Monday, December 07, 2009

face time.

american apparel tri-blend raglan
nasty gal funktional power up velvet blazer
nasty gal mixed chains cross necklace

starting to get the hang of the camera. it's easier doing close-ups.
on a side note, i am so excited to be setting up a couple of shoots in the coming weeks with a few local photographers. still don't have the pics from this one; hopefully soon!

and this blazer is absolutely incredible.
best black friday purchase ever.

i might be absent for the next few days as i focus on finals once again. one week and two days until i am done with college. woah. i'm scared to death of my unknown future but the fear excites me.


inkarlcerating said...

wats yer new cam?wow! congrats!

florabohemienne said...

i really love your outfit! I recently got a fancier camera too and although it's totally capable of taking better pictures, it's kind of hard to focus it? probably because i'm a newbie, but these really are gorge. been blogging for a while but i had to move!

Mila said...

omg you look gorgeous sweety!


Beautiful outfit, love the necklaces!


Fashion By He said...

great blazer, your style is reading your blog

link exchange?

come check out the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think

Jacqueline said...

I love the blazer! Great investment piece =) Good luck with finals!


Feelmore said...

Fear is always exciting if it's the good kind. :) LOVE love love your blazer...

Dirty Hair Halo said...

Your pictures are looking great.

kpeach said...

perfect t shirt xo

Karen said...

wow what a difference! LOVE these photos!!!! so cool. You look great with your hair up by the way.

I've always loved that blazer.

Karen x

Grace said...

That blazer is so gorgeous. I like that the structure is subtle and that fabric!

By the way, the camera is turning out fabulous photos lady.

Love Grace.

Quiri said...

looks great!

Francesca said...

love it!

F <-- two girls blogging fashion from nyc and chicago!

The Style Strutter said...

Love your blazer, gorgeous pics:)!!

Zepequeña said...

You look great!


sofiasophie said...

your blazer is incredible!

Lau said...

good luck for finals! the blazer looks fantastic! xx

Acts Of Play

leflassh. said...

you look awesome baby!
blazer is looooveeeee.
and photos turned out super good!
good job ;)

Fashion & DIY said...

wow! LOVE the velvet blazer!!!!!!

Gon said...

Great! I'm just started with college lool! Good luck for your finals, oh and you look totally amazing ;D!


Angie said...

Loving the pictures Caylee! And you are so pretty! can you do a beauty post soon? <3

Dylana said...

The blazer is gorgeous! Love that it is velvet! Good luck with your exams!

danmyy said...

LOVE LOVE the velvet blazerr! I'm currently in love with velvet atm. looks divine.


Lainey said...

Amazing blazer! Love how powerful and structural the shoulders are. Your pictures are beautiful.

Vinda Sonata said...

i love your look, that's so model-off-duty. great blazer too :)

Loving Chiaradeanna said...

Love the jacket! I like your style so much ;)


You look amazing! I love your hair like that! =]

mens casual jackets said...

I really like this blazer! Loving the blazer look right now!

Monochromachic said...

love the close up shots:) you have a gorgeous skin! and great black friday buy, love the pointy shoulders:) goodluck with exams and finishing school! another chapter in your life awaits! :)


Maria said...

caylee, you're such a pretty girl!
good luck on your exams :)

Hanae said...

you look so sweet!! nice jacket!

Felicia said...

I just finished my finals tonight and my next semester will finally be my last till I transfer. Good luck on your finals! Also gorgeous blazer!! :)

Faridah said...

You're stunning! Loving the new camera.

Fashion Chalet said...


LOVE how you incorporated it into Twitter as well!!


the guilty hyena said...

Just love a simple blazer

@ The Guilty Hyena †
@ The Guilty Hyena †


Jessica said...

That blazer is currently on my NastyGal wishlist and after seeing it on you, I am CONVINCED that I need it! It is such a great shape and I adore the velvet.


betz said...

you look so fab. it's my first visit in your blog and i'm loving it. you got great style. following you!

Frickys said...

I love how your photos turned out... so magazine worthy! Great makeup and posing, can't wait to see more :)

caylee said...

inkarlcerating - it's a canon rebel XSI 12MP digital SLR. i LOVE it! thanks karl =)

florabohemienne - thanks! no it's not you, it is really really hard to focus. with the self-timer, i was told you have to focus on something first, then stand in that exact spot when get in front of the camera. hope that helps, it helped me!

mila, a piece of passion - thank you!

fashion by he - thank you! you're always so nice. i want to keep my links to just the blogs that i love and read, so please, don't take it personally. =)

jacqueline - thank you! finals are going well so far.

feelmore - and that it is =) thank you!

dirty hair halo - thank you! i'm excited to be getting the hang of it.

kpeach - thanks! AA has the best basics.

karen - aww thanks karen! i rarely wear my hair up, but i seem to get positive feedback when i do, haha, so i might start doing it more often.

grace - the shoulders are what drew me to it, and it is such a luxurious velvet; i can't stop touching it! and thank you =)

quiri, francesca, the style strutter, zepequena, sofiasophie, lau - thank you so much guys!

leflassh. - awwwww thanks dajana! =)

fashion & DIY - thank you!

gon - thank you, and good luck to you as well!

angie - thank you! yes, that is a great idea, i will do that soon!

dylana - thank you so much!

danmyy - thank you! i can't get enough of it right now either.

lainey - thank you! the shoulders are what make me love it so.

vinda sonata - thank you!

loving chiaradeanna - aww thank you!

come over to the dark side...we have candy - thank you so much! i'm trying to wear it up more often =)

mens casual jackets - thank you! blazers are my absolute favorite =)

monochromachic - aww thank you! i can't wait to see where life takes me.

maria - aww thanks maria! xo

hanae - thank you!

felicia- feels GREAT to be done, doesn't it. =) i'm almost there...thank you!

faridah - thank you so much!

fashion chalet - thank you erika! =) it's rare that i like a picture, so i felt it deserved profile picture status, ahahhaha.

the guilty hyena - thank you! if it's one thing i love, it's a good blazer.

jessica - you should definitely get it before it's gone. totally worth every cent.

betz - aww thank you! so so glad to have you hear; see you around! =)

frickys - aww thank you! hopefully my pics keep turing out well.

melissa said...


thischicksgotstyle said...

Absolutely love this jacket :D

shopahallic said...

amazing blazer!! I love all the velvet this season! Your blog is amazing!

sub-urban legend said...

i LOVE your blazer! its such a unique shape and fabric. love it!

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