Friday, February 12, 2010

new york, it's fashion week.

you know what i gravitate towards, and here are my favorites from NYFW so far...

(source - cobrasnake)
cushnie et ochs is at the top of my list - and they're definitely on my radar now.

(source - cobrasnake, refinery29)
shoes at cushnie et ochs...wasn't i just talking about wanting some new wedges?
i think i just feel deeply in love with my first pair of non-black footwear.

(source - cobrasnake, refinery29)
erin wasson x rvca.
it's going to be a white hot autumn.
good news: you could easily incoroprate these lighter elements into your wardrobe now as we transition from winter --> spring.

(source -
& i'm not much of a dress person, but just look at this jen kao knit dream.

all of my favorites put a focus on textures, proportions, and silhouettes, and were practically colorless - this plus all of the layers autumn brings are why i love the february shows over the september shows. keep it comin' designers!
cannot wait to see the rest of the collections (charlotte ronson, alex wang, ahem, ahem).
or all of the street stylezzzz.

p.s. RIP mcqueen

p.s.s. blog store update! it will still be open tomorrow, but now sometime between 4-6pm EST. click the link below to shop shop shop away when it's time!
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bijoubijou said...

amazing...O B S E S S E D with cushnie


leflassh. said...

that's all my favs at the moment as well.
all are so so good.
loving it!!
and seriously in desperate need of some wedges!

Maria said...

jeez, those wedges!!

Miss Daisy Chain said...

OMG those wedges! absolutely awesome...was slightly disappointed with the erin show...but thats probably because of all the hype so i expected more...well shes still new on the design side of things so hopefully she'll just get better

stylespotterfashionblogger said...

The show was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Clare said...

Gorge choices, those wedges are wow. I would adopt them and love them as if they were my own. I want them.

Love your blog, do feel free to look at mine,



Anonymous said...

love rag&bone and those wedges are amazing!!!
Really love your style simple yet edgy always = cool.
I started a blog like yesterday so its totally empty but feel free to take a look guys and please follow and fellow bloggers advice is welcome :):)

thanks xxx

Zepequeña said...



fadetoblack said...

ok need them wedges!

nofaith said...

check out this :

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