Sunday, December 06, 2009

oh me oh my.

alexander wang pre-fall 2010.

honey, i've made my christmas wish list.


Dylana said...

Everything is gorgeous! And thank you for letting me know about getting the spiked bracelets love!

Georgia said...

I love the monochromity, structured rigidness of the look.
It would be mine

Francheska said...

hahah great wish-list! its freaking amazing. I`m just thinking that if I would own all the pieces, my closet would be perfect for the res of my life!x

Gon said...

There's some great pieces but overall i don't like that much... :S!

Great blog Caylee ;)!

Fashion Chalet said...

I know right!?

Santa-- if you're listening... ;)


Jacqueline said...

Great list! I hope maybe you can get one item you really want from this collection. Can you say 'investment piece?' =)


Mila said...

I agree with teh title!

Fashion Monstre said...

yummy! and those sunglasses are adorable!!

Karen said...

Love it and I'll take those glasses too. The oversized cat eye look I'm seeing now is a welcome update.

ps. Yes, I can't wait to see your blogger meet up one of these days too!!

Karen x

thehautepursuit said...

This man knows how to make a mean sweater!

Alex Dom said...

wang is a genius guaranteed

Mariezee said...

These outifts are so YOU!

Feelmore said...

OK oh wow. This is exciting...

Vinda Sonata said...

great. now i've just added more things into my xmas wishlist. love love loveee alex wang. his collections are always filled with splurge-worthy items ;)

p.s. great blog.

Maria said...

I KNOW. This is so wang. <3

caylee said...

dylana - no prob!

georgia - exactly why i love it.

francheska - yes! actually i'd be pretty happy with one piece...=)

gon - thank you! i actually like it all, haha, but that's the beauty of the world - all of the differences in opinion. =)

fashion chalet - santa baby... =)

jacqueline - ahhh yes, but it's highly doubtful that i'll own anything from this collection =(

mila - yeah, the title was the exact thing i said outloud when i first saw these pics. haha!

fashion monstre - i'm usually not a sunglasses girl, but these are just amazing.

karen - yes and yes!

thehautepursuit - omg yes and knits and sweaters are one of my favorite things. wang is the man.

alex dom - he gets it right EVERY time.

marizee - aww thanks! probably why i like it so much =)

feelmore - very very.

vinda sonata - haha, sorry i've expanded your wishlist! this collection did the same thing to mine too =)

maria - & that's why it's so sooooooo good. =)

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