Saturday, October 31, 2009

tricks and treats.

1)bb dakota o'sullivan blazer
2)H&M oversized cardigan
3)bird skull necklace and leopard scarf from eBay
4)forever 21 faux leather skirt
5)silence & noise double breasted blazer

here are some of my favorite pieces that i have yet to wear on the blog.
everything is fairly new; the cardigan is really new, just got it today (LOVE).
some of these are the things i talked about getting as birthday presents for myself back in september.

still excited over the fact that i get to choose from these while getting dressed in the morning.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


forever 21 long shag vest, oversized sweater, studded watch, and chain bracelet; H&M jean leggings; zara studded bag; target scarf and bracelet; large cross necklace; alice + olivia for payless wedge boots.

i'm going through some sort phase right now, so here's the second all-black outfit in a row. not that it's a bad phase - different layers and textures of black is one of my favorite ways to dress.

i actually wore this yesterday and last saturday, since i don't mind wearing the same outfit twice. hey, if i like it, why not?

if you follow my twitter, this is what i was wearing when i tweeted about my co-worker saying "you always look like you stepped out of a lookbook, and i like it". to which i sarcastically replied, "i'd dress like this even if you didn't like it". lolz. but i was very flattered and he knew it =)

oh, and i must rant and rave about my new necklace from it has immediately become my signature piece that i'll wear daily; can't image a more perfect silver cross. so excited to buy more pieces from rachel. she sells the most amazing jewelry and i suggest you guys check her out ASAP.

p.s. for all of those who were wondering, i found the link to the f21 wrap shirt i wore last post - click heeeere.

p.s.s. i love all of my readers, i love all of your comments, and i love all of your support. thank you guys x 1000!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

the perfect outfit.

(source - refinery29)

the perfect outfit - well, at least that's what refinery29 calls it. and i think i'd have to agree.
black fur vest? check (just got one from forever 21 last week). leather pants? check. leopard scarf? one's on its way to me now. everything else? check, check, check, check.
doesn't finding simple new outfit inspiration make you giddy? can't wait to take this for a spin.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

back in black.

forever 21 wrap shirt and studded watch; H&M divided black faux leather pants; zara studded bag; target bracelet; charlotte russe chain bracelet and filigree ring; steve madden booties.

wow, life just got busy. and i mean really busy. thank god i have only 7 weeks till i'm a college graduate. all of the extra freeeeeeeee time is calling my name.

wore this to work on friday. the shirt looks and feels about 100x more expensive than it really was ($20!).
kind of reminiscent of haider ackermann's or rick owens' beautiful wrapped and draped designs.
as you can imagine, i jumped for joy when i saw it on the f21's website (i think it's still on there...) and even more so when i found it a few hours later in store.

aaaand here are the new booties i posted about a few days ago.
they are quite comfortable (chunky heel, platform), but i'm not yet used to the 4.5" heel and the slight pull that kind of height gives my calf muscle when i walk. but give me time.
love how they make me 5'11 1/2" tall, mere inches from eye level with the boyfriend.

have a great sunday/rest of the week everyone! all black outfit #2 coming soon.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

fur crazy.

(source - fashiongonerogue)

sorry about the lack of outfit posts. i've been wearing some great things and have some new stuff that i want to show you guys, but being busy = no time to stop and take photos. pinky promise i'll do one this weekend.

i've never been as crazy about (faux) fur as i am right now. it just keeps piling up in my closet.
pretty soon my cat is going to think that i'm hiding other animals in there from her.

i'll be dreaming of these tonight.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

on my doorstep today.

finally, the simple, low-cut, curvy, chunky heeled, black leather bootie i was looking for.
was that enough adjectives for you? =)

got them here.

Monday, October 19, 2009

daria daria.

daria werbowy, vogue russia november 2009
source - fashiongonerogue

thank you daria for being so insanely gorgeous and always making my day.

all the details of my halloween costume have not yet come together, but i do know one thing: super-smokey eyes like this are definitely on the agenda, no matter what i choose to be (which is still up in the air).
one thing i love most about halloween is that it gives you an excuse to go overboard on the eye makeup. and i'll take that whenever i can get it ;)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

fake it.

forever 21 faux fur vest and white tee; H&M divided black faux leather jacket and fingerless gloves; H&M jean leggings and lace bra; target scarf; zara studded bag; alice + olivia for payless wedge boot.

two outfit posts in a row? i'm on a roll. =)

wore this on my usual weekend night pizza run with my boyfriend. what a cold and rainy friday it was. the day was spent catching up on gossip girl with my kitten and taking an extra long bath. i really needed this day of low brain stimulation.

the fur and the leather are faux, of course, and i'm pretty into these jean leggings. at first the elastic waistband turned me off, but i finally caved and there's no turning back now. as long as the waist is hidden. still, i refuse to call them "jeggings" or "treggings" (trouser leggings). jean leggings it is.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

happy feet.

H&M divided black faux leather jacket and patent flats; H&M belt (and lace bra underneath); forever 21 tee, harem-like pants, and studded watch; target bracelet; zara studded bag.

wearing flats for the first time on the blog! these and my nine west wedge boots (not the alice + olivia for payless ones) are what i wear to work, because running up and down the sales floor in any type of high wedge/heel just ain't happening. with their thin soles, these flats can sometimes get more uncomfortable than my heels, especially when i wear them for long periods of time. ok, enough about shoes. but i do have shoes on the brain right now =)

again, sorry for the crappy quality photos.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


(source - fashiongonerogue)

i was drawn to the styling in these photos, but the fact that the outfits were originally in color combinations like canary, purple, and red did nothing for me (not my style). after way too much thought, i took them to my photo editor, converted them to grayscale (easy as that), and now they are perfect, in my opinion =)
definitely regretting not buying a black maxi dress this summer to wear with (faux) fur and boots now; wanting a near floor-length sweater duster to throw over everything.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

fashion doesn't sleep.

maaaaan i feel like i've missed so much...just now catching up on the rest of PFW thanks to the iPhone app (genius), barely read any of my favorite blogs lately (bloglovin' is telling me that i have 300+ new posts to read), have a pile of unread october and november issues of elle, vogue, nylon, lucky, and marie claire. what i have to do is not coinciding with what i want to do. ahh the joys of life.

here are the rest of my favorites from paris fashion week: stella mccartney, givenchy, chloé, ann d., haider ackermann, tim hamilton, lanvin, maison martin margiela, and chanel.

inspiration at the moment:

anything and everything dree.

fur, knits, layers, abbey lee, sparkles, shoulder details, proportions, layered bracelets, ankle booties.

oh i think i might have found some low-cut ankle booties...they look a helluva lot like these:

now i just have to see if my credit card will let me order them.

even more crazy-busy days are ahead of me.
have a great week everyone =)

oh, and all comments from the past three posts have been replied to.
thank you so much for all of your continued support!

(picture credits:, altamira, lefashionimage, fashiongonerogue, knightcat)

Saturday, October 10, 2009


H&M divided black boyfriend blazer; zara oversized silk button down and studded bag; forever 21 lace tank top, shiny zipper leggings, cross necklace, and studded watch; kohls winged ring; nine west lace-up ankle boots.

at last, i have the zara bag. you know, the one i've been pining over for almost two months. i'm a little behind on the game, and it may be been-there-done-that by now, but to me this bag is just like the givenchy nightingale - no matter how old it gets, i'll still want it just the same.

BIG BIG thanks to the amazing francheska from fashion canvas for making it all happen. i gave her money for the bag and she bought it and shipped it to me all the way from spain. thank you girl, i'll be forever grateful =)

just realized this, and i can't believe it, but i've never posted these boots here on the blog! ahh the nine west cuzza boots, my absolute favorite pair of shoes in my closet. literally cannot think of an outfit i'd wear that these don't got with. i got them last december and wore them nearly every single day until may (if you followed me in my beginnings on chictopia, then you already know how much i love them). they are broken in like an old pair of jeans and are now more comfortable than my flats - that's saying a lot. so excited to be wearing them again.

and yeah, i'm awkward in front of the camera and can't pose. bleh.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

knight rider.

obsessing over these black stunners from topshop. way out of my price range, but hey, i can dream.

speaking of obsessing, i finally got THAT ZARA BAG! proper pics to come soon.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

wrap me up.

(source - fashiongonerogue, unknown, knightcat)

can't think of anything better right now than a cozy, oversized sweater, a good book, and some hot chocolate.

p.s. all comments from the previous five posts have been answered! sorry it took me so long =)

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

strappy platform heaven.

(source -

it's all about the shoes, and i'm sure that everyone agrees that these from givenchy s/s 2010 are INSANELY good.
i want them in my wardrobe. promise i'd wear them with everything ;)

p.s. loved the entire givenchy collection as well. wayyy too many amazing jackets, pants, and dresses (well entire looks) for me to try and make a collage of my favorites. the shoes are good enough for now...back to homework.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

thigh hi.

H&M oversized sweater and circle scarf; american apparel cotton thigh-high socks; forever 21 oval ring and studded watch; charlotte russe chain bracelet; target bracelet; vintage native american cuff; nine west wedges.

been wearing these thick thigh-high socks out to dinner, around the house, to comfortable and warm. oh, & i had shorts on underneath this sweater =) the weather here has finally realized that it's fall, so all of my new goodies are getting to come out and play.
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