Thursday, December 31, 2009


here's the questions you, my dear readers, asked me a few posts ago (and through twitter/email!). hope you enjoy =)

you seem like a cool chick who likes white zombie and metal ... so why did you name your blog after a britney spears song? ;)

haha – this made me laugh! i didn’t name the blog specifically after britney – i just used the name of one of her songs in the process =) you know i love my rock music, and while i also do like britney, i only named my blog after her song because i thought that “if you seek style” sounded catchy, and i like the alliteration at the end. i almost named the blog “fashion rocks”, but decided against it because of that magazine supplement by the same name.

favorite food?
easily cheese pizza. i eat it at least 4-5 times a week, crave it constantly, and never get sick of it.

favorite disney character?
jasmine from aladdin! she was my favorite as a kid too – i was her for halloween in first grade; i think i related to her, with her long dark hair =)

describe yourself in 3 words.
one happy girl.

do you change your style when you go out at night vs day? i think your looks are so versatile so i was just wondering.
i really don’t! if i wear flat boots during the day, i’ll change into heeled boots, but other than that, i stick to the same basic style day and night. consistent as always, haha =)

favorite tv shows?
i love true blood and gossip girl. the only two shows that cannot and will not miss an episode of.

are u going to dye your hair lighter again? i LOVED it light!
thanks! but i really like it its natural dark color; i think it suits me better, it's obviously easy to maintain (no coloring), and it’s healthier too.

what is your motivation behind blogging?
since i don’t know anyone personally with an interest in fashion like me, it’s to connect with others who share my passion. i like to talk to people who understand it when I obsess over the latest abbey lee editorial or alexander wang collection. it’s kind of like a fashion dairy featuring my outfits, favorite inspirational images, and shopping adventures. and the fact that i keep getting positive feedback keeps me going, although i’d do it either way. it's just a lot of fun!

what do you do when you think you've got nothing to wear, do you get those days?
all the time! i just throw on my go-to outfit: black skinny pants, an oversized tee in white or gray, a boyfriend blazer, and black ankle boots. done and done.

how tall are you?

how and when did you first find and learn to love mr. dane cook!? ;)
lol erika! for all of you who don't know, dane is favorite comedian and celebrity crush. well, i’ve always been very into stand-up comedy, and one day while watching comedy central with my boyfriend, there was a comedy central presents: dane cook. it was taped in 2000, so he was so young but so freaking hilarious, and i fell in love with him right then and there. that is still my favorite stand-up act. search for it on i-tunes and watch it, or go to to watch clips from that show - believe me, you won't regret it! my boyfriend loves him too; he says if dane and i get married, he’ll live in the guest house.

what's your current obsession?
i’ve caught the vampire craze just like everyone else! i especially love the tv show true blood and the books that it is based off of, the sookie stackhouse novels by charlaine harris. there’s just something about sexy vampires…=)

are you a party girl?
absolutely not. i used to be in high school, but i know i got it out of my system during those years. i'm kind of socially awkward and quiet (yes, i am!), i hate crowds and ridiculous drunk people, and i hate being hungover, so i avoid it. i also hate the $$$ involved with going out – i’d rather spend mine on a new pair of shoes! haha. i'll go to small get-togethers thrown by my close friends of course, and i’ll go out to a bar occasionally (i like ones with dart boards that play rock music all night), but i don’t like nightclubs and i can totally have fun any time, any place, without a drop of alcohol. my ideal night out now involves dinner and a movie, simple as that.

what's your hair routine/which products do you use?
i wash my hair about every 2-3 days using garnier fructis wonder waves shampoo and conditioner. my hair’s kinda dry and doesn’t get oily without washing, so i can go a few days without doing so. i switch up shampoo and conditioner often, but i’m using this kind right now and love it. then, i go to sleep with wet hair, wake up with slightly wavy hair, spray on dove heat defense, and define the parts of my hair that dried straight (always the top layers) by twirling them around a straightening iron, or going down the length of my hair with the straightening iron in a wave motion. yes, i use a straightening iron to create waves! it works wonders, you must try it. the only other product i use is a split end mender that i got from a salon, and i forget the brand of that at the moment. oh and i use meet mark next day spray to freshen up my hair between washes.

tell us what hair/makeup products you use and your routine!
for hair, see above. as for makeup, i start with aveeno positively ageless eye cream and olay complete all day moisturizer for sensitive skin (my skin is superdry). then i use loreal bare naturale mineral makeup all over, cover girl + olay simply ageless foundation under my eyes as a concealer (it's so creamy), and neutrogena healthy skin blends bronzer or blush. on my eyes, i use almay eyeliner crayon in black (it definitely lives up to its claim of lasting 16 hours - lasts even through sleeping!), and maybelline waterproof full 'n soft mascara. that mascara has been faithful to me for over 9 years; it works so well. i've stopped using eyeshadow; it was kind of pointless. on my lips, i only use cherry or strawberry chapstick. i hate lipgloss/lipstick. all of my makeup is drugstore because i think it works just fine, and i don't have or want to drop the cash on department store brands.

how do you get your hair to curl/wave like that?
it's half natural, but see above.

what are your measurements? (too personal?)
no this is fine! but i do not know my exact measurements. i know that i wear anywhere from a size 2 to a size 6, depending on the brand and fit of the pants; mainly a 4 or a 6. i wear a size 27 in most jeans. nearly all of my tops are a size medium or large because i like them to be oversized, and most of my blazers are a size small.

does your bf likes what you wear?
sometimes…he actually supports my love of fashion and likes to see how my blog is doing, and he’s getting more and more used to seeing my clothing choices (compared to our other female friends, my style’s quite different), and he loves me not matter what i wear. he does not like big, oversized tops/blazers, harem pants, or high-waisted shorts/jeans/pants, but he doesn’t tell me how to dress, just like i don’t tell him how to dress. besides, he’s a boy – what does he know about style? hahaha jk.

what does your family think about your fashion passion?
they know that i love it, and they likely care because i'm going to hopefully build a career around it, but that's pretty much where it stops. my mom knows about my blog, but she never mentions it and i'm not sure she's visited more than twice. and sometimes she gets jealous of all of my new goodies. but she also likes it when i buy her stuff =)

pick one piece from your closet, that you had to wear for the rest of your life, what would it be?
the perfect black boyfriend blazer. i hope i do wear one for the rest of my life!

do you watch what you eat?
i do not, and i can tell you that it will catch up with me one day. right now i eat a diet that consists of junk food and lots of food that a child would eat, like cereal, macaroni and cheese, spaghetti, and pizza. i know i’m going to have to eat healthier in the future; my mom never dieted either and then her metabolism slowed down in her mid-30s, so i'm anticipating that in a decade. the day that i do have to stop eating like a maniac, a little piece of me will die. haha =)

so you exercise? what do you do?
i do not and never have– and again, this will one day catch up with me. unless i’m at work, i’m pretty immobile. hey, maybe running up and down the salesfloor at H&M eight hours a day counts as exercise - it might as well! but as much as i want to be healthy for my future, i HATE exercising with a passion. i think maybe one day i’ll start up a routine, who knows.

what's your main goal in life; do you want to work in the fashion industry or do you have other interests? / since you just graduated, what will you be doing now - what industry do you wanna use your bachelor's degree with?; what are you planning to do next with your life? / what is your dream profession? / what are your plans after school/graduation?
i'll answer all of these at once. my main goal in life is probably just like yours: i only want continued happiness and success (and that is not definted monetarily). of course i want to work in the fashion industry, and i think that my business management and marketing degree could possibly open the door to many opportunities. my dream job is anything that combines my two favorite things – fashion and the internet. i’d love to work for a company like refinery29, or whowhatwear, or even do marketing/merchandising for an online retailer. i'd also take pretty much any job at a magazine (market editor, etc. - my favorite magazine is elle btw). not sure that i am properly trained for any of those positions, but hey, it's a dream job right?! despite all of this, i do not see myself leaving indiana just yet. right now, i absolutely love my job at H&M and hope to move into management or visual merchandising soon. i would definitely like to work for this amazing company for a while =)

what are your thoughts on velvet?
hmm...look above. what do you think?! =) lol, for real, it's the perfect fabric for winter, and so much fun to mix with other textures like leather.

how about some fashion tips for all this snow on the east coast?
i think it’s all about layering. i will wear at least one, maybe two pairs of tights underneath all of my pants, leggings, and jeans this winter. layering heavily with tees, tanks, and thermals under my favorite oversized tops is also key, and other combinations like hoodies under leather jackets, and cardigans under blazers work well to ward off the chill. my other favorite thing are those huge, knit infinity scarves (the scarves that are just one big circle) that you just double loop and pull over your head. if they're big enough, they cover all the way up to your mouth.

for how long have you been with your boyfriend?
8 years and counting! i was 15 and he was 16 when we got together. he was my first love, and i love him more each day.

what's your favorite book?
again, i don’t have refined tastes when it comes to my choice of books and movies. for books, i like romance, mystery, drama and fantasy. my favorites right now are the sookie stackhouse novels by charlaine harris (the tv show true blood is based off of those books – and they are really good). easy reads, not intellectually stimulating, but entertaining - and that's what i look for. i stopped reading as a hobby about 7 years ago, but now that i have graduated from college and have some free time, i’m going to be reading nonstop and have a long list of books i plan on devouring in the coming months.

just wondering what camera you use to take the photos and how?
i use a Canon Digital Rebel XSi 12.2 MP Digital SLR Camera and 95% of the time i take my pictures myself using the self-timer, or i’ll have my boyfriend take them (he’s only done it twice so far – here’s to hoping i can convince him to take more!).

favorite fragrances?
i like miss dior chérie, mark jacobs daisy, and chloé, but i got victoria's secret supermodel as a gift last christmas and i think that smells pretty good, so that's what i've been using for a while. with my new sephora gift card, i think i'm going to buy marc jacobs lola or givenchy hot couture. my girly side comes out when it comes to fragrances =)

now i'd like to take this opportunity to ask you guys: anymore questions for me? i'd love to do a q&a part II!

Monday, December 28, 2009


H&M divided black boyfriend blazer and stripe button down shirt; H&M trouser leggings; forever 21 lace tank, studded watch, and corded bracelet; zara studded bag; cross necklace, hammered knuckle ring, and claw ring; charlotte russe jeweled ring and thumb ring; we who see from urban outfitters lace-up flat boot.

it's 4am and i don't have much to say as a result (except for that i have insooooooomnia, obviously), but here is the outfit that i tweeted about a couple of days ago.

i was feeling slightly masculine and paired my new blazer with my new striped shirt - turns out i like them together alot alot alot. you don't see much of these boots here on the blog, but their comfort and versatility make them an often permanent fixture on my feetsies.

until next time!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

christmas eve.

(source - wildfox)
this first set of photos really spoke to me and i had to post them.
simple, chic, effective. enough said.

(source - jakandjil)
dree - my ultimate style icon. keep 'em coming tommy.

(source - mr.newton, wildfox)
my new style icon, sheila marquez. the first pic of her is literally the best outfit i've ever seen (if i had to wear one thing for the rest of my life, it would be that).
after seeing more, i know my lust at first sight has become love.

(source - lefashion, emmahearts tumblr)
i've also been keeping up with my tumblr...follow me here for daily inspiration and all around badass photos like the ones above that i could cram on my blog, but choose to put on tumblr instead. hehe.

(source - weheartit)
& merry christmas eve everyone, hope you are having a wonderfully relaxing day with your friends and family (or you'll do so tomorrow). don't forget to remember the true meaning of CHRISTmas =)
hooooooopefully i'll get around to taking some outfit pics in the next two days.
right now i'm just enjoying laziness and dessert.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


(source - nanainwonderland)

perfect silhouettes, just as relevant for winter 2009.

Monday, December 21, 2009


(sources - cobrasnake, fashiongonerogue, jakandjil)

back to posting on my tumblr blog -
there i'll compile some of my favorite inspirational images from around the web (like above).
thanks to geri from becauseimaddicted for joining tumblr and consequently reminding me that i've neglected mine since....august.

p.s. you guys can still ask me your fashion and non-fashion related questions, and i'll answer them in an upcoming post!
just use the comment section or email me your questions -

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


(all images via,,,, and

clockwise from top left: opening ceremony, t by alexander wang, alexander wang, alexander wang, pamela love, chloé, helmut lang, stella mccartney, pamela love, diane von furstenberg.

i will never get my hands on any of this...but it's been hella fun to "window" shop online in my downtime and make a hypothetical christmas wish list.

now to find similar items for less ca$$$$$h.

outfit post coming up next!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

satsatsaturday night.

(sources: fashiongonerogue, studdedhearts, tobaccoandleather, wildfox.)

you know i love sharing my latest inspirational finds.

words of wisdom: one can never have enough abbey leeeeeeeeeeeeee.

proper post to come soon.
enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Thursday, December 10, 2009


free people gianna wool coat; forever 21 wrap draped cardigan, faux fur vest, and shiny zipper leggings; donni charm donni forever scarf; cross necklace; H&M divided red fingerless gloves; alice + olivia for payless wedge boot.

i begged and bribed and finally got the boyfriend to take pictures of me in our backyard (or actually the sideyard if you want to get technical). yes! i'm amazed at how good they turned out. hopefully this will turn into a more permanent photographer/model relationship, and we'll venture into other cool areas, because i'm so so in love with this new camera and the quality of the photos it takes.
sorry about the same pose in every shot; it was about 35 degrees out and we were kind of hasty to get inside to warmth and blankets.

this is my idea of a perfect outfit: layers, black, fur, draping, oversized, skinny, neutral, wedges. and it also includes three of my favorite pieces from forever 21. i'll be wearing versions of this look all winter, and it will never get boring. i like consistency and repetition in all aspects of life, including clothing.

the free people coat is my first purchase from the brand and it's easily the best piece of outerwear i've ever owned. i'm relying its versatility as my only coat to get me through the season.

BIG thanks to the lovely ladies at donni charm for this amazing scarf; i adore its softness, the subtle metallic sheen, and the "love" knot =)

Monday, December 07, 2009

face time.

american apparel tri-blend raglan
nasty gal funktional power up velvet blazer
nasty gal mixed chains cross necklace

starting to get the hang of the camera. it's easier doing close-ups.
on a side note, i am so excited to be setting up a couple of shoots in the coming weeks with a few local photographers. still don't have the pics from this one; hopefully soon!

and this blazer is absolutely incredible.
best black friday purchase ever.

i might be absent for the next few days as i focus on finals once again. one week and two days until i am done with college. woah. i'm scared to death of my unknown future but the fear excites me.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Thursday, December 03, 2009


thought it would be fun to show you guys some older outfit photos of mine, since i'm in the midst of finals and haven't had the chance to shoot any new ones. these were taken around the november 2008 - january 2009 range (i think one may actually be from this past april), and this was during the time when i had finished experimenting with different looks and found my style; exactly what i knew would work for me. and i haven't looked back.

btw, my hair is much lighter here (used to dye it, now it's back to its natural dark color), i still own and wear everything you see here (except the purse and some of the jewelry - if you want to know where anything is from, just ask in the comments), and don't judge the childhood pink carpet/brown walls that still decorate my room. painting in t-minus two weeks (after graduation), and then new carpet is going in immediately afterward.
thank. god.

hope you guys are having a good week!
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