Friday, January 15, 2010

one hundred.

forever 21 oversized waffle knit cardigan, chain bracelet, rhinestone bracelet, studded watch, and corded bracelet; H&M divided black chambray shirt; H&M faux leather skirt; leopard scarf from eBay; target opaque tights (2 pairs layered); marc by marc jacobs black pyramid stud bracelet; hammered knuckle ring and claw ring; nine west lace-up booties.

it's my 100th post! i almost didn't catch that i've made it this far, but i'm so glad i did because it's a pretty cool milestone.
thank you guys for everything you've given me, and i hope i keep on giving back =)

this reminds me, i've had a couple readers do features on me recently on their blogs and i can't for the life of me find them, so PLEASE leave me a comment in this post if you have featured me so i can give you the love you deserve!

i wore this outfit to the movies with my boyfriend last night. these lace-up booties are over a year old and still going strong.
the reason i'm selling the flared leather skirt in my blog shop (coming soon!) is because i just got this tight little mini on sale at work. it's more "me"; i've worn it twice which is already more than i wore the other one. a great sign indeed.

until next time.

EDIT 1/20/10: i'm a perfectionist and a perpetual worrier, and i didn't like three of the pictures i originally put in this post (at all), so i decided to change it and add the one that is now first.
and i feel much better.


Jacqueline said...

I love the faux leather skirt! Looks great on you =) xoxo

my favorite colour is shiny said...

beautiful! love this outfit! you look gorgeous! xox

Francheska said...

happy 100th :)

- love this outfit on you!!!! that scarf i perfect!xx

Bohemian said...

Great look, love it!

The Fashion Seen said...

I like the light blue top against the leopard print!

Studded Hearts said...

yay 100!
makes me excited for all the great posts to come :)

love the outfit as always.

Contempo Ingenue said...

I like it - I know what you mean when you see pix and take a second guess. Thats the fun of it tho!!!!

<3 Lyn
the contemporary ingenue

melissa said...

your boots are great! I walked into Nine West today and found the most perfect low heeled black leather ankle boots. On SALE no less. But none in my size. FFUUUU don't you hate when that happens T_T

But anyways, happy 100th post!

*toasts to 100 more*

Lainey said...

You look so amazing, it's beyond words. I'm always a sucker for leopard, and I love love love that long cardi.

paige said...

I have that same h&m mini skirt and everytime I wear it it slides up and tries to show everything! It's so annoying, but it's so cute so I still try and wear it. Do you have the same problem?

Dylana said...

Love the skirt! It is gorgeous!

diamondsinchampagne said...

Great boots x

Nerdic.. said...

Lovely skirt!
x, fashionnerdic.

Camilla said...

Love love love it! xxxx
Especially the skirt!


Nina said...

First, Congrats to your 100th post!!
Second, I love the leopard scarf, I own one too! And the mini skirt is also fab. :)

Jessica said...

That skirt is perfect. I also really love that scarf. I wish I could find one like that.

Song of Style said...

congrats on the 100th post sweetheart!! and love that tight faux leather skirt....... but i like the flared one u were talking abt! hopefully its an xs/s? hehe
have a great weekend <3

Minette said...



Valentina_s said...

love this

Pia said...

congrats on your 100th post!

wreckedstellar said...

Congratulations on the 100th post! Very exciting! Cute outfit- love the leopard print scarf against your blue shirt!

Monica Bedi said...

very eclectic, you HAVE great style.

omg, love it!!

im am obsessed with fashion as well.

Kristiane said...

I have a scarf just like yours, and you've posted such great inspiration on how to wear it:)

caylee said...

thanks guys! i was really questioning this outfit and posting the pictures of it...didn't really like how it looked after seeing these photos and i actually got anxious for a bit thinking you guys wouldn't like it either. but maybe it was that i don't like pictures of myself - that's definitely true! oh well, we all have our days. and you guys are so kind to me, so thank you again.

here's to 100 more posts!

contempo ingenue - second guessing - it happens to me all the time! uggggh.

melissa - that is the worst! maybe you could look for them online?

paige - yes, i have that same problem! so annoying, but the skirt is great so it's worth tugging at it a few times during the night, haha.

jessica - just search for leopard scarves on eBay. that's how i found mine...and i guarantee this exact one pops up!

song of style - aww thank you aimee! it is an XS! can't wait to open up my blog shop =)

kristiane - thank you! you've made my anxiety from posting this look go away =)

emilypanda said...

congrats on having such a strong following after only 100 posts! =)

isabelle.hawi said...

love your cardigan

Taylor Sterling said...

amazing outfit!! Love the scarf!!

Frickys said...

That's one sassy cardigan. Perfect layering item!

M. and O. said...

New post : Olivia's birthday,
She is 18 now. Come on


Kisses from France**

caylee said...

emily panda - it's so incredible, and shocking, and the best thing ever =) thank you!!

taylor sterling - thank you!

frickys - thank you, it's one of my favorites right now!

xoxo Kellz* said...


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