Monday, December 28, 2009


H&M divided black boyfriend blazer and stripe button down shirt; H&M trouser leggings; forever 21 lace tank, studded watch, and corded bracelet; zara studded bag; cross necklace, hammered knuckle ring, and claw ring; charlotte russe jeweled ring and thumb ring; we who see from urban outfitters lace-up flat boot.

it's 4am and i don't have much to say as a result (except for that i have insooooooomnia, obviously), but here is the outfit that i tweeted about a couple of days ago.

i was feeling slightly masculine and paired my new blazer with my new striped shirt - turns out i like them together alot alot alot. you don't see much of these boots here on the blog, but their comfort and versatility make them an often permanent fixture on my feetsies.

until next time!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

christmas eve.

(source - wildfox)
this first set of photos really spoke to me and i had to post them.
simple, chic, effective. enough said.

(source - jakandjil)
dree - my ultimate style icon. keep 'em coming tommy.

(source - mr.newton, wildfox)
my new style icon, sheila marquez. the first pic of her is literally the best outfit i've ever seen (if i had to wear one thing for the rest of my life, it would be that).
after seeing more, i know my lust at first sight has become love.

(source - lefashion, emmahearts tumblr)
i've also been keeping up with my tumblr...follow me here for daily inspiration and all around badass photos like the ones above that i could cram on my blog, but choose to put on tumblr instead. hehe.

(source - weheartit)
& merry christmas eve everyone, hope you are having a wonderfully relaxing day with your friends and family (or you'll do so tomorrow). don't forget to remember the true meaning of CHRISTmas =)
hooooooopefully i'll get around to taking some outfit pics in the next two days.
right now i'm just enjoying laziness and dessert.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


(source - nanainwonderland)

perfect silhouettes, just as relevant for winter 2009.

Monday, December 21, 2009


(sources - cobrasnake, fashiongonerogue, jakandjil)

back to posting on my tumblr blog -
there i'll compile some of my favorite inspirational images from around the web (like above).
thanks to geri from becauseimaddicted for joining tumblr and consequently reminding me that i've neglected mine since....august.

p.s. you guys can still ask me your fashion and non-fashion related questions, and i'll answer them in an upcoming post!
just use the comment section or email me your questions -

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


(all images via,,,, and

clockwise from top left: opening ceremony, t by alexander wang, alexander wang, alexander wang, pamela love, chloé, helmut lang, stella mccartney, pamela love, diane von furstenberg.

i will never get my hands on any of this...but it's been hella fun to "window" shop online in my downtime and make a hypothetical christmas wish list.

now to find similar items for less ca$$$$$h.

outfit post coming up next!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

satsatsaturday night.

(sources: fashiongonerogue, studdedhearts, tobaccoandleather, wildfox.)

you know i love sharing my latest inspirational finds.

words of wisdom: one can never have enough abbey leeeeeeeeeeeeee.

proper post to come soon.
enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Monday, December 07, 2009

face time.

american apparel tri-blend raglan
nasty gal funktional power up velvet blazer
nasty gal mixed chains cross necklace

starting to get the hang of the camera. it's easier doing close-ups.
on a side note, i am so excited to be setting up a couple of shoots in the coming weeks with a few local photographers. still don't have the pics from this one; hopefully soon!

and this blazer is absolutely incredible.
best black friday purchase ever.

i might be absent for the next few days as i focus on finals once again. one week and two days until i am done with college. woah. i'm scared to death of my unknown future but the fear excites me.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Thursday, December 03, 2009


thought it would be fun to show you guys some older outfit photos of mine, since i'm in the midst of finals and haven't had the chance to shoot any new ones. these were taken around the november 2008 - january 2009 range (i think one may actually be from this past april), and this was during the time when i had finished experimenting with different looks and found my style; exactly what i knew would work for me. and i haven't looked back.

btw, my hair is much lighter here (used to dye it, now it's back to its natural dark color), i still own and wear everything you see here (except the purse and some of the jewelry - if you want to know where anything is from, just ask in the comments), and don't judge the childhood pink carpet/brown walls that still decorate my room. painting in t-minus two weeks (after graduation), and then new carpet is going in immediately afterward.
thank. god.

hope you guys are having a good week!
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