Thursday, December 24, 2009

christmas eve.

(source - wildfox)
this first set of photos really spoke to me and i had to post them.
simple, chic, effective. enough said.

(source - jakandjil)
dree - my ultimate style icon. keep 'em coming tommy.

(source - mr.newton, wildfox)
my new style icon, sheila marquez. the first pic of her is literally the best outfit i've ever seen (if i had to wear one thing for the rest of my life, it would be that).
after seeing more, i know my lust at first sight has become love.

(source - lefashion, emmahearts tumblr)
i've also been keeping up with my tumblr...follow me here for daily inspiration and all around badass photos like the ones above that i could cram on my blog, but choose to put on tumblr instead. hehe.

(source - weheartit)
& merry christmas eve everyone, hope you are having a wonderfully relaxing day with your friends and family (or you'll do so tomorrow). don't forget to remember the true meaning of CHRISTmas =)
hooooooopefully i'll get around to taking some outfit pics in the next two days.
right now i'm just enjoying laziness and dessert.


Francheska said...

Love this collection of images!!!! Sheila´s style is flawless and I really love Dree´s outfit too!

Merry Christmas Caylee! Have a wonderful time!!!!!! xx

Anonymous said...

Merry christmas! Glad you know the true meaning.. seems like everyone's forgetting.

Alanna said...

love the images, so inspirational!

merry christmas to you too!

bijoubijou said...

love all these looks


Pia said...

sheila's marquez is stunning! merry christmas!

thischicksgotstyle said...

All very inspiring!!

miucciahadalittlelamb said...

so chic!!! I'm dying for the burberry pumps!!

Candice said...

urgh i love sheila marquez and dree!
i've been wanting dree's jeans for months but they're not stocked in my country yet!

Carolina said...

love the photos & your blog! Merry Christmas! xo

Fashion Chalet said...

Epic post, C!
Thanks for these images :)
can't wait to try on my gloves, thank you 10x over!

PS: Hope you're enjoying the festivities.


The Fashion Cloud said...

Great photo sec love the first one. Those trousers look divine :)

Hope you had a great christmas


Gon said...

Yeah, the first set is really interesting i love how she's moving in the pic and her pants!

Have a great time!

Mont Charles et Moi said...

wow,amazing pictures!
happy holidays! x

Anonymous said...

merry christmas to you and yours, girl!

Jacqueline said...

Merry Christmas Caylee! xoxo

Studded Hearts said...

Merry Christmas to you too!

Studded Hearts

Sally said...

I love all these looks so much. This blog is such a find!

Merry Christmas.

Ayse said...

i love your blog! follow you..

follow me pls too


MollyCake said...

love the first outfit. perfect. and those beigey nudey long underweary pants?? got to get my little paws on em....

just found your blog, loves it!

LoveLouis said...

WOW great post!

Love Louis

wideawakethoughts said...

ooh wow that is one helluva style set! those Burberry boots are amazing... and i LOVE Sheila's outfit. effortlessly chic.

your blog looks beautiful, as always x


FESI said...

I love all the outfits!

Vicki said...

love this post :)
is the thrid last image cherryblossom girl? xo

Walk The Sand said...

Great images. Love the girl with the black headband and black mongolian scarf. She's awesome.

Hope you had a great Christmas. x

caylee said...

i myself keep looking back at this set of images because i'm obsessed with them!

hope you ALL had an amazing CHRISTmas.


candice - i don't even know who they are by, but i am in love with them too.

mollycake - i would freaking love to own them too.

vicki - is it cherry blossom girl? i don't know, but know that i look at it, it likely is!

Miggy said...

i'm in love too! she's a beau!x

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