Wednesday, January 13, 2010


forever 21 thermal top, skinny jeans, nailhead stud belt, rhinestone bracelet, studded watch, corded bracelet, and chain bracelet; brixton beanie; hammered knuckle ring and claw ring; marc by marc jacobs black pyramid stud bracelet; chrarlotte russe black stone ring; CHRISHABANA triple spike necklace; zara studded bag; frye 8R harness boots.

this is me, trying and failing to be a badass. lolz, just kidding. i went out on saturday night and was feeling slightly tomboy-ish, so i threw this ensemble together.

the soft knitted beanie is one of the things that arnette from brixton sent to me in her little care package (the tee i wore on NYE was another). i really needed a black beanie in my life, so i couldn't be happier.
the f21 thermal top is my current go-to; it reminds me of alexander wang's oh-so-covetable thermals. i've also worn it recently under this faux fur vest.

my sincere apologizes again for the boring concrete/white wall background.
if only it weren't 10 degrees outside....

i also curled my hair to soften up the entire look, & went crazy with the eye makeup.

after looking at my outfit, i feel as though it was inspired by someone who's numero uno in my book: kate lanphear.

(source - googleimages)

on a side note, the night before this, i wore a skirt (so unlike me!) and heels. my style is consistent, but it can go from on side of the spectrum to the other.
mixing tough with feminine is my favorite =)

i luff you guys.


Emma said...

nice outfit! i love you hair.


Angela said...

I really everything about this outfit. It's perfect...also your hair is gorgeous...wish mine would just grow already!

EricaDanielle said...

Very cute. Your hair is gorgeous and the dark make up looks good, not over done at all.. it's a pretty good smokey eye

Bohemian said...

Love your bag!!

Suzanne said...

casual and noncha, like it!

helen said...

i love the accessories! greys/blacks will always be my favorite color palette and you wear it well girlfriend :)


Francheska said...

I never realized your hair was that long???? It´s perfect.. the colour especially.. that beanie fits you so well !!! Im in love with this outfit. And I see your camera is doing you good because the photos are incredible ! :) xx

Annachiara said...

YOU'RE WOOOONDERFULL :D loove loove loove your style!!!! :D

Camilla said...

LOVE the badass look!
Its suits you! xxx


Lovelyladyjb said...

Hello fellow chictopian! :) I think this look is super laid back but edgy too! Love it!

I'm a new follower, but I'd love it if you would come visit me!

Blicious said...

LOVE your outfit!! so cute!! and i love your hair!!


Mariezee said...

Your top looks soooo soft! Fabulous outfit! And I like the concrete wall : )

Melissa said...

Holy crap, your hair is amazing.

Jacqueline said...

The belt is my favorite part of the outfit! xoxo

michelle said...

oooh what did you use for your eyes? i like

Nina said...

I love the entire outfit. It's pretty bad ass in a lovely way! ;)

cla-sib said...

so beautiful!! =)

xoxo cla

Polliani said...

love the tomboy look to.. nice blog


Great outfit!



Bia said...

I love the outfit and your hair! amazing ^^


Alice D. Millionaire said...

love the continuity of these photos, even though you hate the boring background! :)
you look great! eye makeup is just lovely..

S. said...

Perfect casual outfit! Love your belt and bracelets!

Studded Hearts said...

god your hair is just perfect..
argh i still haven't found a good beanie that fits me well. lucky you!

Anonymous said...

love your jeans. can't believe they are from f21!

Sasha b. said...

Love this look!! Your style is amazing.

xoxo black n gold a la mode

josephine said...

yes yes LOVE kate

Jamie Masliah said...

really cute hat! i adore it!

Dylana said...

Love the look and awesome beanie! I love your hair!

Call Us Mesdemoiselles said...

love your tomboy look! great accessories

Sonya said...

Cute outfit! Love the purse!

MB_ said...

Love your outfit:D

The fashion satellite

isabella Thordsen said...

amazing photos!
love your blog.

Victoire said...

your hair is so long and gorgeous! love the shoes

anna bu said...

great outfit. love your hair.

divine bunny said...

good one.

i love that you wear a lot of black. simple edgy classic.


kerosene and lux said...

ive said this before but you have amzing hair





Maria@chicisimo said...

Super nice outfit! love it!

Happy 2010, btw!

caylee said...

THANK YOU everyone! i got a lot of great compliments on my hair this time...maybe i should curl it more? it takes forever to do though, haha.

angela - patience was never my strong point either haha. it took me 8 years to get it this long!

ericadanielle - i suck at doing makeup, so thank you!

helen - greys/blacks for the win!

francheska - yeah and you know the crazy thing? i just cut 2 inches off of it! but thank you =) & i hope the pictures continue to get better.

lovelyladyjb - hello! thank you for coming over from chictopia to my blog! i'll definitely check your blog out soon =)

mariezee - thanks! i like the wall too, i just don't want to bore my readers =)

jacqueline - i've been wearing this belt with everything!

michelle - i used almay black eyeliner and maybelline full n soft waterproof mascara in very black, which i use everyday, and on my eyes i used a maybelline eyeshadow quad in "mocha motion" and loreal eyeshadow in "lush raven". i mixed shades from both to get this color.

alice d. millionaire - i don't hate it; i actually like the wall! i just don't want to bore my readers. but it seems like a lot of people like it, so that's good =)

studdedhearts - aww thanks yenny =) hope you find a beanie soon!

josephine - she's my FAVORITE too =)

dylana - thank you! xo

divine bunny - i'll always love blaaaaaaaaack. =)

kerosene and lux - thank you so much. compliments like yours keep me from cutting it, haha.

maria@chicismo - thank you! happy 2010!

stylestalker said...

you look stunning, so hair jealous!

soirée enterrement de vie de jeune fille said...

Ton look est super ne change rien !!


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