Friday, July 31, 2009

simplicity reigns.

american apparel viscose sexuali tee; forever 21 suede-like shorts, layered chain necklace, and studded watch; kohls silver winged ring; target bracelet and hammered silver ring; aldo lace-up wedges

sometimes you just don't need much.

EDIT: second photo added 8/2/09

two in the morning.

(source - harper and harley, unknown, dripbook)

it's two in the morning, and instead of sleeping, i am looking at pretty pictures of girls on beds. and now blogging about it.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

black and white.

forever 21 loose pocket tank, knit pocket skirt, acid wash denim jacket, lariat necklace, and studded watch; H&M lace bra; kohls silver winged ring; target hammered silver ring; aldo lace-up heels.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


(source - unknown)

god i need a nude boyfriend blazer in my life.

Monday, July 27, 2009


omg. i am on!
being featured on my favorite blog = i can now die happy.
cat is the sweetest person, and her hugely inspirational blog has helped my style evolve into what it is today. even more, i never expected it. i just visited her site (like i do everyday), and BAM!, there was my face. totally awesome.

xxx caylee

oh and the picture is one of my favorite fashion images EVER, via knightcat ;)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

lace biker shorts.

forever 21 oversized sweater and tribal leaf necklace; vintage levis cutoff denim shorts; H&M lace biker shorts (made from lace leggings); kohls winged ring; target hammered silver ring; nine west leather wedges.

really wanted biker shorts. then i wanted lace biker shorts. what i didn’t want was to pay an arm and a leg for them. but, as fate would have it, i opened my sock/tights drawer and there sat my neglected lace leggings.
lace leggings + scissors = lace bike shorts!
i’ve never been happier to find something already in my closet.
these also make me feel much more comfortable wearing my super-short shorts out to places like school.

fashionista of the week.

i am featured on as this weeks fashionista of the week!

this is super-exciting because it's my first feature.
thank you so much shanteé!

check out my feature here, and below.

*PERSONAL STYLE* “My style is very simple and chic; it revolves around casual basics, feminine, rocker/edgy pieces, or sometimes with some vintage inspiration thrown in. My outfits are not anything groundbreaking, but I certainly love fashion and everything it entails. I am very inspired by street style from Norway/Sweden, fashion blogs, and of course runway and fabulous editorials. I like to follow current trends that work for me, and right now I’m really loving 80’s glam rock and 90’s grunge.”

CELEB STYLE INSPIRATION* Model-off-duty street style is my absolute favorite. I also really love three Kate’s: Kate Lanphear, Kate Moss, and Kate Bosworth.

*FAVE DESIGNER* Alexander Wang. His designs are so effortless and just amazing. I will never tire of his perfect basics, his chic simplicity, his casual sexiness, and his rock-n-roll edge.

*FAVE BRAND* H&M. They bring affordable style to the masses. Some of my favorite pieces in my closet like my sequin jacket, black lace-up skinny jeans, and leather vest are from there, and with it being a swedish company, what more could I ask for? Though I may be a bit biased…I’m on their payroll! =)

*FAVE STORE* eBay. You can seriously find anything and everything there: perfect vintage items, things that have already sold out or are from a past season, and amazing pieces for bargain prices.

*MOST STYLISH SONG* I’m the wrong person to ask this question to, because all I really listen to is rock music. Is metallica stylish? Most people probably say no, but I certainly think it is. Rock music in general is very inspiring!

*MUST-HAVE BEAUTY ITEM* Mascara. I have been using Maybelline’s Full n Soft waterproof mascara in Very Black for 10 years! It has never failed me.

*MUST-HAVE FASHION ITEM* Skinny jeans, a perfect black blazer, oversized t-shirts, chunky heeled black lace-up ankle boots, and all types of silver jewelry.

*AMOUNT OF TIME IT TAKES TO GET READY* I shower and do my hair at night (so I wake up with not-so-perfect waves), so depending on whether I know what I want to wear – about 30-40 minutes.


h&m divided black oversized stripe pocket tee and bodycon black dress (worn as a skirt); forever 21 tribal leaf necklace, fringe bag, and studded watch; target bracelet and hammered silver ring.

another shot from a previous outfit. someone on lookbook said i look like fiona apple. she is gorgeous, but i just don't see it!

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Saturday, July 25, 2009


(source - unknown)

if you can't already tell, i'm trying to update my jewelry collection with some new shiny shinys.
not really into the giant rhinestone choker, but the bird skull necklace is right up my alley.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Thursday, July 23, 2009

& sometimes i like to dress up.

forever 21 lace bustier, harem pants, acid wash denim jacket, skinny studded belt, and silver studded watch; new york & company quilted chain handle purse; target hammered silver ring and bracelet; aldo lace-up wedges.

no special occasion; just felt like wearing this. you know how you get that way sometimes?
i threw a denim jacket over it when i got chilly.

oh and say hi to my kitten, chloé. she is ornery as hell and wouldn't stay out of the frame while i took outfit photos, but she is the second love of my life.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

time traveling.

here are some of my recent outfits.

i'm not going to go though and label each one, so if you want to know where i got something, just ask in the comments!


i've done did it.

(source - unknown)

i've wanted to do this for a while, and now i finally think i have the time.

stay tuned.

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