Saturday, February 13, 2010


(source - coutorture)
i'm all about black, but maybe i'm secretly goth too? just the overall feel of alexander wang was incredible.
i can see a lot of these pieces being worn seperately in a normal, everyday way as well.
i really love those flare thigh high thingys that you could easily turn into pants with a pair of leggings, if you get shy (or cold).

(source -
and helmut lang, oh helmut lang. so wearable, so covetable; just one of the most perfect collections i have ever seen. this goes to show that, while i already have a black fur vest, a drapey top, and white skinnys, i need a shearling jacket NOW.

promise you guys i'll have an outfit post next.


Style of a Fashionista said...

I love it all he is a favortie of mine and he helped me love black again xoxo

KLEE said...

agree totally. helmut lang is really highly wearable.

Jacqueline said...

Gorgeous pieces. xo

Fashion Chalet said...

You alreayd know how much I love Wang ;)
now, I need to check out Lang, loving what I see so far. Your collages are great too Caylee!

Ps: I love the swingy white/burn-out f21 top in your shop.


Pia said...

i'm obsessed with wang's collection! obsessed!

Beauty Is Diverse said...

Happy Valentine's Day

Taylor Sterling said...

great looks!!


i like lang more and more.

Vanja Loncar said...

New Helmut Lang is SOOO you! :)

coy colleen said...

the dark tones are perfect for fall & im loving each and every one of these pieces

Chun said...

amazing pieces and as you said, totally wearable for the everyday person.

Clare said...

I love both of these collection, i want all of both of them!



bijoubijou said...


absolutely amazing


Rae said...

I love the cropped tops and the over-the-knee boots from vera wang's collection!!


Jessica Ly said...

gotta love the WANG!

nofaith said...

i really really like it!
check this site..

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