Thursday, November 19, 2009

thunder kiss.

bb dakota oversized tweed blazer; H&M L.O.G.G. denim shirt; white zombie tee from random seller on eBay; H&M zipper pocket pants; zara studded bag; cross necklace and hammered knuckle ring; bird skull necklace from random seller eBay; forever 21 chain bracelet; steve madden booties.

yes, i rock out to white zombie; hence, the t-shirt. thunder kiss '65 is in the top 25 most played on my iPod. my love for rock music influences my style, can't you tell? =)

finally wearing the alexander wang-esque blazer here on the blog, or the "ugly grandpa" blazer as my boyfriend calls it, haha. i happen to think it looks pretty damn good over everything, and with some layers, it's heavy enough to double as a winter coat. wasn't a. wang a/w08 pretty much the best collection ever? yeah. look four was obviously the inspiration for the blazer i'm wearing.

so happy to say that this should be the last outfit post using that poor, poor point-and-shoot digital camera of mine...i got the exact canon from my last post (thank you again everyone for all of your suggestions!) and it should be here sat-sat-saturday! seriously cannot wait to test it out this weekend.



Mila said...

Atually everything in this outfit is great!

Annachiara said...'re fantastic always :-) Love your style forever :-) I see you on chictopia too :-)

Frickys said...

This blazer coat is unique, I thin it is the next big trend!

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Phoebe Rose said...

That blazer is perfection, it looks great with everything!

Daphne said...

Yes I have seen grandpa blazers all over the show. I'm tempted.

Looks great on you though!


Lau said...

love the different layers- great great outfit!

Acts Of Play

leflassh. said...

you look freaking awesome lady.
grandpa blazer haha that is such a guy thing to say.
but it's a fab blazer :)
and yay for getting the cam so exciting, i need to get myself one soon too!

Hannah @ LONDON--ROSE ♥ said...

GORGEOUS blazer, and you've styled it so well. Layering it with the denim shirt is genius!

♥ Hannah



English Rose said...

i love the idea of the demin shirt underneath the gorgeous tweed blazer - you look great

Gon said...

Looking great ! That tweed blazer is gorgeous and yes that collection was the best !



Ur bf is right about the blazer but i love that look haha!

Enjoy the camera girl!!

Kate said...

I absolutely love this look, the layering is fantastic! neeeeed that zara bag!

Jacqueline said...

wow, I love that blazer. Very versatile!

MELISSA Z. said...

I love your blog!

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Fashion Monstre said...

LOVE the outfit!!! and i have the blazer and it's one of my favorite things

Heather said...

Great layering. I love the demim button down paired with tweed.

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melissa said...

Yay! Can't wait for the new pics you're going to take with the Canon! So did you end up just buying the body?

Anonymous said...

ooh your outfit is awesome
if you like fashion, then you will love the stuff by Eva Danielle
check her out
<3 the blog
<3 the clothes

tiny-lights said...

she looks like you :)

grace said...


I've fallen in love with your zara bag. With no zara here in Oregon, im trying to get a realtive to buy it for me in California and ship it to me! Do you remember how much it cost?


kpeach said...

love that blazer-regretting not getting it! perfect layers xo

Michelle said...

I love your purse!

saw you on lookbook so awesome!

caylee said...

mila - aww thank you =)

annachiara - thank you so much as always <3

frickys - it is different in a way, and that's why i love it! if you look at is as being an exact copy of the alexander wang blazer, then it's not really too unique though, haha. and i didn't see the contest, i'll check it out!

phoebe rose - thank you! i agree, it really does look good with everything. big plus =)

daphne - thank you! you should definitely get one, they are great!

lau - thank you!

leflassh - aww thanks dajana. yeah guys know nothing about what looks good when it comes to girls' clothing, haha. and yes, you need to get a camera because i know it will temp you like it will me; that is, tempt you to do more outfit posts! =)

hannah @ london--rose - thank you so much!

english rose - thank you! i thought they made a pretty good combo =)

gon - thank you! wang a/w08 is still my favorite, and i still look to that collection for inspiration (obviously!) =)

my fashionality - haha, yes he is right, but he means it in a bad way. we, on the other hand, don't! =) and i will certainly enjoy the camera, so thank you!

kate - thank you! oh i'd say that by now, the only place you'll be able to find this bag is on eBay. good luck!

jacqueline - thank you! yes, it is; that's why i love it =)

melissa z - aww thank you! i will definitely check out yours =)

fashion monstre - thank you! yes, i remember you saying that you had it when i first posted about it! it's one of my favorite too =)

heather - thank you!

melissa - thank you! i cannot wait to take pictures now =) no, i ended up buying the whole camera AND an extra lens. i went all out, haha!

anon 2:18 - aww thank you!

tiny-lights - i think she is gorgeous, but i don't really see the resemblance?! lol! maybe it's just me.

grace - i feel your pain. no zara here in indiana means that i had to find someone to buy and ship it to me too. the price i paid was different since the girl that purchased it lived in spain, but i think in the US it's around $60? maybe $70? good luck finding one! =)

kpeach - thank you! aww, i'm sorry you didn't get it! i can't believe there's only size larges left on urban outfitters website. actually, i did see it for sell on other sites so you should serach bb dakota o'sullivan blazer on google if you really want it!

michelle - thank you! yeah, i cannot believe how much hype my last post on there has gotten; very crazy but VERY cool! =)

kurarin said...

tweed+denim+black. this is why i follow you (: can't wait to see the new photos!

Mademoiselle HELI said...

love it

frances said...

love this, the coat is ideal!x

Fiorella said...

Great outfit! I love the denim inside the blazer, The bag is great too! :)

CHICMUSE said...



RedCandy said...

love your stlye! ur so gorgeous!

Georgia said...

Lookng forward to the camera! I like your jacket.. looks warm
It would be mine

Posh said...

Simply PERFECT look, adore the layering part!! <3

Fashion Chalet said...

haha last night I had a dream we went Blazer shopping! soooo fun :)


The Queen of Hearts said...

I think your layering of the denim shirt underneath the tweed blazer is rather nifty. In my mind, it feels uncomfortable but I think maybe you are doing more like the denim-esque shirt than an actual weighty denim.

caylee said...

kurarin, mademoiselle heli, frances, fiorella, chicmuse, redcandy, georgia, posh - thank you so much guys!

fashion chalet - oh that sounds perfect, and totally something i can see us doing =)

the queen of hearts - thank you! it is actually a real demin shirt, but it's so very lightweight.

Zhcsyra hp said...

fabulous shoes and adorable bag.

Polished Sense said...

Love this look! Fabulous job :D


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