Anonymous said...

i always like the images your pick out =)

katkas said...

love all this!!

Andi said...

Great images - those boots are definitely save-worthy...

Maria said...

Oh I love all the photos in this post. Such inspiring! You've got great taste.

Viscous n Hsieh Original said...

Great choice! I love your blog!

Jessica said...

Great blog, i really love eveything you post on here
I bookmarked you, so i'll be back lol !
Drop me a line if you'd like to exchange links

joana said...

great post and gathering of photos

Margaret said...

great post!!
so much inspiration in there
stop by some time xx

MARTA said...

very inspiring :)

Editor said...

Glad to know I'm not the only one who hoards magazines! My prize possession is the September 1993 issue of American Vogue. 1993, baby!


caylee said...

emily panda - i recycle the ones i cut up!

a good girl - lol, sorry!

suzanne - will do!

contempo ingenue - aww thank you! i'll surely be doings lot of outfit posts with the wedges =)

anon 2:30 - thank you so much! i hope to do posts like this more often.

elora - sadly most of my older ones are like seventeen and TEEN, not something cool like vogue =( and if you get a trenchcoat, i'll get a trenchcoat! lol.

editor - lol, you aren't! and you definitely have me beat there. my "oldest" vogue is like 2005 =(

stylestalker said...

love your images

Olivia° said...

the thing about your magazines, dont worry, i'm exactly the same. Every magazine i've bought since 2004 (i'm a bit younger than you ^^) i still have... I dont knwo where to put them anymore!!

x Olivia

Cure Acne said...

Although the pictures are appealing to the eyes, writing your thoughts gives you much more character and let's your readers get a feel for your taste or interests or so on.

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