Friday, January 22, 2010

must have.

apparently, both this gorgeous sweater and faux leather shorts are from H&M.
if they don't show up at my store, i'll have a temper tantrum on the sales floor.

update on my blog shop: i have taken pictures of the items i want to sell, now i have to measure the pieces, edit the pics, and post them. meaning, it won't be open anytime reeeeeeal soon. at least a week or two. sorry i'm a lazy bum bum.

outfit post tomorrow!
EDIT 1/27: a lovely reader who also happens to work at H&M informed me that those shorts are real leather and that they cost $99.95...i think i'll have to pass.
the eBay/etsy search for a vintage pair begins!


Ernest B. said...

This look is absolutely amazing! Topped with some OTK shoe-gasm causing boots; tres chic! I wish there was an H&M in FL. I miss not being in NY!


Love the sweater

The Fashion Cloud said...

haha I am with you on this one, both items are just perfect and together look even better.


Gon said...

Cool look! love the shorts!


Nerdic.. said...

I'm not that in to leather but I actually like this one!!
X, fashionnerdic.

Georgia said...

The jumper looks so soft and warm and beige.. Looking forward to a potential outfit post with it!
It would be mine

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

I hate it, there are two H&M by my house and neither one ever get anything good!

Taylor Sterling said...

I loove this! My H&M never gets anything!!

Jacqueline said...

Great look. I just bought some real leather shorts and I am in love! xoxo

Fashion Chalet said...

love both, just wish the shorts were "shorter" I love hot pants! ;)


CLM said...

love the shorts, great blog, I am now following, please feel free to follow back :)
xoxo - clm

Izzy said...

I'm not sure about the sweater but I know the shorts are in stores now that carry Trend. They'll probably keep coming in call-off until after spring season start.

Anonymous said...

woot can't wait hope we're the same size lol!

Sequins♡Sparkles said...

beautiful! love both the items.

caylee said...

ernest b. - there's two new H&M's in orlando!

georgia - i'm looking foward to a potential outfit with these two items or something like them!

lions, tigers, and fashion OH MY! - aaaah i know, the two near me (including the one i work at) don't carry trend meaning they don't get the good stuff. =(

taylor sterling - mine either! =(

fashion chalet - i like these longer - a more conservative cut in a sexy material. but i like hot pants too! i just got some sequin ones =)

anon 10:52 - i buy things in a range of sizes, from XS - L, so there might be something for everyone!

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