Sunday, August 30, 2009


H&M divided black boyfriend blazer and bodycon ribbed knit skirt; forever 21 v-neck tee, sleeveless draped cardigan, cross necklace, studded watch, and black oval ring; charlotte russe hammered silver knuckle ring; nine west wedge boots.

here's better pictures the outfit i wore to chicago last weekend; lots of comfortable and lightweight layers. this forever 21 cardigan almost looks like a scarf, doesn't it? i've been playing around with it alot; it's such a great piece. and i can't say enough good things about these boots - they kept me painless the 8+ hours we walked around that city! i'm also really loving the transition into fall and the fact that chicago was cool enough to wear an outfit like this. indiana is slowly cooling down, and my closet is slowly filling up with cold-weather clothes.

this is what i purchased in chicago: silk batwing blouse (already worn it twice, so perfect), and the light skinny jeans (which i'm thinking about destroying the hell out of). the dark ones i actually i bought at my store; the fading is so cool and they look amazing with just a white tee and black blazer (you'll probably see that outfit soon! haha).

until next time ♥

Friday, August 28, 2009

the windy city.

(pictures by nathan and i; i kept them small since there's so many of them)

ahh chicago. such a beautiful place, isn't it? and it's been only hours away from me this whole time. i think the reason i fell in love on my first trip there is the fact that it's big city and has so many things to offer that indianapolis doesn't (hello beach & lake michigan! hello shopping!), but is still in the midwest and feels like home.

we (my boyfriend and i) walked all around the city, visited the beach for a bit, shopped, went 94 floors up to the top of the john hancock center (the skyscraper in the very first picture. not as high as the sears tower; which, by the way, you can see in the background of some of my pictures), and of course ate pizza (so good, although i had NY style; i don't do chicago-style deep dish).

mind you, this was my visit to an H&M that sells the trend line, a zara, a barneys new york, an american apparel - heck, it was first time seeing designer boutiques like YSL and chanel! in barneys, i just walked around in a daze touching huge knit stella mccartney caridgans, rick owens leather jackets, supersoft the row tees; anything i could in the short amount of time my boyfriend let me walk around in there, haha. i had an amazing time, and there's so many things we didn't get the chance to do, so i can't wait to go back this winter.

better pictures of the outfit i wore (plus outfit details) sometime this weekend.

xxx caylee

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

the ones that got away.

definitely went to chicago this weekend on a mission. well, mission failed.

(source - ellenclaesson)
my first visit ever to a zara store (in a chicago suburb) turned up nothing; lots of amazing pieces of course, but i was looking for this bag but they did not have it.

(source - vanillascented)
nor did they have these boots. damn you zara!

(source - fashionsquad)
at the H&M downtown on michigan avenue (which i want to live in), the first thing i honed in on was this pretty/ugly tee. i picked it up. and then i put it back. why why why! i regret it now; should have bought it on the spot.

(source - elinoryouknow)
didn't see this there.

(source - elinoryouknow)
or this necklace.

(source -
or these badass jeans.

i guess this calls for a trip back to chicago soon, if not for these, then for many other goodies i'll lusting over soon. maybe for my birthday (9/15)? ;)

p.s. pictures from my trip up to that beautiful city are coming soon! and i did end up with some pretty cool jeans and a trend blouse from H&M.

p.s.s. does anyone with access to that zara bag and a paypal account (so i could pay you) maybe want to buy that bag and ship it to me? god i would love you till the end.

EDIT: i already have 3-4 people willing to get me that bag...eek! while it's exciting, the last thing i want to do is have more than one person get it, and then someone is stuck with an extra PLEASE EMAIL ME at if you are serious so i can let you know if it's a go, or if i have already worked it out with someone else.
THANKS guys, you are amazing.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

another day in denim.

H&M L.O.G.G. denim shirt; forever 21 loose pocket tank, destroyed jeans, cross necklace, studded watch, and oval ring; charlotte russe hammered silver knuckle ring; nine west wedge boots.

the denim shirt again. loving how versatile it is.
and yes, i know - this is nothing new, nothing special.
but simple looks are what i like, and what i feel most comfortable in.
i am constantly on the hunt for the perfect, basic, simple-with-an-edge pieces like this denim shirt to fill my wardrobe with.

also, natascha gave me an "i think you are an awesome girl" award (thank you!), and tagged me to list ten things about myself. here we go...

1.) i'm usually late to everything that is important.
2.) i never used to wear black (crazy, huh?!), but now it's all i want.
3.) my diet consists of foods that a 10 year old would eat (including: lots of pizza, macaroni and cheese, sweets). one of these days i’ll finally stop eating junk.
4.) not doing my best at something is not an option.
5.) i’m a pretty shy and reserved person; i don’t like to talk a lot and most of the time i keep to myself. except at work, of course. but usually when i'm with people i feel comfortable with, i turn into one crazy, goofy person. and with you guys, who share my greatest passion - i could talk with you all day!
6.) even after being with my boyfriend, nathan, for 7.5 years (since i was 15 and he was 16), i love him more and more each day.
7.) yes, i love rock music that is sometimes a little questionable.
8.) i dream about the day when i own my own home and can decorate it to my desires.
9.) i watch tv on the internet.
10.) i'm a pretty creative, artistic person; i used to draw and write all the time but have gotten away from it since i started college four years ago. i hope to start up both again soon.

i'm supposed to tag ten other people, but i just tag whoever wants to do it =)

EDIT: i forgot to mention that this outfit of mine was featured on in a story about fashionable sweatpants. how cool? i absolutely love refinery and their fashion coverage. thank you guys! check out the feature HERE.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

i've found you.

H&M L.O.G.G. denim shirt, H&M divided black henley bodycon dress; forever 21 cross necklace and black oval ring; charlotte russe hammered silver knuckle ring; nine west wedges.

been waiting and looking forever for the perfect denim shirt, and i jumped for joy when this one made it's way into my store last week. yes, i said my store. if you didn't catch where i work at from this interview, you know now =)
you also know (if you've read any interviews) how obsessed i am with scandinavian fashion and street style - well, with H&M being a swedish company, it makes the kinds of clothes i adore and therefore is my favorite store. it just makes sense that i would work there! lol. i love my job. it's pretty much the closest i will get to working in fahsion in indiana. i can see myself there for a while.

denim shirt part two coming soon, as i've been wearing this thing over everything.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

a few things.

(source - studded hearts, fashionsquad)

1. fall weather, please come fast! i am getting excited over all of the possibilities. these two amazing looks are exactly what i'm feeling: heavy layered top, super-skinny bottom, killer shoe. plus i'm excited for textures. recently purchased - velvet leggings, a huuuuge oversized sweater, and a thick ribbed knit skirt. yes.

2. grace from squarectomy featured me as her "look of the week" last week (thank you!), and a reader informed me that i am up on's blog in a post about tie-dye jeans. pretty funny since they sell expensive designer jeans and the ones i am wearing in the picture they used are cheapie forever 21's, hehe.

(source - modelina)
3. love me some noot seear. seriously gorgeous girl, seriously amazing style! she's in new moon coming out november 20th. doesn't she just look like she could be heidi?

(images from, collage made by me)

4. these pictures from H&M magazine are killing me. this is style perfection. what really breaks my heart is that my store does not carry the trend line, the divided exclusive line, or the urban basics line, which is where a lot of the stuff featured in this editorial are from. boo. which brings me to the next thing...

5. ...i am going up to chicago this weekend with my boyfriend for some shopping and a little change of scenery. you know i'm hitting up the two H&M's they have downtown, plus i'm hoping to make my way to a chicago suburb and check out a zara...exciting stuff, at least for me! it's my first time visiting, so if any of you are from chicago/have been there and have any tips/places i should visit, etc., pleeeeease let me know! i would love to hear them.

xxx caylee

Friday, August 14, 2009

black boots and myspace muse.

you can never have too many black shoes. or boots. or black boots. hence, my justification for the purchase of these two bad boys, via and
black boots are all i'm going to wear in the fall/winter anyway, so i need options. and now, along with my heeled lace-up boots and and flat moto boots, i have a wedge boot and a flat lace-up boot - both exactly what i was looking for.

annnnnnd today i was featured on WhoWhatWear as an august myspace muse! WhoWhatWear is HUGE in terms of fashion and i've been reading their daily posts for nearly two years now, so i'm super-excited, honored, and humbled. not exactly sure what i did to deserve all of this amazing stuff that keeps happening, but it really really really makes my day. and week - really. thank you so much WhoWhatWear.

check out me (along with my friend, the gorgeous and stylish dajana from as august myspace muses HERE. =)

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dear topshop... are one of my favorite brands, yet i've never stepped foot in one of your stores and do not own a single piece of your clothing. so then, how can you be a favorite, you ask? well, i see topshop clothing everywhere i turn, from blogs to editorials, and i wander over to your site every couple of days and drool over the amazing selection that is so well suited to my style it isn't even funny. while your prices are very reasonable in the broader scope of things, you are still a tiny bit out of my price range at the moment. hopefully that changes in the near future, and i get to see one of your lovely packages arrive at my doorstep, containing items like in the collage above: a rodarte-ish knit sweater, a fringed mini skirt, a sequined and shoulder-padded sweatshirt, a draped jersey blazer - all simple items with the perfect little details i crave.
yours truly, caylee

(collage made by me, using pictures from

Thursday, August 13, 2009

her questions, my answers.

the super-sweet christina from had me answer a few questions regarding fashion, which made sense because my blog is so new and her site is mainly focused on supporting up-and-comers. i thought you guys would like to hear what i had to say, so...enjoy my latest feature below!

(image via

"Caylee has completely captured my heart in her simplicity. Her look is truly pure; budget-friendly, something we all can relate to. This gorgeous, 22-year old from Indiana has a defined look of casual basics and I'm truly obsessed. She brings a sweet essence to the blog world as she's only been blogging for a short time and already has received rave reviews, from the likes of Knight Cat and Chictopia. She's given me inspiration for her budget-friendly shopping and her DIY tips. Caylee has a subtle way of being in-her-own fashion-forward; showing off nothing over the edge but just enough to want to capture that look yourself...easy chic and profresh. Check her out and see for yourself. She's sure to capture your fashion heart" - written by Christina from

Christina: Why did you start your blog?
I've been reading blogs some of the older fashion blogs for almost two years now. I too wanted to share my passion and connect with others, but back then, I didn't feel like I had anything good to contribute to the blogosphere. At the end of last year, I had finally defined my style and became more comfortable with myself, so I started uploading some outfit photos on my MySpace and then earlier this year I created a Chictopia account. The response was so good, especially on Chictopia, that I decided to give blogging a go...that was just a few weeks ago, and I haven't looked back.

Christina: Who/what inspires you?
Scandinavian street style is my biggest source of inspiration. I cannot and will not ever get enough of Sweden and Norway and the incredible, incredible style the ladies have over there - it's absolutely perfect (see my list of favorite blogs below for proof)! I also look to nearly all street style blogs for inspiration, and model-off-duty style is a definite favorite of mine.

Christina: What can someone do to look fashionable if they are on a strict budget?
Caylee: I am that person on a strict budget, so I guess I could lead by example here. There are so many stores that are cheap yet stylish (see next question) and that pick up on the current trends, so if you educate yourself in fashion, and most importantly, find out exactly what works for you and your style, you can find those pieces anywhere, no matter what the place or price.

Christina: Where do you do the majority of your shopping?
Caylee: H&M, Forever 21, Target, Urban Outfitters, Aldo, Nine West, American Apparel....really inexpensive places, yet you can find just about everything you need. I also buy a lot of things off of eBay. You can find great things at discounted prices (I got a brand new $50 Zara blouse for $20), items from a previous season, or something that is already sold out in stores.

Christina: Name fashionable ladies/gents who tickle your fancy.
Caylee: Celebrity-wise, it’s the three stylish Kate’s - Kate Lanphear, Kate Moss, and Kate Bosworth. Right now I really love Carolina from Fashion Squad, Lena from Elenita, and Ida from Life by Ida – every single outfit they wear is exactly something that I would and want to wear. They’re amazing!

Christina: How do you know what looks good when you’re done outfitting? What's the LAST piece you add?
Caylee: I'm not really sure; I guess I do stand in from of a full-length mirror and make sure the overall the outfit - the proportions, the accessories, etc. - works together. The last pieces that I add are my rings. I have a variety of that I pick and choose from everyday.

Christina: Describe your "getting ready" ritual.
Caylee: I usually have an idea of what I want to wear, based on a current piece of clothing that I am obsessing over (i.e. sometimes I want to wear my denim vest all week, or I really want to wear boots), my mood, or inspiration that I have just seen; whether I pick that outfit out in the morning or the night before is up in the air.

Christina: Describe your style in 3 words or less.
Casual edgy-feminine.

Christina: What blogs do you read?
Wow, you really don't want me to go here. I am following 70 blogs on Bloglovin', if that tells you anything. Here's a list of some of my current favorites: KnightCat, Fashion Squad, Stockholm Street Style, Elenita, Life by Ida, Jak&Jil, Style by Kling, Le Fashion Image, LeFlassh, Style Sightings, Fashion Toast, A Fashion Tale, and Anywho.

Christina: What do your family & friends think of your blog/fashion sense?
Caylee: I don't know anyone personally who has any interest in fashion, whatsoever, so a lot of the current trends and things that I wear are pretty foreign to them. My mom thinks it's funny that I love wearing things that were in style during her younger years in the 80s and 90s, like high-waist Levi cutoffs. My boyfriend doesn't mind or really even care what I wear, but he does think some my get-ups are quite crazy, because again, fashion isn't the norm in Indiana. Although not as interested in the idea of fashion as me, my friends understand my obsession and I love getting compliments from them.

Christina: Give us a secret no one knows. (i.e. how many pairs of shoes you have, your obsession with toe socks, whatever)
This is no secret, because if you were to look at the credits under the outfits photos on my blog, you could easily see this: I do not own anything designer, and the most expensive thing in my closet is a pair of $110 boots. I'm a bargain shopper on a student budget!

Christina: Name one piece from your closet you can't live without?
My Nine West Cuzza boots from last winter - they are the perfect lace-up, chunky-heeled ankle boot; they go with everything in my closet and are incredibly comfortable. I will wear them to death again this fall/winter.

Christina: What motivates you to blog?
Caylee: Mainly the fact that I live in Indiana (not a state known for its fashion sense), and again, I know no one personally who has an interest in fashion like I do. Blogging allows me to connect with others around the entire globe that share my passion and can appreciate it when I say I am obsessing over the latest pair of shoes or gorgeous editorial.

Christina: You’re an item in a boutique. What item would you be and what does it look like?
I kind of want be the perfect basic - a fitted black boyfriend blazer or an oversized, slouchy white tee - one that's not too expensive and is one of those versatile pieces that you can wear with everything. Though I also wouldn't mind being the perfect black "it" shoe of the moment, preferably right now a wedge ankle boot.

Christina: Complete this sentence: "I'm obsessed with __Cat's blog KnightCat__ because nearly every picture she posts gets right-clicked and saved into my inspiration folder."

Christina: What advice can you give to blogger on the rise?
Caylee: Post on your blog often, to give your readers content and keep them coming back. Get accounts on sites like Chictopia and to post your outfits on as well, to draw readers from there to your blog. Become friends with other bloggers (hiiiii Cat and Erika!!). Most importantly, I believe, is to stay true to your style - what makes you, you is what makes your blog special.


you can check out the actual feature here.

thanks again christina =)

Sunday, August 09, 2009

sunday inspiration.

(sources - studded hearts, lefashionimage, jak&jil, lefashionimage, knightcat, unknown)

amazing pictures floating around the blogosphere right now.
gorgeous to look at; more importantly, inspiring.

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Friday, August 07, 2009

no sweat.

H&M divided black boyfriend blazer; H&M henley tank; forever 21 harem sweatpants, tribal leaf necklace, and studded watch; charlotte russe hammered silver knuckle ring; target bag; aldo lace-up wedges.

i'm baaaaack. =)

this is how i wear sweatpants.

oh, and i forgot to mention that i became STYLE ICON on chictopia last week. yaaaay!


thank you to everyone who became a fan of mine - your support there made me finally decide to start this blog!

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