Monday, September 28, 2009

right now.

forever 21 denim jacket; H&M trend oversized batwing blouse; H&M zippered legging pants; target bag; forever 21 paddle necklace, studded watch, and black oval ring; alive + olivia for payless wedge boots.

these pants were exactly what i wasn't looking for. yes, i said wasn't - i wasn't looking for them, but there they were, bam!, perfect.

got so many other new goodies that i can't wait to wear for fall - alexander wang-esque blazer, nude blazer (finally!), puff sleeve dress, oversized parka, gray cuffed trousers, scarves and gloves, etc., etc. definitely still some things on my list though (like the perfect low-cut ankle bootie).

lastly...sorry for the crappy quality photos, as always. i barely have enough $$$ to fund all of my fall wardrobe wants/needs.
& new clothes > new camera, my friends.

have a great monday!

Friday, September 25, 2009

caroline's layering.

(source - carolines mode)

one of my favorite bloggers, the swedish caroline (you probably follow her too - she never looks anything short of incredible), has been styling and posting these editorial-like photos, and they are just amazing. her last set was all about 80s rock (love love love), but there's just something about the soft layers in these that has me swooning even more.

definite cold weather outfit inspiration. hope you enjoy these as much as i do!

EDIT: i found another one (the last picture), and just had to add it.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

me, in black and white.

(illustration by jeremy doro)

i almost forgot to post this, but how could i? nobody has ever drawn me before, and i was completely shocked and excited to get an email out of the blue from jeremy (a parisian blogger with a perchant for drawing other bloggers a la danny roberts) containing this illustration of myself. it's so so cool, and i definitely want to frame it and i love how he chose my comfy sweatpants outfit =)
big big thanks again to the talented jeremy! xoxo

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

leather + lingerie.

(source - unknown)

leather + lingerie = a pretty perfect combination. messy hair doesn't hurt.
now to find some pants like these...

Friday, September 18, 2009

show me your street style.

(sources - studded hearts, stylesightings, rack and ruin, altamira, teen vogue, everything style)

i've come to the conclusion that, despite all of the amazing shows at NYFW,

street style > runway

anyday of the week. i get so excited just looking at these. real ladies, real style, real inspiration.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

stuart & ronson & preen.

jill stuart s/s 2010 RTW

charlotte ronson s/s 2010 RTW

preen s/s 2010 RTW
(images via

here are a few more shows that i've liked so far from NYFW.

to reiterate what a lot of others have said (and blogged about!), the ENTIRE jill stuart collection was pretty much to die for. loving nearly everything she sent down the runway. dresses of all types, from draped to bodycon, perfectly embellished jackets, skin tight pants, strong shoulders, cutouts, sequins, mesh, metallics, lace, leather, etc., etc., all with killer shoes and accessories - yes please. it definitely fed my inner rocker, and while maybe not so practical for us normal folk, it's definitely so asthetically pleasing that the collage i made is now my desktop background.

i want need a pair of those charlotte ronson leather shorts. she showed a lot of great seperates in cool textures and perfect neutral colors, bike shorts (yes, they're not going anywhere!), and even some fun layering ideas we can use right now for fall.

lastly, the four looks from preen. so pretty. as much as i love the 80s inspired rocker look, i'm really this soft, feminine, casual contemporary style right now.

will we see knock-offs come spring? hope so. =)

p.s. thanks everyone for the birthday wishes! i'm busy busy busy right now, so i'll get back to all of your comments sometime this weekend.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

birthday birthday birthday.

(source - weheartit)

haaaaaapy day of birth to me! twenty three is so uneventful, haha.

no big plans for today, as i had classes until 8:40 tonight, and then major studying for the rest of the evening. blah. all that i asked for was to come home to a nice big ice cream cake =) mmmmm....can't wait.

i plan on doing some celebratory shopping and eating out this weekend. on my birthday shopping wish list: jackets, blazers, and coats of all shapes, sizes, and colors (neutrals of course). really looking into getting a nude blazer, a leather blazer, and an oversized parka.

here's to another year!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

wang & wasson & wayne & rag.

alexander wang s/s 2010 RTW

erin wasson x rvca s/s 2010 RTW

wayne s/s 2010 RTW

rag and bone s/s 2010 RTW

(collages made by me using images from

some of my favorite looks so far from new york fashion week. you can really see my simple sense of style and love for neutral colors come through with my selections, haha.

alexander wang, my favorite designer, was a little different this year with his all-american and sporty influences, but he still never fails to let us down. i'd pretty much kill for the entire outfit on anna selezneva (bottom, far left). while i can't say that i liked everthing he sent down the runway (i didn't), i was most drawn to the black, white, gray, and nude pieces that looked like the usual wang garb. the best part though? knee highs! something so simple that can be added to any look even now as we transition into fall. i just bought thigh highs, but i just might have to get knee highs now as well.

i like the six looks above from erin wasson x rvca. yes, it's a lot of what we've already seen in terms of style, but these are some nice throw-it-on-and-go outfits that consist of just two or three really simple but really great pieces.

wayne was minimalist perfection, and i also really loved all of the blazers and pants at rag and bone.

what were your favorites?
i'll be posting more of my NYFW faves soon! ♥

Friday, September 11, 2009

shine on.

H&M trend sequined jacket; forever 21 gray v-neck tee, harem-like pants, studded watch, and black oval ring; target silver bracelet; charlotte russe hammered silver knuckle ring; kohls winged thumb ring; aldo lace-up wedges.

definitely finding more reasons to wear this jacket. it doesn't deserve to just hang in my closet, no matter how blinding the reflections off of it might be.

sooooo excited about NYFW that is in full swing right now (and jealous of all the lucky bloggers who got to go!). my favorite shows will obviously be alex wang, erin wasson, and rag and bone, and you know i'll be scoping out some model street style.

p.s. you can now find me on american apparel's website; the product page for my favorite, the sexuali-tee. this "seen on bloggers" feature is so cool, and definitely brillz. thanks all you peeps at AA!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

stockholm, i love you.

(source - stockholm street style)

there must be some scandinavian in me somewhere. it would explain the unhealthy obsession i have with all things fashion-related in this amazing region of the globe, especially sweden.

their sense of style speaks volumes to me. it never gets old. it never will. it makes me happy. it inspires me like no other.

keep it coming, stockholm, and i'll keep eating it up.

Monday, September 07, 2009

white hot.

(ali stephens for russh sept 2009. source - fashiongonerogue)

whether you're working, or you're not, have a great labor day everyone (in the states)!
this marks the unofficial end of summer, and for once i'm not sad (see fall inspirational post below).

because we can wear white whenever the hell we want.

Saturday, September 05, 2009


H&M trend silk batwing blouse; DIY destroyed cutoffs; forever 21 tribal leaf necklace, studded watch, and black oval ring; target tights; alice + olivia for payless buckled wedge boots.
  • the new blouse, the new boots, the new wardrobe staples.
  • i realize there's a shred of denim hanging off of my shorts. it wouldn't stay tucked in and i keep forgetting to cut it off. maybe i should just go with it? ha.
  • got another "i think you are an awesome girl" blog award, this time from fashionwithoutguilt. thank you! xoxo
  • still desperately seeking THIS blazer. has anyone seen it at their H&M (it's from the trend line) that would be willing to ship it to me?
  • while we're at it, one more favor...can someone invite me to the fashion spot? pretty please? =)
  • the ali stephens/numero toyko editorial has been blowing my mind, and erika from fashionchalet created this amazing collage today, now my new desktop background. i've been staring at it for a while. why can't leather pants, a crop top, and fur be practical? hmph.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

what's old is new.

(completely forget all of the sources. i think some are from leflassh, knightcat, and lefashion. the rest, idk)

while all of the new inspirational photos floating around the blogosphere right now are blowing my mind (and as much as i want to jam-pack my blog with them), tonight i decided to take a peek into one of my older (pre-blog) inspiration folders to see what i could come across. and yeehaw, what's old, or at least not fairly recent, is new and relevant again.

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