Saturday, November 14, 2009

sneak peek.

so here's something new to this blog...a high quality outfit photo!

i recently got together with a local photographer who's taken pictures of me in the past. he likes to give me direction as to what he wants me to wear (e.g. dress, sheer black tights), and then i take it from there. i'm quite pleased with this outfit (i've worn it again since this shoot too), and now that i see pictures of it, it's a bit rumi-esque, no?

these are my new boots (steve madden's) that i fell in lust with at first sight. there was something about them i couldn't quite put my finger on, and then it came to me - they're like a plain version of the much-coveted isabel marant a/w09 studded boots! i knew there was a reason for my infatuation.

whenever i receive the rest of these photos and pick out my faves (probably sometime next week?), you'll be the first to see them here. i'll list the details of my outfit then as well.


Lainey said...

It is very Rumi-esque. I love your cross necklace, and of course any touch of leopard in an outfit is always gorgeous! Lovely.

Jacqueline said...

You look lovely here. What a gorgeous photo!

Lau said...

beautiful photo- the autumn setting is lovely!

coy colleen said...

i love this outfit! great photo :)

Annachiara said...

you're WONDERFULL WONDERFULL WONDERFUU!!!!love your style ALWAYS and forever!!!gorgeous pictures :-)

Faridah said...

Yay! HQ!! You look great. x

sofiasophie said...

indeed! nice outfit,
And I loove to see you with some white on....

MeryJane said...

you look stunning girl!

Hollie Dick said...

Awesome pictures. Where did you guys take these pictures? I live in Indy and I'm always looking for new places to explore/photograph

Fashion Monstre said...

oh! it makes everything ten times better

FashionHippieLoves said...

great pics, and love your outfit!!


Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

beautiful photo, can't wait to see more!

Phoebe Rose said...

I loooove those booties!

the guilty hyena said...

Like those Boots ^_^

The Guilty Hyena....
The Guilty Hyena....

coralie said...

Beautiful photo and outfit!
Coralie from Paris

Amy said...

Definately see the Rumi quality in this pic haha. You have very pretty hair :)

The Style Strutter said...

Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous:)!!

Dylana said...

Love your booties!

BadRomance said...

Its so pretty ;)

Felicia said...

Love the setting.

Karen said...

wow! I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures.

Really nice to see you this way.

Karen x

Mariezee said...

Caylee! Lovely photo and once again a kick-ass outfit. Love the booties! Can't wait to see the other pictures.

Nerdic.. said...

Gorgeous photo, love the leopard scarf!
X, fashion-nerdic.

Pia said...

love your boots!

Georgia said...

I would LOVE to start seeing your outfits in a good camera quality! Keep this relationship with your photographer. I like it.
Ah yes, the wanted Isabel Marant shoes. Well done on finding the look alikes!
It would be mine

Fashion Chalet said...

You look gorgeous Caylee! =)


M. and O. said...

beautiful photo

News on daily-women, 2 new posts by O&M :
An interview to a young girl who loves Chineese & Japan style, and a photo shoot by Olivia in Leopard dress :)

come on and see us !
have a nice day :) x.o.x.o


tailorstitch said...

great boots, they really did remind me of the marant onesan

Gloria fait son show said...

i really love your outfit..great blog:)

~erin~ said...

lovely my dear
nice to see you outside in the daylight!
(but i secretly like the white wall, dark shots, its your signature!)
keep it up darling!

FashionJazz said...

U look stunning here Caylee!! Hope u having a good weekend hun xx

Dirty Hair Halo said...


MidnightsSun said...

gorgeous photo!

i love the touch of leopard!

thehautepursuit said...

Hi dearie!
Thanks for dropping by my blog :)
You should def continue taking this high res photos! You look great!

Annabelle (408) said...

i love your look here!! x

Song of Style said...

ah, such a pretty look!
love the steve maddens as well! and yes, love the high quality photo of u!

Melinda said...

ah you looks really great.

Blicious said...

gorgeous!! love your booties! xoxo

caylee said...

lainey - yeah i really noticed the resemblace to one of her outfits after i looked at mine in these pictures. but she is a great inspiration! and thank you so much. the necklace and scarf are my two favorite accessories at the moment =)

jacqueline - thank you!

lau - thank you! i think we caught it at just the perfect time, before all the leaves fell. =)

coy colleen - thank you!

annachiara - thank you!! =)

faridah - lol yah i know! exciting stuff. thank yoU!

sofiasophie - thank you! i mainly wear white in the form of t-shirts. the cardigan in this picture is almost white...=)

meryjane - aww thank you!

hollie dick - you're from indianapolis? that's awesome! we took these at the IMA (indianapolis museum of art), which i'm sure you know is right off of 38th street. it's such a gorgeous, peaceful place despite being minutes from downtown.

fashion monstre - oh yes it does! i don't want to go back to my low quality pictures...

fashionhippieloves - thank you!

lions, tigers and fashion oh my! - thank you! i can't wait to get the rest of the pictures and show you guys =)

phoebe rose - not only do they look good, but they are incredibly comfy too. such a plus!

the guilty hyena - thank you!

coralie - thank you!

amy - haha, yes, i totally see it in this outfit. and thank you!

the style strutter - thank you thank you thank you!

dylana - thank you! i love them too =)

badromance - thank you!

felicia - thank you! i was at the indianapolis museum of art; such a gorgeous place.

karen - thanks karen! i can't wait to post the rest of my favorites from this shoot. i hope that after i get my new camera, all of my pics are this good!

mariezee - thank you!

nerdic. - thank you!

pia - thank you!

georgia - i am looking to buy a new camera, so i hope that sometime in the near future, all of my outfit photos are high-res! and i'm sure i'll be seeing this photographer every few weeks or every month as well =) oh and the shoes - the funny thing is, i wasn't even looking for look-alikes, i just happened to figure out that they were after purchasing them! it made me love them even more, haha.

fashion chalet - thank you so much erika!

m. and o. - thank you!

tailorstitch - thank you! i mean, they are AS good as the isabel marant's but they'll do =)

gloria fair son show - thank you!

erin - thank you! i actually a little scared to give up my signature wall, so even if i get a new camera, i guarantee i still shoot in front of it. hopefully the pics won't be dark anymore though! =)

fashionjazz - thank you jasna! i had a great weekend, and hope you did as well. =)

dirty hair halo - i knoooooooow! love.

midnights sun - thank you!

thehautepursuit - you're welcome vanessa, you know i'm always there when you have a new post =) and thank you so so much! i'm going to buy a new camera, so this should continue.

annabelle - thank you!

song of style - thank you so much aimee!

melinda - thank you!

blicious - thank you!

melissa said...

Wow wow wow! Love the outfit. And the photo is superb!

nika r. said...

love the outfit! and those boots are sooo hot!
kisses from brazil (:

Daphne said...

The boots are the kind that go with everything, leggings, skinny jeans, long dress, short dresses, smart or rocky!!

The Fancier said...

Your picture turned out amazing! Superior boots!

caylee said...

melissa, nika r., the fancier - thank you so much!

daphne - yes they are! their versatility is one of the main reasons why i love them =)

Georgia said...

love this!

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