Thursday, November 12, 2009

thursday inspiration.

(sources - most are from studded hearts, le fashion, fashiongonerogue...i forget the rest)

just some random photos i'm liking (loving) right now.
sorry if i got the sources wrong; i often get too excited and right click and save photos without remembering to tag them with the source.

first photo = amazeballs. exactly how i want to be wearing my leather skirt right now (raglan, ankle boots).

fourth photo = amanda nørgaard has perfect hair! why won't mine do that?

fifth photo = dree, i'll trade you closets anydayoftheweek.

last two photos = ideas on how to wear my metallica tees under jackets of all sorts.

and this one is for an anonymous commenter who said i was boring and uninspirational <3 xo


coy colleen said...

love that last quote. that first photo is great, amazeballs indeed!

Tayler said...

The Fringe skirt is gorgeous!!!!

Nerdic.. said...

Awesome quote and I love the first look!
X, fashion-nerdic.

Michelle said...

I can't believe someone said that! so untrue.

sofiasophie said...

the first pic reminds me so much of Josephine baker...

Karen said...

GREAT collection of pics!

I'd wear every piece. That closet looks very interesting ; )

Karen x

caylee said...

coy colleen - aren't they both just perfect?! =)

tayler - it is so damn pretty =)

nerdic. - me too, thanks!

michelle - aww thank you =)

sofiasophia - probably the way the shot is angled, and how it's from behind?

karen - thank you! as would i =) i especially love that tee/dress amanda is wearing.

Anonymous said...

Yay for how to style band tees! I have lots of pearl jam shirts, but have no idea how to wear them without lookg plain lol.

Also, pay no mind to your haters. You know you've made it when your blog starts attracting them ;)

keep it up!

Hannah @ LONDON--ROSE ♥ said...

oooooh love these images, especially the first and last. so inspiring! thanks for sharing :)

♥ Hannah



Hannah @ LONDON--ROSE ♥ said...

PS: do you want to exchange links?


a.l. said...

hahaha I love how all the negative comments always come from 'anonymous'. I also love how this person thinks you're boring and inspirational, yet takes the time to look at your blog.

Forget what anybody says. Your style is amazing. And that's why it's called PERSONAL style. It's for YOU, not for anybody else. Hell, if other people like it, such as myself, then that's just a bonus, right?

Keep doing your thing. I love love love checking out your blog.

Girl in the loft said...

wow the skirt is beyond hot. Love it!!!!!!!

Fashion Chalet said...

I agree, Dree would be fun to swap closets with!!! <3


caylee said...

anon 8:41 - yes, i know! i have two metallica tees and a white zombie one that i adore but am always looking for new ways to wear them...and i love these ideas! and thank you so much. i guess in a way you are very correct - the haters are inevitable.

hannah @ london--rose - thank you! i can't pass up sharing a good dose of inspiration =) and sure, i'd love to trade links!

a.l. - oh yeah, they are always from 'anonymous'. i told him/her that exact same thing; that if i'm not to your liking, then please feel free to not come back. but thank you so so much. i couldn't agree more; i love fashion, i love blogging, i love my style - i do it all for myself, and the fact that that others enjoy it just blows my mind =)

girl in the loft - it's so cool; i'd love to see what color it is!

fashion chalet - it would be the experience of a lifetime. haha =)

angie Leopold said...

i love the closet picture, great post!

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