Wednesday, March 24, 2010

and the winner is....

congratulations sherrie leigh, you are the winner of my giveaway for the cat-eye sunglasses by forever 21! i used the random number generator on to determine this, and did not count any of the comments that weren't obvious entries.
sherrie, i've already sent you an email, so as soon as you get it, please let me know your address so i can send you these alexander wang look-a-like suuuuuunnies.
thanks everyone for entering; i wish i could give something to each and every one of you!
i hope to have another cool giveaway in the future.
vacation pictures should be up tomorrow or thursday, but for now, i'm sick as a dog and i'm going to catch some zzzzzz's.


Star-Light said...

Cool Glasses :))

rouli said...

cool post!!!!!! nice blog!

Carolina said...

ewww feel better! i'm just gettin over the flu...who gets the flu at the end of march?! haha


Beigecoat said...

Jag gillar din blogg!:) du får gärna checka in min! Förresten har jag länkat dig på min blogg:)

Baby Says Boutique said...

Woo! I reckon Sherrie-Leigh should models these in a picture for us!


Jessica Ly said...

Love these sunnies, get well soon!

Fashion Chalet said...

Love that you're back. I can't believe I missed your Giveway. ACE SHADES.

Ps. I like your le flassh like pics below and that you were in my state, ahhh I miss it!


Sherrie Cola said...

Thanks! :)

caylee said...

carolina - you and i get sick at the end of march, of course! haha.

baby says boutique - if she sends me a pic, i'll post it!

fashion chalet - sorry you missed it! did you pick some up at f21 anyway? and thank you! i'm sure i would miss florida too if i lived there for as long as you did. but miami beats panama ANYDAY!

sherrie cola - you're welcome!

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