Sunday, January 10, 2010

i want what you have.

things some of my favorite bloggers have in their closets that i want in mine too.

(zara blouse, source - linngustafsson; acne sweater, source - vanillascented)
obsessing over this gorgeous pecan color. there's a blouse at work that's a little lighter than this might have to do for now.

(topshop sweater, source - columbinesmille)
fuzzy sweaters in solids and stripes.

(h&m top, source - sannaknows)
this h&m oversized top; it's sold out in my store! =(

(prada bag, clover web bracelet, and pamela love ring, source - luluandyourmom)
you know i shy away from color, but i wouldn't turn down this little prada beauty. and theeeeeeeere's that pamela love ring again.

(source - carolinesmode)
rings in general. where can i find a panther ring?

(scorett wedges, source - sannaknows; marni heels and acne boots, source - columbinesmille)
never enough black shoes.

what's on your current lust list?


Adri said...

I wish i can own the YSL tribute Patent Sandals in the Reddish Brown color...& to own a couple of pieces from Philip Lim.

Jacqueline said...

Great items! I love that Acne sweater =) xoxo

coy colleen said...

i'm lusting for those rings! i like the idea of this post :)

Dylana said...

OOOH! I want all of this, too! Yes, that dusty pecan color is just perfect and works during all seasons!

Mila said...

I am also lusting for those rings <3

nicky said...

Hi, this might help in the hunt for the panther ring.

its a UK website :-)

MB_ said...

I have the H&M oversized T :)
So comfi!


Bohemian said...

Love the rings!!

Carolina said...

love that ring tree...covet!!

panther rings...KJL makes a few different versions. i'm looking for a nice skull head ring that doesn't cost hundreds of dollars & of course pamela love kills me with all of her pieces.


'Lee said...

omg, I want all of them.
I did a post about you, check it out :D

Theory of a fashion victim

Fashion Without Guilt said...

I am craving those items on your list too. Your style is very similar to mine, I love solids with a splash of color and design. I just ordered some black wedge boots from Forever 21. And something else I have been craving are oxfords. To go to work in heels everyday are too much, so I need a pair of black ones.

And I am doing a feature of your style on my blog, so check back later today. Thanx.

Un café avec 5 pailles said...

The zara blouse and the acne sweater are AWESOME !
I want them badly. they have the perfect colour I think.

Emma said...

the h&m top is awesome! is it availible in the online shop?
love the acne sweater too!

mila said...

Love it! I would take anything from Rainbow Paving Stones, Style Rookie, and etc.


oh the last boots i want.

Melissa said...

Oh man, I want all three of those pairs of shoes.

EricaDanielle said...

That first shirt would look adorable on.
My current lust list? I dont even want to think about it, because most of it, I will never have haha

melissa said...

oh god those 3 pairs of shoes at the end.... WANT. BAD.

But yeah, my past, present, and future HOLY GRAIL...would have to be a Rick Owens leather jacket. I don't care what I wear underneath it, a Rick leather makes anything look good.

If only...

caylee said...

adri - ooohhh i'd love some tribs too, but black of course =) and philip lim has some great sparkly pieces right now.

coy colleen - thank you! i like pictures of pieces that are taken by others, rather than pictures taken off of a store/brand's website. they are much better, much more personal!

dylana - MUST find some shirt in that shade for spring.

nicky - aww thanks for looking for me! i love this ring. considering it, because it's so inexpensive, but i'm reaaaaallly looking for a silver one.

mb_ - i'm jealous =)

carolina - thanks, i'll check his site out! i too want an inexpensive skull head ring. here's to us finding one soon!

lee - saw the feature, thank you so much!

fashionwithoutguilt - i think i know what wedge boots you are talking about. they lace up and fold over at the top? i want those too! and you definitely need a pair of great everyday flat shoes; you cannot wear heels 24/7, that's for sure! oh and i didn't see the feature...but i'll check back later!

un cafe avec 5 pailles - the perfect color indeed.

- i have no idea, since there's no H&M online store in the states =(

ericadanielle - i know exactly what you mean. haha

melissa - meeeeee too. and i could not agree with you more. a rick owens leather jacket would be the absolute perfect addition to anyone's closet, including mine! (hehe)

Delueca said...

omg those wedges..... any idea where i could find them in the netherlands?

WM said...


Taylor Sterling said...

I so want all those rings! They would look badd ass on you!

Valentina_s said...

like it


You're right -- never enough black shoes! These ones on your lust list is HEAVEN! I'm especially drooling over the scorett wedges... and of course, that Prada bag is captivating! Hmm.. I've seen panther rings at markets and stuff, I feel like they're everywhere now, but I keep making the mistake of never picking up one :( Oh well, maybe next time.


rosesAreRed said...

theres nothing I want more than the Jeffrey Campbell x LF Poland boots.


Dirty Hair Halo said...

I have to second you on those Marni heels. The roundness of the toe just sprinkles me with delight.

Do you think they would be 'rolly' to wear?


Anonymous said...

i went to zara today and saw that pecan colored button down blouse. it was like $90.

caylee said...

delueca - i have no idea; scorett is a swedish brand i think, and i'm not sure if the brand itself has an online store or if it's sold through other retailers.

WM - they are gorgeous aren't they?!

taylor sterling - aww thanks!

valentina_s - =)

distrikmode - never and i mean NEVER enough black heels will line the walls of my closet. lol. & leopard rings are everywhere - not that i'm complaining! and now that i'm looking for one, i've found quite a few panther rings on eBay.

rosesarered - YES! you can add those to my lust list as well. i might even take them over the three shoes i have posted here.

dirty hair halo - yeah, the toe, the platform, just the entire shoe in general does it for me. and what do you mean by "rolly"? LOL, i'm lost!

anon 6:17 - damn that's expensive. i wouldn't pay that much for it, even it is that beautiful. here's to finding something similar for less $$$!

inkarlcerating said...

hi love!! do u own those wedges? omg!!! im so amazed.. i miss u!
love love

caylee said...

inkarlcerating - KARL! i miss you too. sorry i've been so absent on your chictopia posts. & no, i don't own those amazing wedges, but i WANT to!

Jessica said...

Those heels are amaaaazing!

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