Thursday, February 11, 2010

shop if you seek style - saturday!

i've worked really hard to put it all together, and now my blog shop will finally be open
THIS saturday, between 2pm and 4pm EST!
everything is barely used (& a few brand new) items straight from my closet, and they need better home; to be with those who will give them the love they deserve.
the link is below, but site will be private until the date and time above.

the majority of the items even have links to all of the images i could find of me wearing them.
it's always better when you see something on an actual person before you buy it, huh? =)

be on the lookout for ~35 pieces up for sale this round, and nothing over $40!
see you there.


KLEE said...

will check it out (:

Small Town Fashion said...

I will definitely check this out! I have a question though.

Once your items go on sale, how do we purchase them? By emailing you or will it be set with something like PayPal?

christyn said...

Calendar, marked.

Already love that necklace in the sneak peek!

caylee said...

small town fashion - it's first come first serve, as in if you want an item, you'll send me an email, and if you're the first, you'll receive a PayPal invoice from me. =)

FashionJazz said...

Good Luck!! Mwah xx

Carolina said...

the hard work paid off! yay so excited :)


Bohemian said...

Looks good!

L. Johanna said...

do you ship internationally?:)

Monica said...

so fabulous!i love it darling!
love the blog, hence the reason i am following :)

sincerely the fashionista from

Francesca said...

awesome! look forward to it!

F <-- Texas gal bloggin fashion from NYC!

Jessica said...

Oh, so excited about this!

caylee said...

l. johanna - yes ma'am!! =)

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