Tuesday, February 02, 2010

pockets and pleats.

free people wool gianna coat; ecote cardigan from urban outfitters; target v-neck pocket tee and tights; H&M trousers and scarf; forever 21 bucket bag, nailhead stud belt, boyfriend watch, and chain bracelet; CHRISHABANA triple spike necklace; marc by marc jacobs pyramid stud bracelet; charlotte russe stone filigree ring; fashionology.nl hammered knuckle ring and claw ring; steve madden booties.

whoa 4am post. it's so weird to think how some people are just now starting their day, while i'm getting ready to crash. these trousers photographed so poorly. i really hope they don't look too ill-fitting here, because i didn't think to smooth them out before shooting. oops. shiny fabric is sometimes not a good thing, but the pics here don't do them justice; i love the pockets and pleats on these, and cuffing the bottoms to show off some simple booties. got this cool little bucket bag at forever 21 to hold me over while i try and find a way to fix my beloved and beat-up zara bag. the zipper is broken and the missing stud count is at three and counting =( wishing you all a very fantastic first week of february.

i'll be working hardcore on the blog store this week; it should be up this weekend! and sunday was my boyfriend's (this blog's part-time photographer, haha) birthday; happy birthday babe. X


Emilie said...

Great outfit!

Lucy said...

looovve your layers, especially the coat and big scarf! Kinda makes me wish it was winter here. . .

Nina said...

cute outfit! love the cardigan/pants/booties!

No victims, No fashion said...

I really love your diary looking! How do you do to wear like this everyday???

Do you know any blog like yours you can recommend me?



aussie said...

Hey, I like your outfits a lot and that's why I like to follow your blog.
But as a minus I have to say the quality of the photos - and I don't mean just the camera, I mean the back ground. It's always the same, and I'm guessing it's always a bad light, cos you're using flash. Could you post photos from outside in natural sunlight? You wear a lot of dark colors, and it's hard to separate you'r black scarf from dark gardigan and often dark bottom.
Just giving some comments. I hope you got that I like your style a lot !
:))), xx

Minette said...


Kookie B. said...

love the trousers, dear! and don't worry. they don't look bad at all. didn't notice the crease if ever there was any.

by the way, where did you get your Chictopia Style Icon badge? I can't find it in the website!

holler at me @ deathbyplatforms.blogspot.com


Nadine said...

Love those layers! x

Jacqueline said...

I love the pants! They look gorgeous on you.

Girl on a Harley in her Jimmy Choos at www.FashionSnag.com

Claire said...

Liking this outfit a lot! It looks very chic.

Carolina said...

so cute! ugh i hate it when you get hardware on a bag & then it falls off...grrr. i would take it to a shoe/luggage repair shop. that's where i usually take my leather bags.

good luck!!

Fashion Therapist said...

I love those trousers - they're amazing!

Francesca said...

wow you have such a unique look to you, very exotic. love the belt and pants!


lekisskiss.blogspot.com <-- Texas gal bloggin fashion from NYC!

Camilla said...

Im sure those pants are even more awesome in real life. xxx


The Style Strutter said...

Trousers are gorgeous! Love your layering:)!


Jen said...

Love the soft cardigan against those sharp trousers. So cute!

Sasha b. said...

i love your sweater!

xoxo black n gold a la mode

Anonymous said...

happy belated birthday to your bf!

totes excited about the shop.

those pants fit you really well. the shinyness is a nice change from denim and leggings.

Erica said...

loveee the pants and cardigan


Rae said...

Great outfit! I love the trousers!!


caylee said...

emilie - thank you!

lucy - thank you! we always want what we can't have - i kinda wish it was spring here! lol. =)

nina - thank you!

no victims, no fashion - thank you! and no, lol, i don't always "dress up" or try to look extremely stylish everyday. my uniform consists mostly of skinny pants and oversized tops with a blazer and boots. as for blogs, i really don't know. you mean blogs that are a mix of inspirational images and outfit posts? right now some of my favorites are: fashionsquad.com, leflassh.com, popcultureafternoon.blogspot.com, songofstyle.com, colormenana.blogspot.com, natalieoffduty.blogspot.com, phosphenefashion.com, and vanillascented.freshnet.se ....actually just check out the link list here on my blog in the sidebar; the one labeled "my daily haunts". these are all of my favorites!

aussie - thank you for your compliments and constructive criticism! the only thing i have to say is that right now, it's frigid cold outside (well below freezing) and i do not want to freeze to death going outside just to take outfit photos, so i prefer to take them inside now while it's still winter. for instance, when i wore this outfit and then later took these pictures, it was sleeting outside - no way i could shoot outside. the other thing is that it gets dark around 6:30pm, and the only time i really have time set aside to take outfit photos is late at night...so again, that leaves me only the option of taking them indoors. believe me, i want to be outside in natural lighting as much as you want me to. hopefully i will when the weather warms up and the days get longer.

minette - thank you!

kookie b - aww thank you, you made me feel a lot better about them =) and i think you go here to get the badge: chictopia.com/access/style_icon

nadine - thank you!

jacqueline - thank you!

claire - thank you!

carolina - so do i, especially when i love the item as much as i love my zara bag =( i have a feeling that taking it to a pro is what i'm going to have to do to repair it. & thank you!

fashion therapist - thank you!

francesca - aww thank you!

camilla - haha, i certainly think they are =) thank you! xx

the style strutter - thank you!

jen - thank you! i like the contrast too =)

sasha b. - thank you!

anon 7:36 - thank you! i'm excited to open up the shop. and i agree, they are a change! i love pants of all kinds though =)

erica - thank you!

rae - thank you!

bijoubijou said...

very cute ! lovin the belt



Gio Goi Shirts said...

Gorgeous pics! i love those trousers and shoes!

Monica Bedi said...

lovely outfit darling.

sincerely, the fashionista from thesilentswagger.blogspot.com

moded'amour said...

great outfit!!


nuheila said...

Love this look!Colors are my favorites too:)


EricaDanielle said...

Totally random question but, how long did it take for you to grow out your hair?? I'm trying so hard to grow mine super long, but I'm getting stir crazy :(


tiny-lights said...

I like the gray. :)

Keep Turning On: Tiny-Lights

Anonymous said...

love your style =D great outfit !

The Jazzy Belle said...

Love this outfit!! The jewelry is stellar!! I love boyfriend watches :)

nb.original said...

luv your belt!:)

The Petite Blog said...

love the look!!! great blog. will def visit soon!

xoxo jenna


Vanja Loncar said...

Love the easy going scarf, tucked shirt and loose hair ... soo you :)

Grace said...

You do amazing things with basics lady.

Love Grace.

Blicious said...

love your pants! they are so cute!


Oxford shirts women's said...

I really like the outfit!

Jony said...

Gorgeous outfit, the details are beautiful like the belt!! and your jewelry!!

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Click the link and and you can vote for me at the bottom of the page. Just enter your email address and the verification code! It just takes 2 seconds of your time and you can do me a big favor!!

Thanks a million times!!!

Maria@chicisimo said...

You don´t look ill at all!! The outfit is super cute, even the pictures are OK. Seriously, I love it!!
Have a nice weekend!

caylee said...

bijoubijou - thank you!

gio goi shirts - thank you!

monica bedi - thank you!

moded'amour - thank you!

nuheila - thank you! yes i love the cream/gray/black/white combo too =)

ericadanielle - oh geez like 7 years or something crazy. my hair grows really fast but it hit a point where it wouldn't grow. then i stopped using heat stylers as much and it really worked. all i can say is patience.... =)

tiny-lights - thank you!

anon 3:44 - thank you!

the jazzy belle - thank you!

nb.original - thank you!

the petite blog - awesome, thank you!

vanja loncar - thank you! of course i had to add those little touches =)

grace - aww thank you =)

blicious - thank you!

oxford shirts women's - thank you!

jony - aww thank you! i went to the page but i'm guessing the contest is over? nothing came up...sorry =(

maria@chicismo - aww thank you so much. have a good weekend too!

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