Tuesday, November 03, 2009

seeing spots.

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showing some leopard print love.


leflassh. said...

oh i love all these, i need some leopard love in my life asap. hope your well lady :) xx

bárbara said...

adore leopard prints. i have some print clothes
very big kiss!!!


FashionJazz said...

I luv leopard prints!!! Im working on ur feature today! : ) xx

coralie said...

Leopard is so cool!
I'm from Paris
I hope you will enjoy my new blog!

Alyssa said...

I'm not sure of the status of leopard print anymore. I know zebra is taking over my university therefore I wouldn't be caught dead... but leopard is so classic. I'm all for it!

The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

I am loving all these animal prints.

Jacqueline said...

love this trend, always have!


stylorectic under medical treatment said...

owww those aw shoes.i search for the right leo shoes but cant find the right ones yet.problemsproblems x)
are you alright babe?
week started out well?
hope so!

Phoebe Rose said...

I want a huge leopard print scarf..but finding the right print is so hard. These are all perfect prints :)


The Style Strutter said...

Lovely pics:)!! Dont think I will ever tire of leopard print!!


Fashion Monstre said...

oh i love cheetah....it never gets old until someone kills it with their tackyness!!

Julia said...

I might be in love with that first picture!

caylee said...

leflassh. - they are my favorite inspirational photos right now! i have the leopard scarf that i posted below, and i'm about to buy leopard fur jacket. looooooove!

barbara - me too!

fashion jazz - i got your email! cannot wait to see the finished product.

coralie - you live in such a beautiful city! i will check out your blog soon =)

alyssa - i'm not too into zebra, but i am definitely all for leopard when it's worn in a way like the photos here =)

the man who knew too much - me too, probably too much =)

jacqueline - me too!

stylorectic under medical treatment - yeah they are basically the most perfect leopard shoes that have ever existed, and they are alexander wang, double score. i agree; it's so hard to find good leopard shoes. i want to own these more than you know. =)

phoebe rose - i got mine (and it's huge) that i posted about below on eBay! do a search on there, you can find them a great prices.

the style strutter - me either. =)

fashion monstre - oh i know plenty of people who kill it too. but i still love it, because when done right (like in these pics!), it just looks too damn good.

julia - i know i am in love with the first picture.

caylee said...

oh and leflassh and stylorectic under medical treatment, i am doing GREAT and all i can hope for is the same for you both =)

DinaHaansley said...

Seriously, leopard is timeless! It's awesome and it will never go out of style! The scarf is awesome!

michelle_ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
michelle_ said...

oh my gosh . these are all truly lovely dear.. i love leopard prints very much ! they never go out of fashion .
thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting
hope you'll keep visiting.

am following your blog . and linking you .

mind following and linking me back ? :D

Sarah Kate said...

oh I was thinking of doing the same thing but i did just do a zebra theme!

Martha said...

I'm loving leopard print
I managed to snag these awesome leopard hotpants :)

sofiasophie said...

I see you're gonna buy some leo soon...
I'd die to see the oufit you make with it....

maureen said...

love love love leopard

Phyllis said...

love them! great picks

Luxe. said...

Im loving leopard at the moment. I cant get enough!.x

caylee said...

dinahaansley - yes! i think that's why it has universal appeal =)

michelle - thank you! i'll definitely check out your blog asap =)

sarah kate - lol! i'm definitely not as into zebra print as i am leopard, but i think it too can look great when done right. =)

martha - ohhh i bet they are badass. =)

sofiasophie - as you've already seen, i bought the scarf and am wearing it to death!

maureen - meeeee too.

phyllis - thank you!

luxe. - me neither. obsessed might be the key word here! =)

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