Friday, March 12, 2010

columbine x H&M garden collection.

wasn't going to post until tomorrow, but i just couldn't help myself - it's columbine in H&M's latest fashion video for the new garden collection! columbine is one of my absolute favorite swedish bloggers (and she's elin kling's assistant...hellooooo perfect job). i love putting a voice and a personality to a face, and with her it's no exception. it makes me think that every blogger should do a video, even me. but i promise you, i'm nowhere near as adorable as columbine.

hope you enjoy this as much as i did!


Studded Hearts said...

beautiful girl.
beautiful collection.

Dylana said...

Thanks for sharing this! The collection looks amazing! And now I know about this gorgeous blogger!

Angela said...

gorgeous collection!!! love it!

Vanja Loncar said...

I agree, she's sweet.
And I'm following her blog too, but I don't like that she doesn't have English translation :-/

leflassh. said...

she is so adorable!!
thanks for posting lady.
would love to see you do a vid i'm sure your just as cute ;)


Beautiful collection and great video! xo

Alexander Wang Freja Booties at

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

I am a follower of her blog, thank you so much for sharing this video! It is so cool to hear her voice!

Lainey said...

You have NO idea! I absolutely cannot wait for this collection!

CATI said...

i love this video! columbine is stunning

Birgitte said...

LOveee the garden collection! I bought a tshirt of it with pink flowers on it! I love to wear it with a beige blazer!

xoxo Birgitte

gih said...

Great collection. But I think that's too expensive.

caylee said...

dylana - glad to introduce you to your new favorite swedish blogger! hehe =)

vanja loncar - i just translate her text using google translate - works everytime!

gih - H&M is always pretty inexpensive - there are some things in the garden collection as as low as $10! just depends on what piece you want.

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