Tuesday, March 30, 2010


H&M divided black sheer button down, target polka dot bandeau bikini top; forever 21 skinny jeans, headband, silver bracelets, and watch, fashionology.nl cross necklace, bird skull necklace, hammered knuckle ring, claw ring, and cross ring (on thumb); CHRISHABANA triple spike necklace via karmaloop; marc by marc jacobs pyramid stud bracelet; H&M stone ring; nine west wedges (from last summer).

does my title remind anyone of the fun orthodontic hardware some of us had to don as a preteen? haha. this headband beats one of those contraptions any day. it has a really cool wrapped chain on the back that i forgot to photograph. some people love the headband on me, some don't, but i'm sure it will come in handy in hot weather and for bad hair days.
i felt compelled to shoot and post an outfit i wore while on vacation (note the bikini top underneath - i recreated it down to the last detail). it looks a lot like this that i wore a while back. actually, it looks a lot like what i wear everyday. =)
can you tell the tops of my arms and neck are still a little burnt from said vacation?

permanently on my fingers are the hammered knuckle ring and claw ring from fashionology.nl, and rachel, the girl behind the my favorite jewelry shop on the web, sent me over a care package full of goodies, which included the cross and birdskull necklaces you see on me in this post, and the cross ring on my thumb that i've wanted since the beginning of time (well almost).
THANK YOU rachel - you rock!

i did fun little an interview with lori over at closer look, be sure to check it out HERE. she added a true blood question in there because she knows i'm a huge fan; love it!

one more thing...a few weeks ago, i talked about these super plush dr. scholls socks that i wear with all of my ankle boots - and i've found a picture of them for you. they are called "soft spa socks with gripper bottoms" and they are essentially slippers; probably for your grandma but i don't care. i bought mine at wal-mart and i'm sure you can find them at any old retailer. they really do make my heeled boots more comfortable. i'm not wearing them in this post, as they are certainly not meant to be seen and therefore better for closed-toe shoes, but i hope this helps all who wanted to know.

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Contempo Ingenue said...

super cute, and i LOVE your "headgear" i've been on a prowl for a mini turban myself for the exact reasons you cited. definitely missed your outfits posts while you were on vacation!

the contemporary ingenue

xoxo E&L

Tenny said...

really love all the jewelry and cute interview!



I love the jewelry and the jeans!


ANDY said...

you look gorgeous :)


ShoesForDessert said...

I love your jeans and wedges!

Wish you'd wear more color :)

Anonymous said...

interview was great! it's nice to learn more about our favie bloggers.

thanks for posting the info on those socks. i have so many heeled boots that are a pain to wear.

Nikki Ashley said...

so simple but i love it!

Song of Style said...

love,love,love the shoes!!!
and u can never go wrong with dark jeans.. they're my fav..

coy colleen said...

this is a hot look i love all the accessories mixed in with such a simple blouse/jeans outfit

Taylor Sterling said...

i love your edgy style girl! The blouse is amazing!

fashion-swings said...

so cute, love the headwrap.

thehautepursuit said...

DAMN! you do blouses and jeans like no other :) you make me want to throw on my navy skinnies and a sheer black blouse.....mmmm

inkarlcerating said...

love this
i want yer jeans

Lucy said...

I really love this look!! FAB.

Karina said...

i like it!

Everyone loves fashion said...

this is brilliant from head to toe :)

Emily Troy said...

Love the outfit! It's perfect! You look amazing!

xx Emily


sasha b. said...

i love the color of those jeans.. they fit you so perfectly! wish i had your long legs :(

Lori said...

hey caylee!

love the outfit! i agree with vanessa, you do blouses + jeans like no other
thanks for posting about the interview ;)

Glamour Bbey. said...

Love the shoes!

LUU H. said...

simple and nice ; )

Alice In Fashionland said...

That's some pretty cool headgear!

Patty said...

Your jewelry selection is fantastic!

districtstock said...

love your shoes and headgear!

Stace said...

really awesome headgear, and love the bangles!

great blog xx

that girl lucy said...

the headbanmd looks gorgeous on you
killer outfit, i love fashionolgy!

fadetoblack said...

i think this is the first time ive visited so i applogize!! ;)

you look sizzling!!

Devon said...

You look gorgeous as always (that headgear is to die for) xx

Robyn said...

I like the headband a lot! I did a post a few days ago about turbans for summer, and I like this "half-turban, half-headband" option even better.


fairytale taffeta said...

love love love the head piece!! and the jewelry is all gorg



Deanna W said...

I love love love your blog. Your style is so me right now. Are you a fan of Balmain too?
That's awesome that you live in Indiana and are so fashionable. I have a lot of family there and I'm actually visiting them this summer, near Evansville.

Hope you can check out my blog: http://acaliforniadreamer.blogspot.com/
I gave you some praise recently on it.

Sophiemei said...

love shoes, it's chic casual look! gorgeous

Clara said...

lovely look
great blog!

EricaDanielle said...

very cute! just wondering... whenever i see pictures of people wearing this kind of headband, they never show the back of their head! Is it over all of the hair? or is it underneath some hair..? And either way... how does it not slip off your head?

caylee said...


shoesfordessert - i'm going to dabble in light nude colors for spring =)

fadetoblack - no worries! but thank you so much! xx

robyn - i like it better than a full-on turban too.

deanna w - thank you so so much! i'm a huge balmain fan! of course i'll never own a piece of his work, but i can emulate the balmain look whenever i please (and i often do!) indiana doesn't have many people interest in fashion does it? =) and thanks for the love in your "favorite fashion blogger outfits of the moment"!

ericadanielle - the headband gradually gets smaller and smaller as you go around to the back of it and it ends in a little knot. and it does slip up and down often, but the knot in the back helps keep it in place, and so does placing it down on my head a little further. and you could always use bobby pins to help keep it up!

The Style Professor said...

As always Caylee, this look's a winner. I love how unapologetically devoted to your personal style you are; it's truly inspiring. And while you've lightened up your palette, the overall look is still true to your aesthetic.

I have the Silence & Noise blazer--surprisingly, it fits me well, even though it's a woman's jacket, LOL--and I'd love to wear it with cremes and nudes, but it's been so hot in Texas lately that I've lived in skinny pants, AA t-shirts and Palladium boots!

Have an amazing Easter and I can't wait to see more spring looks! =)


Mia Serena said...

Cute H&M ring, i have one on my finger now ^_^

Karen said...

Thank GOD its warm enough again in NY to start wearing those wedges!!!!

I remember when you told me about them last year.

Karen x

caylee said...

the style professor - thank you so much! i really can't wait to find more lighter pieces that still fit me and my personal style. and that is so cool that you have the blazer - the oversize fit basically makes it unisex, and i can totally see you making it work!

mia serena - cute & cheap! =)

karen - i know! i thought of you when i busted them out in florida, and that first email you sent me =)

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