Monday, November 30, 2009


funktional power up velvet blazer from nasty gal

frye 8R harness boot

what are my absolute essentials? hmmm that would be black ankle boots and blazers.
well, this whole new lifestyle i have adopted - saving for great "investment" pieces over buying hoards of inexpensive things - has allowed me to purchase these two bad boys.
of course i slip and still cannot pass on a good deal at work or at forever 21 (and shhhh...i bought the blazer and boots with % off discounts/gift cards), but i couldn't be happier that these on their way to my home.

p.s. liz, you are killing it as a nasty gal model.

Friday, November 27, 2009

black friday.

(sources - dripbook. lefashion, fashiongonerogue, wildfox, studdedhearts, tobaccoandleather)

hope you guys had a wonderful thanksgiving with your loved ones, relaxing and filling up on your favorite artery clogging goodies (mine happen to be buttery mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie with a huge gob of whipped cream). i spent the day with my mom, dad, little bro, and boyfriend, eating, watching movies, reading, catching up on my favorite blogs, and listening to wonderful music. can i please rewind and do it again?

one thing i know for certain: i am very thankful that, despite only having started this blog 4 months ago, i have all of you readers who for some reason still keep coming back.
& i love you all ;)

the title of this posts represents today (duh), but really the fact that i will be working all night on this fine black friday. gotta love retail. VERY thankful that my mall didn't open at a crazy-early 5am (we opened at 8). and that i got the late shift.

enjoy these inspirational photos (my favorite at the moment), while i tame the crowds at H&M.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

take two.

silence & noise double breasted blazer; american apparel viscose sexuali tee; velvet leggings and bird skull necklace from random sellers on eBay; cross necklace, hammered knuckle ring, and claw ring; forever 21 studded watch and chain bracelet; alice + olivia for payless wedge boot.

alllllrighty, here's the pictures i retook using my new camera.
well, at least they aren't blurry like the last set, but they still aren't that good! must figure out what i'm doing wrong. i know one reason why they're sub par is because the lighting is so bad in my basement (where i take my photos - the infamous brick wall, haha), and i had to adjust the brightness, which always messes them up.

there is a noticeable difference between these and my old pics; i think that the last one here turned out well and shows this.

one of these days i'll sit down and really figure out how to work this thing.
until then, i'll just be wearing my favorite ivory blazer and velvet leggings to death.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


(photos - instyle magazine december 2009)

soooooo i promised an outfit post with my new camera, but as i was going through my shots to edit them, every single one was blurry! figured out the problem though - i forgot to switch a button from manual focus to auto focus. ahhh it is just like me to do something like that. so many things i need to be more aware of with regards to this camera. guess i'll have to put that outfit on again tomorrow and re-take the pics! i frustrate myself entirely too much sometimes...

in the meantime, i couldn't find scans of these anywhere online, so above are pictures i took of an editorial from december's instyle magazine, featuring of one of my favorite models, noot seear. she's looks amazing here, and i love how she's quoted as saying "if i got out in a look like that (party dress/heels), it's usually trouble; the boys should watch out."
how come she only had .388756 seconds of screen time in new moon though? boo.

i leave you with this picture of my kitten - proof that the camera does do its job.
now i just need to figure out how to operate it effectively on self-timer mode.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

thunder kiss.

bb dakota oversized tweed blazer; H&M L.O.G.G. denim shirt; white zombie tee from random seller on eBay; H&M zipper pocket pants; zara studded bag; cross necklace and hammered knuckle ring; bird skull necklace from random seller eBay; forever 21 chain bracelet; steve madden booties.

yes, i rock out to white zombie; hence, the t-shirt. thunder kiss '65 is in the top 25 most played on my iPod. my love for rock music influences my style, can't you tell? =)

finally wearing the alexander wang-esque blazer here on the blog, or the "ugly grandpa" blazer as my boyfriend calls it, haha. i happen to think it looks pretty damn good over everything, and with some layers, it's heavy enough to double as a winter coat. wasn't a. wang a/w08 pretty much the best collection ever? yeah. look four was obviously the inspiration for the blazer i'm wearing.

so happy to say that this should be the last outfit post using that poor, poor point-and-shoot digital camera of mine...i got the exact canon from my last post (thank you again everyone for all of your suggestions!) and it should be here sat-sat-saturday! seriously cannot wait to test it out this weekend.


Monday, November 16, 2009

desperately seeking...

alright, i'm finally giving in and buying a camera (!!!!!), but i need my dear readers' opinions: what do you suggest for ~$500? i've heard that the camera above (canon rebel XSI 12MP digital SLR) is a good option (click here for more info on it). any others i should consider?


(picture source - columbine smille)

a simple pair of low-heeled ankle boots like first two above would be perfect for everyday and would pretty much round out my collection of black boots.

the first pair are the acne pistol short (gorgeous but waaaay out of my price range) and the middle pair are the scandinavian brand don donna, so i don't think they're available in the states (unless i have any scandinavian readers willing let me know how much they are/find and ship them to me...).

i actually prefer the middle don donna pair. do you guys know where i can find something similar?

can't wait to hear from all of you!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

sneak peek.

so here's something new to this blog...a high quality outfit photo!

i recently got together with a local photographer who's taken pictures of me in the past. he likes to give me direction as to what he wants me to wear (e.g. dress, sheer black tights), and then i take it from there. i'm quite pleased with this outfit (i've worn it again since this shoot too), and now that i see pictures of it, it's a bit rumi-esque, no?

these are my new boots (steve madden's) that i fell in lust with at first sight. there was something about them i couldn't quite put my finger on, and then it came to me - they're like a plain version of the much-coveted isabel marant a/w09 studded boots! i knew there was a reason for my infatuation.

whenever i receive the rest of these photos and pick out my faves (probably sometime next week?), you'll be the first to see them here. i'll list the details of my outfit then as well.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

thursday inspiration.

(sources - most are from studded hearts, le fashion, fashiongonerogue...i forget the rest)

just some random photos i'm liking (loving) right now.
sorry if i got the sources wrong; i often get too excited and right click and save photos without remembering to tag them with the source.

first photo = amazeballs. exactly how i want to be wearing my leather skirt right now (raglan, ankle boots).

fourth photo = amanda nørgaard has perfect hair! why won't mine do that?

fifth photo = dree, i'll trade you closets anydayoftheweek.

last two photos = ideas on how to wear my metallica tees under jackets of all sorts.

and this one is for an anonymous commenter who said i was boring and uninspirational <3 xo

Monday, November 09, 2009

zara lookbook november 09.

zara lookbook november 2009
(source -

zara, hurry your asses up and open your online store to the US so poor souls like me here in middle america can buy this stuff.
k, thanks!
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