Wednesday, March 10, 2010


(sources - tumblr, fashiongonerogue, unknown, facehunter, tommy ton for

the pictures above have nothing to do with anything, except for the fact that they're all wearing badass sunglasses. this is going to be a real quick post b/c i'm so busy right now working and getting ready for my vacation. my boyfriend, some of our friends, and i leave saturday morning for florida!

i finally added some new items to my BLOG SHOP, so be sure to check out things like a faux leather moto jacket, metallica t-shirt, and minnetonka fringe booties.
on friday, i'll be posting a cool little giveaway!
see you then =)


*** said...

Oh man, I want a vacation! Lucky! Have fun in Florida, get a tan! Oh and please tell me you're going to Disney World!!!!
P.S. I just realized you weren't on my blog roll (huh?), but you are now :)

LUU H. said...

have a nice vacation ;)

Amelia said...

wow. yeah i love their sunglasses! u have a great blog :)
check it out :)
amelia x

L. said...

Lovely pictures! very inspiring

M said...

Have a nice vacation!!!
By the way, I would love it if you would take a look on my blog, I posted one of my creation for the first time :)


Have fun on vacation! Love the sunglasses. xo

Dylana said...

I love the sunnies, too!

Contempo Ingenue said...

wonderful inspiration, especially love the last two photos.

the contemporary ingenue

xoxo E&L

Angela said...

love the first pic! so lovely!

The Fancier said...

Cool ass pictures!

elora said...

have fun in florida, caylee! and i love the pics.


Sophiemei said...

love u pick these photo, special the first one!! enjoy ur vacation and have fun!!

Kookie B. said...

aaaah, im in need of some badass clubmasters too!!!

elle said...

that second photo killed me !!

MiA said...

I love the picture with the raybans up-side-down.
First time I read your blog by the way.. and I really like it!

caylee said...

thanks everyone for the well wishes!

*** - so sad i didn't go to disney world =( and thanks for adding me!

Melina-Lajolie said...

great post!! i just love your style :) couldn't get enough :)
please visit my blog and become a member if you like it, this would be an honour for me!
melina from

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